What is the difference between a shaman, a healer, a psychic, a spiritual guide, and a guru?

The world of healing and spiritual practices is full of different types of people who can help us find balance in life. From shamans to healers to psychics to gurus to spirit guides, each figure offers something unique to help us heal. In this article, we’ll examine the distinguishing features between these roles and explore how they can help you on your spiritual journey.

A shaman is a person who practices shamanism. Shamans are commonly healers and mystics who enter altered states of consciousness to gain access to the spiritual world to help others. They use different tools, from sacred plants, special dances, singing, and musical instruments like drums, to reading the signs from nature. A shaman is also an intermediary between the spiritual and physical worlds. 

Shamans often perform rituals or ceremonies to heal individuals to clear energies and access personal information, answers, and knowledge to help them be empowered and connect with spiritual guides. They also use their knowledge and wisdom to interpret dreams, channel spirits from the different levels of the other realms interacting with us, and advise on life issues. Some abilities also attributed to shamans are the capacity to shapeshift into animals or transfer their consciences into animals to get the necessary information. 

A healer is a person who works with energy to heal and support people on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Healers combine techniques from many different spiritual traditions. In addition, some healers specialize in specific areas, such as trauma healing, astrology, chakra balancing, energy healing, medicinal plants, ayurveda, and more. 

Healers are working to help people to regain physical, emotional, and energetic balance in their patients. They also use different tools to help universal energy to be channeled to their patients, such as crystals, sounds, hand impositions, prayers, and angels, among other tools. 

Shamans are also healers, but not all healers are shamans.

Some healers can operate on people without surgical instruments and have been documented throughout history as Barbara Guerrero, better known as “”Pachita,”” a famous healer who is recognized as the only “”psychic surgeon”” for her extraordinary gifts to analyze the minds of the people who came to her and perform unexplained “” surgeries.””

A psychic is a person that has been born with other senses like the sixth, seventh, and so open or more developed than other humans.

From an early age, some psychics already manifest abilities beyond mental comprehensions, such as communicating with people who have already passed away, receiving information about the future, or knowing detailed information about people they never met, premonitory dreams that later become a reality. 

There are different types of psychics. There are clairaudients (those who can hear the spirits) and clairvoyants (those who can see the spirtis) clairsentient (this with gifts to perceive and feel the energy, attitude, and emotional response of those around you at the most literal and tactile level. For example, clairsentient people can enter a room and read the atmosphere or vibe, whether other humans are present. This is a unique sense because clairsentient people can perceive words or actions before they happen).

A psychic can help people get more clarity or information necessary for one spiritual journey or healing. They also help their abilities with the use of tarot cards or oracles.

There are shamans with psychic abilities and psychics who are also shamans and healers.

A spiritual guide is a person who is connected to universal and divine wisdom. As the word already says, they guide those who come to find direction, clarity, and answers to the different aspects of life and its purpose. The spiritual guide has often experienced suffering and feeling lost or confused, which has led them to walk the spiritual path to guide others. They are spirits who have lived many lives as human beings and have accumulated many experiences. They also come from more advanced dimensions where another type of knowledge and understanding of existence is handled. That is why they often radiate inner light, peace, joy, seriousness, and maturity even when young.

Some spiritual guides also possess shamanic abilities and are healers with psychic powers, which are weirder to find nowadays. The most known is Jesus Christ, whose main title is being an enlightened master. 

Gurus are spiritual guides who follow and share a philosophy with their followers. In India, they are more common to find, and their primary purpose is to help people to reach enlightenment.

Buddhists believe that human life is a cycle of suffering and rebirth, but if one achieves enlightenment (nirvana), it is possible to escape this cycle forever. Siddhartha Gautama was the first person to reach this state of enlightenment and was, and is still today, known as the Buddha.

It is essential nowadays to understand the difference between spiritual life approaches and what to look for in our healing or life journey.




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