Hello my name is Naysha, I am from the Peruvian Amazon (Tarapoto) and I want to welcome you to this my blog !!! The last three years I had been traveling Europe,performing shamanic ceremonies and writing several kind of articles on my personal Facebook page ,at  this moment I feel is time to take the next step and to release all what I have been writing in a blog so perhaps more people can find it . I feel very honored with all messages people has started to write to me after I wrote some articles , I write about my own life experience and also teachings that are share with me , knowledge is for share and when we share we growth faster . I hope you enjoy my writings and always feel free to write to me , my life has not been easy and I know sometimes the only thing we need to feel better is to be listen , to know that someone still cares about us .  I have compromised my life to help others trough the shamanic training I had been doing in the Peruvian Amazon, the last three years I had been travelling around the world spreading this knowledge if you want to know more about that part of me please take a look to my articles and  my Webpage : 


-Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva 


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