Karl ( Sweden)

I am so thankful for the experience I was able to participate in here in Sweden thanks to Naysha and company doing their great work around the world. As the warriors of love they are they made the whole weekend felt joyous and loving with an amazing ability of dealing with all the various stuff... Continue Reading →

Shervin ( Sweden)

Naysha, Suraya and Maq in my eyes are humble and unique servants of God. I experienced an extraordinary Ayahuasca ceremony with them. Words are not enough, I am eternally grateful for what they have done and do. Love and Humbelness Shervin ( Sweden)

Lau ( Sweden)

Sweden, ceremony, why not, something mystical about sweden, old world, scandinavia, trolls, vikings, forests, …. And now a shaman… not any shaman though! I went there with open mind and feeling all right, yeah right! I left Sweden with an opened heart i didn’t know i had and feeling amazing but also reborn. At no... Continue Reading →

Didem ( Turkey)

I have been working with the Taita Inti team for a while, attending the weekend ceremonies in Europe and I had the honour of being invited to the 1 month diet in the northern Peru. The retreats were amazingly teaching and life changing but in my last retreat with Taita Inti in Vienna I got... Continue Reading →

Kristiane ( Sweden)

My experience with Taita Inti was beautiful and deep. I saw both the infinite beauty of this creation, but also how I am the one holding me back. The team of the ceremony, by the clear light and direction of their beings, helped me leading me clearly out of confusion and fear. Naysha has a sense... Continue Reading →

Jeroen ( Netherlands)

We joined Naysha and her team for a 10 day jungle retreat in Iquitos, December 2016. Before that we had participated in about 14 ceremonies in various settings so we had some experience with the medicine and different types of shamans and healers, both in and out of Peru. Naysha has by far the most... Continue Reading →

Bill USA

I am a sixty-three-year-old retired trial lawyer. I began working with the medicine in early February 2014, primarily to address health issues. Prior to participating in the December 2016 Iquitos retreat with Naysha, I had attended six separate 10 to 12 day retreats as well as doing a fair amount of more individualized work.  I... Continue Reading →

Dietas en Tarapoto

I had the privilege to start my year in Tarapoto, Peru doing dietas for approximately one month. It wasn’t easy, lost lots of weight due to the lack of food and training, had both good and tough experiences with the medicine and the dietas. . However I would definitely do it again. Now after homecoming... Continue Reading →

Francesco ( Italy)

All the experiences I had with Taita Inti, were a true, deep life-experiences. It has been a school of humanity. They want you live your life in happiness state of mind with your brother and sister. They showed me how connected we are. They show me the importance to evolve and change in a better... Continue Reading →

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