To understand our ENERGY, we must first know what we are composed of.

Imagine that everyone is the result of a recipe that has already been thought out and that you are the product of the execution of that recipe. But there was someone who thought of COOKING it, to begin with. Energy is all the elements of which we are composed.

How to prevent your energy from deteriorating before the expiration date?

We are beings of energy. Although solid to our senses, our bodies are also made of energy and directed by energy.
Our body is not only matter.

It is a home, a vessel, a place that houses our SOUL and connects us with our SPIRIT.

Why does knowing the difference between one and the other matter?

The answer is very simple because, in this way, we can learn to distinguish what is happening to us, how we are, and what we can improve.

The SOUL is the energy, of the life form of the present time. It is this energy that gives LIFE to the PHYSICAL body.

The SPIRIT is the energy that operates from a higher point, through the BODY we connect with the SOUL, and through the SOUL we CONNECT with the SPIRIT.


E.g., Imagine that your SPIRIT is a GREAT SOURCE OF ENERGY like A STAR, that STAR has decided to have experiences and grow through the physical body, but to achieve this, it needs to detach a part of itself (which many times makes us believe that we are alone) of its energy to take it to the physical body. So that star releases a spark to produce the SOUL.

And it is THAT SOUL that takes physical form and develops memories, thoughts, and emotions. It is THAT SOUL that has been programmed since before we even existed, where it will be born, what it will look like, what gender it will have. The parents it will have? And the life experiences it will have to go through?

But who is behind these decisions?

It is THE SPIRIT that is behind all these decisions, and that is why we CAN NOT REMEMBER WHAT WE ARE DOING HERE. This is why we CAN NOT UNDERSTAND why we must go through so many things in our lives. And these are the reasons why OUR SOULS feel that CALL. That feeling that we belong to something beyond our understanding and comprehension.

Our spirit calls us to REMIND US in times of confusion and darkness that EVERYTHING HAS A PURPOSE and that WE ARE HERE LEARNING, many times LEARNING through REMEMBERING WHO WE ARE.

This is how the SOUL, through different experiences – NORMALLY those that we qualify as NEGATIVE- comes to the same conclusion: that there is MORE THAN just a PHYSICAL BODY.

When our SOUL does not ASSIMILATE and INTEGRATES the life experiences through which it must flow, is when it begins to call our attention. And it does it firstly in the PHYSICAL WORLD through ENERGETIC BLOCKINGS, ILLNESSES, DEPRESSIONS, CHANGES OF HUMOR, EMOTIONAL UNBALANCES, ANGER. It is in these moments when our SOUL calls for our help.

The healthiest way to live is to LIVE CONNECTED TO THE SPIRIT.

The SOUL develops the INTELLECT and the EMOTIONS but is the SPIRIT that gives AWARENESS AND MEANING to our lives. Your spirit is a being that is already beyond the emotions and constructions of your mind. That is why when we connect IN THE SPIRIT, we can see things from a higher and more profound point of view. The SPIRIT does not classify life events as bad and good, only as experiences and ways of learning. Our minds and emotions label everything, but only on the surface. That is why as a species, we have become stuck. We must all reconnect in the spirit to RECOVER AND RETURN TO OUR PURPOSE.


I have just explained what we are made of in a general way, but now let’s go back to our REALITY. The one we perceive at this very moment. In these moments, we ARE PHYSICAL BODIES, and there are moments when we do not feel well, why since our lives seem normal and full of activities, we take care of our health, still, something feels off.

There are different levels for which we can feel bad:

For example, the physical body, when it is LOADED WITH ENERGY, tends to FEEL TIRED, FOGGY, DARED, SAD for no apparent reason. It has not yet developed a disease but feels heavy.

Because we are beings of energy, and everything around us is energy, sometimes when our LIGHT or ENERGY is HIGH. Still, we find ourselves in places or relationships with people who are not in good energy or whose energies are low that unconsciously we have to COMPENSATE, EXCHANGE ENERGY. There are even people and beings from other dimensions whom our senses cannot perceive because we are disconnected from the spirit, taking energy from us. ENERGETIC VAMPIRES.

Our workspaces, colleagues, friends, family, partners, homes, and places where we move are full of energy of different types. High and low vibrational energies, dark or light, light or dense.

It is vital to learn to RECOGNIZE how our energy works. How do we feel when we wake up? When do we go to bed? When do we go outside? When do we drive?

To recognize our energetic state, it is essential to take the time to bring that attention to the precise moment and take some time alone to measure our energy level.

CLEANING our energy is something that we ALL SHOULD KNOW from a very young age, but unfortunately, WE HAVE FORGOTTEN because WE THINK WE ARE ONLY PHYSICAL BEINGS.

There are different ways to clean the energy; later, I will share them with you.

KEEPING the ENERGY demands to be in THE NOW, and being AWAKE and AWARE of how we are developing our lives minute by minute. Only in this way will we know when it is time to be alone, change our diet, meditate, take plants, or change other things in our lives.

The second reason WE FEEL BAD is our spiritual disconnection, or why we have become sick lately. We have deviated from our purpose to such extremes that we need sickness to turn our attention back to our spirit. If we are lucky enough to have gotten there and not let our minds continue to control us, we will be able to see the purpose of the sickness in our lives and heal. Unfortunately, from a human point of view, some have come to get SICK, SO IT IS.

Some souls are here to release burdens from other lives, where the purpose got lost.

Some to help their families lines are in total chaos and needed this kind of experience to free whatever was not concluded. This is how many times our babies die at a very young age, or we carry something in our genes that, when given certain circumstances, will be activated to return us to the purpose. Sometimes our goal is as simple as HELPING OURSELVES or OUR FAMILIES.

Our spirit generates different souls. When many parts of the spirit have lost meaning, the spirit can also become unbalanced. And that is where the HELP comes through OTHER SPIRITUAL BEINGS that are also part of ANOTHER GREAT SPIRIT. So it is our SPIRITS are also like neurons. They are not alone, there are many, and together they form a tremendous spiritual network.

How to clean our energy?

There are many ways to clean our energy.

With energy, through meditation, one visualizes white and colored light bathing the body and every corner, every cell phone, transforming into light in every space we find during meditation. Through crying and laughter, letting go of the emotions overloading us is very important.

The E-MOTIONS are ENERGY IN MOTION. When the energy does not move, it stagnates, and we know what happens when WATER DOES NOT FLOW AND STANDS STILL IT BEGINS TO SMELL AND STINK. It is essential to take time and space for each emotion our soul generates. If someone hurts you, it is important to feel whatever comes up. Whether it is sadness, anger, or frustration, it is important. The SOUL wants to UNDERSTAND what happened to MOVE OUT OF THAT ENERGY. This is why crying is very important and, at the same time, NEVER FORGET TO LAUGH afterward. LAUGHTER is a very high vibrational form of energy, which automatically makes us feel good. Try to smile more often!

With plant baths, steam or saunas, cold showers. In the Amazon, some plants help remove energies that are not ours, which have stuck in our energetic field, like mosquitoes attracted by the light. So the energies come to us when we know how to protect ourselves. The DIET WITH MASTER PLANTS is a practice that helps, for example, to clean and bind and protect one’s energy. I will write more about this another time.

Plants like AJOSACHA in the jungle or like PINE in Europe are excellent to clean the energies accumulated from other people or places. The SHIPIBA TRIBU in PERU has developed the practice of VAPORES. They boil different herbs with different products to help the energies be SUDDED out of the body. The same for saunas. You can use essential oils like eucalyptus and citrus to cleanse the energy, inhale deeply and exhale, and help yourself visualize your energy, exhale light, and release what burdens you.

Egg cleansing. It is one of my favorite techniques; quick and straightforward to use. You only need ONE ORGANIC EGG, a plain clear glass filled half full with water, and a pair of scissors.
You will take the raw egg in its shell, do not break it, or boil it. So in the form of an egg, take it in your right hand and start with a prayer.

Ask that all the energies, not yours, get transferred to the egg. Because of its egg shape, the egg is ready to receive energy. That is why it is very efficient to cleanse with the egg. Once the intention is set, the next thing to do is roll the egg from the head to the tip of the feet, including everything, eyes, ears, nose. If it goes down, do not go back up, it is done from top to bottom, from left to right, to the soles of hands and feet, all over, front and back, if someone can help you much better.

When you finish, remember to THANK! And then break the egg carefully and empty its contents into the glass with water. Wait a few minutes, and you will see how around the yellow yolk begin to form as clouds. These are all the energies that have accumulated. DO THIS EVERY DAY until the glass is clear and you only see the yellow yolk with nothing else in the water.

Put the scissors on top of the glass to continue cutting with all the energies that are not yours. . The next day in the morning throw the contents of the glass in the bath, SAY GOODBYE, and move on with your life.

Use crystals like black tourmaline to discharge yourself, wear it as a necklace, bracelet or hold it in meditation and transfer all the energies that are not yours and that is charging you in the stone. Onyx, amethyst do the same job.
Acupuncture is perfect for balancing energy, you may need a couple of sessions.

I will be back with more.

Love and gratitude.

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