Naysha is an internationally-known Peruvian Curandera. Curandera is the name pertaining to female shamans and healers of the Amazon. There are many different kinds of medicine women depending on their specialty of focus – they all have their own different kinds of tools, techniques, and ways of healing.

Naysha heals through medicinal plants, ceremonies, music, and traditions and is adept in the shamanic world. Her connection with plant medicine started before she was born. Her mother could not have children so she, like many Peruvians, went to the shamans to find healing after the medical system had failed her.

The shamanic treatment was successful and Naysha was conceived. Naysha, later, worked as a lawyer for the Peruvian government. This was when she realized that to change society, the individual must first change from the inside. She felt a calling and thus quit her job to go to the Amazonian jungle. There, she remained for several years, learning different healing techniques from the plants and studying with the shamans on how to work with the plant’s, life then brought her from the jungle to the very north of Sweden, north of the polar circle.

For two years, she lived together with the Sami people – an indigenous community of shamans where they shared their ways of living with her. From there, she went back to the Amazon once again to continue her Shamanic training. These last 4 years, she has been traveling around Europe, Asia, and South America holding ceremonies and sharing the healing ways of her teachers from the Amazon through an organization she started, named Taita Inti.

Today she is embarking on creating a global community that involves foundation centre in Peru and Sweden – bringing people together to help themselves to reconnect, open, heal and transform their lives.

Naysha sharing her otherworldly experiences and wisdom she gained from her Shamanic training in the Amazon, from doing spiritual work on herself and facilitating the healing of people around the world under the guidance of the Spirit of the Plants.

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My Shamanic Training 

I have born at Tarapoto Peru and I started my journey at the age of 22 after finished my law education and after working one year for the Peruvian government. In that time I realized that in order society changes the individual must change first and this happens from the inside.

I had to be dieting in the shamanic traditions for one year and a half and working as shaman assistant for two extra years. During that time I was also learning about San Pedro, kambo, and other healing techniques.

But the training never ends. What are shamanic diets? Shamanic diets are spiritual retreats ones made in isolation under certain conditions and with certain rules.

My teachers were two indigenous shamans a witoto man Luis and his wife a yahuar woman. When you train as a shaman, not all the knowledge is a talk between the teacher and the student just when the student has the right questions the answer comes.

My teachers were mostly silence most of what I learned was by observing and in our communication during ceremonies when I could see there and understand then I ask my teacher to see it my understanding was correct.

The knowledge that you understand from the inside never leaves you. When you can understand and be able to explain in your own words then you have mastered the subject in particular. All that I share in my Facebook group: Ayahuasca and Shamanism came through all the information I got during my training, and it was confirmed by my teachers.

〈Ayahuasca and Shamanism FACEBOOK〉https://www.facebook.com/groups/1430515400559643/

During this time I also understood that the process of understanding is what transforms the student into a teacher. When you wake up the teacher inside of you, this process takes time and the first part of the training for a shaman is about self-exploration, self-destruction ( we experience many small deaths during this process ) and then we reborn. We clean our years before the training, our families heritage, our past life karmas.

After that, you are ready to learn how to heal and help others because you had done it with yourself. Because you had understood pain because you have master love, compassion and humbleness. Then you can help others.

Everyone is calling for becoming a shaman but few are ready to do all that is required.

-Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva 

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