Alexander ( Norway)

Ahhh, what can I say man… I am single, I am proud, I am confident, I am lovable, I am energetic, I am in flow, I trust the universe and it proves itself all the time, I am in balance, I love myself, I flirt, I laugh, I smile, I cry, I dance, I dream, I sleep like a rock, I am doing business, I help others to succeed, I am excited, present, open and healthily sceptical. All because of Grandma and you guys.

Blessed are we the who are granted a chance to live like this in this moment.

Alexander ( Norway)

Karl ( Sweden)

I am so thankful for the experience I was able to participate in here in Sweden thanks to Naysha and company doing their great work around the world.

As the warriors of love they are they made the whole weekend felt joyous and loving with an amazing ability of dealing with all the various stuff coming up during a ceremony.

I am thankful for having gotten my life’s purpose confirmed thanks to Mother Ayahuasca with the support of Naysha, Maq and Suraiya and the reminder that we need to follow our hearts.

Thank you so much!

With infinite love,

Karl ( Sweden)

Shervin ( Sweden)

Naysha, Suraya and Maq in my eyes are humble and unique servants of God.

I experienced an extraordinary Ayahuasca ceremony with them.

Words are not enough, I am eternally grateful for what they have done and do.

Love and Humbelness

Shervin ( Sweden)

Lau ( Sweden)

Sweden, ceremony, why not, something mystical about sweden, old world, scandinavia, trolls, vikings, forests, …. And now a shaman… not any shaman though!

I went there with open mind and feeling all right, yeah right! I left Sweden with an opened heart i didn’t know i had and feeling amazing but also reborn.

At no point was l uncomfortable, it was often heavy on some participants (me included) but Naysha never lost control nor the ability to shine her light, it was all about energy, light, universal love and connection. The icaros sung by Naysha felt like thunder rolling through my chest, (i still felt vibrations for months afterwards) what happened there is still hard to describe, but still well felt inside of me.

Naysha and her loving team were just right, so much right people in one room… when i think of the Sweden retreat i feel humbled, grateful, i smile, i wish for more. Thank you Naysha, Maq, Suraya… for making this happen. The Sweden retreat was a definite life changer for me.

Lau ( Sweden)

Didem ( Turkey)

I have been working with the Taita Inti team for a while, attending the weekend ceremonies in Europe and I had the honour of being invited to the 1 month diet in the northern Peru.

The retreats were amazingly teaching and life changing but in my last retreat with Taita Inti in Vienna I got the message that I needed to go to the 1 month diet in January 2017. I was actually planning to go for just 10 days but in that retreat I was so sure that I needed to do that that I gave a break to my job and went to Peru for the diet.

My time at the diet was like riding a rollercoaster, all the time feeling either too desperate and like going lunatic or full of hopes, life and love.

I noticed that how some of my personality traits, which I thought were my personality traits, were indeed the defense mechanisms I hd created due to the wounds I had when I was a child. I realized I no longer needed them and had to discard them.
I had fears of darkness and sleeping alone -and to be honest I still do – but as I went deeper into those fears I saw the actual causes of those fears were the fear of uncertainty, fear of people and even fear of being happy, so, basically the fear of Life! I thought I was living my Life fully, always moving and travelling and meeting people and doing things but that had nothing to do with real Life unless one trusts and surrenders to the Universe one hundred per cent.
Ayahuasca taught me that I can improve myself not by chasing the fears like chasing the white rabbit but by working with the root causes. She showed me that meditation and mindfulness is the way I can learn to cope with the fears and start enjoying Life more.
She also showed me how the energies work, how the vibrations we emit can change as a result of our positive or negative thoughts. The waves and circles and trails of light I was emitting were dancing elegantly with the feelings of trust and they were getting dark, intense, heavy and scary with the feelings of fear.

All those things one can learn easily from the books. I could have easily written a book about the energies, frequencies, law of attraction and mindfulness and meditation but the documentaries we watch, the books we read, the teachers teaching us has nothing to do with the direct experience. Without the direct experience the filter of the mind won’t let us get the essence deeply but with the help of the plants all the books I’ve read have been more meaningful for me. I can understand the human psychology and body language a lot more, too.

The experiences and lessons were endless but anyways telling more about them will not convey what I’ve gained from the retreats and the diet. One needs to do that themselves, find their own blockages that prevent them from seeing the Life clearly.

The most important thing I’ve learned among tons of other lessons is that everything is interconnected with Love and once the fear is cast aside the real Life begins, free of future worries and past memories, a Life that exists only in the moment, full of Trust and Love. When one decides to be happy the Universe totally supports them!

The soul is a bottomless well, infinite and eternal. Every time we work with the plants they help us peel off more and more layers of the onion that is our soul. If one is committed to the quest of the Truth, and also willing to take the courage to change themselves, so are the plants, to share the wisdom they have with us or rather, as Maestra Naysha says, they will evoke the wisdom that is already within us all. Peeling off the layers, removing the blockages and applying the lessons is our work in Life. If we can do that we can raise our frequecy and create a Life that we want to have, a Life that is the best we can have to be in peace with our own souls and in harmony  with the Whole existence.
What makes Taita Inti team special? Every shaman has their own ways but the way the team work with the energies, how they can see through people and understand the needs of their minds, souls and bodies and the individual work they do with the participants is outstanding.

The Maestras Suraiya and Naysha are open books about the plants, the spirits, dimensions, energies, frequencies, The Universe, human psychology and everything about Life and Existence. The other member of the team, Maq, who is also training to be a shaman, creates miracles with his shamanic drum in the ceremonies and assists the participants in many ways in the retreats. The breathwork he leads before the ceremomies and the support he provides during the application of the Kambo medicine is priceless.

In the ceremonies the team work with a limited number of people so that they can care for the participants individually. This is, for them, is not a job. This is sharing the wisdom and one can see how passionate they are to help others and how their eyes sparkle when a participant makes a liberating progress. They don’t judge or try to direct you but just guide and accept you as you are in a loving and caring way. They are lifelong friends, family and teachers. I feel so lucky and happy to have had the honour to have met them. They are blessings to this planet.
Millions of thanks for encouraging people to bring in the Love, Light and Trust.

Didem ( Turkey) 

Kristiane ( Sweden)

My experience with Taita Inti was beautiful and deep. I saw both the infinite beauty of this creation, but also how I am the one holding me back. The team of the ceremony, by the clear light and direction of their beings, helped me leading me clearly out of confusion and fear. Naysha has a sense of deeper knowing shining through her, which creates trust and safety. I have much respect for this knowledge and work. We are absolutely more than what we see in this physical world.

Kristiane ( Sweden) 

Jeroen ( Netherlands)

We joined Naysha and her team for a 10 day jungle retreat in Iquitos, December 2016. Before that we had participated in about 14 ceremonies in various settings so we had some experience with the medicine and different types of shamans and healers, both in and out of Peru. Naysha has by far the most personal approach we have encountered so far. There is a lot of attention for everyone’s personal process and Naysha takes the time with all participants to find out what they are looking for. Naysha also gives a lot of information about the medicine plants and the processes in and around ceremonies. We really appreciate this because we have found that many shamans provide general information but somehow seem reluctant to share their personal, in depth knowledge.

Naysha runs a tight ship and she looks after everyone. There is a lot of freedom but she will not allow people to interfere in process of others.
And while Naysha and her team are very serious about their work, there is a lot of room for fun and laughs. Naysha has a great sense of humor and you will hear her contagious laughter throughout the day, always the first one to make fun of herself and her crew and to keep things in perspective.

The personal approach works wonders in the ceremonies. Naysha walks around frequently to check up on all participants. Naysha is assisted by Suraiya, who has an extraordinary gift for healing. During ceremonies she goes around in different persona’s, each with their own healing abilities. These persona’s sort of work through Suraiya and they actively heal in a unique and absolutely amazing way that we have never experienced before. This can be in a gentle way but sometimes also in very direct and confrontational way, depending on the treatment that is required at that moment. Whatever shows up, if you are willing and open, it will offer you a unique way to heal and learn.

During this retreat Naysha was also assisted by Selia, a powerful Shipibo healer and Roger, a clear voyant who performs excellent readings through his various sets of tarot cards. Last but not least she was assisted by her apprentice Maq. In this retreat Maq was a participant but he still helped out with a lot of stuff. Next to that he is an amazingly nice guy with a lot of humor and great stories.

The retreat offered a lot of value, especially when you consider that the price was a lot lower than those of the regular retreats that are offered around Iquitos. Naysha and her team are not out to get you to do as many ceremonies as possible. They are out to actively heal as many people as possible. For them, this is not a business model but a mission. We were very impressed by Naysha, her team and their work. Highly recommended!

Jeroen ( Netherlands)

Bill USA

I am a sixty-three-year-old retired trial lawyer. I began working with the medicine in early February 2014, primarily to address health issues. Prior to participating in the December 2016 Iquitos retreat with Naysha, I had attended six separate 10 to 12 day retreats as well as doing a fair amount of more individualized work.  I have worked with a number of different Shaman including my teacher who is close with Naysha. I had never been in ceremony with Naysha prior to the December retreat.

Wow!!!  I was absolutely stunned by the energetic difference in ceremony between the ceremonies performed/officiated by Naysha and every other ceremony I have ever participated in. Naysha clearly has exceptional ability for a Shaman – particularly with regard to the manner in which she controls the ceremonial space as well as protecting the energy within that space and molding or altering it to the very positive, almost to the point of it feeling possible to reach out and touch the positive energy in the maloca.

Naysha and her affiliated healers, Shamanas and energy workers combine to create an unusually positive and receptive space for anyone who is truly willing to approach the medicine as serious business.

Bill ( USA)

Dietas en Tarapoto

I had the privilege to start my year in Tarapoto, Peru doing dietas for approximately one month. It wasn’t easy, lost lots of weight due to the lack of food and training, had both good and tough experiences with the medicine and the dietas. . However I would definitely do it again. Now after homecoming I feel how the medicine and the plants are still doing their magic. I feel great with lots of energy and light. I feel like doing good and positive things for my friends and humanity at all.

My experiences with the medicine was hard at times but very apprehensive. I lost total control in some ceremonies but at the end I managed to navigate and control my journeys and learnt lots from all of them.

It was very insightful to learn how to cook the medicine and how he shamans works with the different plants in order to cure illnesses and to reach other realms of realities. Had to pleasure to meet beautiful people from different backgrounds, ages, nationalities and paths all coming to evolve, learn, grow and become better human beings. It was also a privilege to watch the amazing work of the three fantastic lady shamans, all the energy and work they put to serve humanity with light and love. How they helped every single on of us, with our problems and issues very selflessly and  always with love.

It was a fantastic journey, I wish more people could start their year that way. I´m very grateful that I had the opportunity to, and hope and pray that more opportunities like that will come in the future.

With love and gratitude

Marwan ( Sweden)

Francesco ( Italy)

All the experiences I had with Taita Inti, were a true, deep life-experiences. It has been a school of humanity. They want you live your life in happiness state of mind with your brother and sister. They showed me how connected we are. They show me the importance to evolve and change in a better person. How all the universe is an incredible unceasing source of love and light. I was taught to follow, trust and feel my emotions without the need to find an intellectual reason to justify them. I’m what I’m.

In order to know myself I must look for my inner children, my inner essence every day, stay with my emotion and learn from them. Because every day I can evolve, every day there are different type of energy and different entities/spirits who can teach you. Drop down all the beliefs that this society and other people opinion reflected on you. That is not the reality. My brain was following something which was not real. My brain wanted to be someone that I wasn’t, instead to accept me. They teach you acceptance. We must learn to listen and trust in our unique soul. My soul if connected with the source with the universe and it will give me the strength to love who I am. My soul will make me feel at home, always welcome and always loved.

We have the choice of two identities: the external mask which seems to be real and the inner person who seems useless, when instead is the most important one.

They left me go through my experiences and experience who I’m, with no short cut, because there are not. Their dispassionately advice, guidance – because remember you always have a choice – make me feel unarmed and strong at the same time. Someone who invite you continuously to look inside you because is there you will find all the answer you need, is just a precious source of vitality. The universe will provide if you show yourself collaborative and you abandon to it.

Francesco ( Italy)

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