Spiritual Deaths with Ayahuasca

In a previous article, I was talking about the possible causes of physical deaths connected with Ayahuasca. In this article, I am going to write about the Spiritual Ayahuasca Deaths.

( Ayahuasca Death Part N01)


Dying in Ayahuasca is one of the most beautiful experiences one can experience but also can be as dramatic as a we want  to do it . 

Dying is like waking up from a long dream. A dream where you are protagonist and spectator.  During the spiritual death, one can see every scene of one’s life and feel every positive and negative emotion without attachment. It is to observe oneself but from a third party perspective, to be able to realize what we have done with our life. Scene by scene. When we are ready to die all our path is revealed to us, to be understood, understood and purified. When we deeply understand our actions and their consequences, we are forgiven. It is when healing and liberation come to us.

Spiritual death comes to us when we are ready to move forward when we are determined to stop lying to ourselves. When the holidays are over and the time for truly start living comes. 

Spiritual death is the transmutation of the earthly consciousness into a higher, clearer and more balanced one (internally and externally). A conscience without attachments, free of burdens and expectations. Here the person has awakened and knows that everything is already perfect that you just have to learn to flow and stay awake.

Spiritual deaths bring the destruction of the illusion of separation. We have never been alone and we will never be alone, we have just forgotten. We forgot when we rejected love in our being when we do not sow it, when we do not let it grow and when we do not cultivate it.

When you understand that you are everything and how the everything interacts with you will realize how important it is to cultivate the love within us because love is an energy that resonates, vibrates and responds to the same. Love responds to love.

The ego also dies during spiritual death, the ego is what has this world fucked up if you ask me. It is the ego that has put a price on everything and decides what it is more valuable and what it is not. The ego does not want to share everything.The ego rejoices over the misfortunes of others and rejoices in its own victories and does not care if it has to go over some people to achieve its goals. The ego does not know how to flow just to impose itself. The ego is the perversion of love, it is confused love that has not healed. The ego is the wound of the heart that never forgave, the wound that did not want to heal. So do not take pride in your ego. The ego is false protection. It is a poison that kills slowly.

Does it hurt to die? 

I believe we are constantly dying and giving birth to ourselves but in Ayahuasca we can die several times in one night for example. It has happened to me when I have had different realizations and for every step that I took to go deeper in myself. 

It does not hurt to die but ones can feel like the body stops breathing and how all life force is leaving the body, the breathing becomes slower and slower, the chest it feels like being pulled apart and we die … sometimes some people feel very cold even when is warm in the environment but after you start feeling very hot. During the time of your death and when you come back to your body is when all the realizations happen this can take microsecond or minutes that feels sometimes like time has a stop of that there is no time space where nothing matters anymore, there is no worries … 

You do not die just one time in Ayahuasca as I said you can die as many times as you need it and you do not die every time you do Ayahuasca but just every time something big needs to happen for your transformation during the ceremony. 

My first spiritual deaths were a little traumatic because I was afraid of dying and I needed to face it so my biggest fears were projected in my experiences like I had seen myself been buried alive so I get the message of its time to die and to perhaps face that fear. After that particular experience you know, seen myself being buried alive and feeling it, I was ok with the whole death thing and I felt ready to face whatever life has for me in the future. Later my spiritual death experience was as simple as just lying down and saying to myself time to die and dying in the same instance. 

Do not be afraid if you had to experience this, find people that you feel comfortable to have this precious experience.  I have had the fortune to hold people in my arms in order to help them to die and I had also died with them. We not only help people to give birth but also to die, dying is the moment when the body gives birth to the soul. 

-Love and gratitude- 

Naysha 2017®

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