The surgeons of Ayahuasca

Have you ever heard about the surgeries that Mother Ayahuasca performs in her ceremonies?

Ayahuasca Surgeries are amazing experiences that do not happen in every ceremony but when they happen, you will never forget about.

-What are you talking about?-

I am talking about literally feeling in the surgery room, -we all know how a surgery room looks because of the movies or from a personal experience-. A surgery room is a place where well, surgeries are performed. What is a surgery? A surgery is a physical intervention where a professional, normally a surgeon doctor will perform in order to repair or remove damaged or diseased parts from the body.

Now you may be imagining something bloody and torn apart, where you are totally unconscious about it. WELL, LET ME STOP YOU THERE!

We are talking about an Ayahuasca surgery, of course, forget about the blood and stitches and welcome to the real journey of seeing and feeling your surgeries but in a nicer way and imagine having a full explanation from your surgeons about what they are doing it !!!!

Sometimes as we go deeper and deeper on in our Ayahuasca or spiritual journeys, in general, -we can get in touch with things that we were not so aware of it-, old blockages, forgotten traumas, rooted unhealthy habits, that at some point are going to pop up in us to heal them and in order to be able to take the next steps in our journeys.





One of many of these beautiful experiences that comes with Ayahuasca is the opportunity to experience real spiritual surgery.

The spiritual surgeries – just like in the previous description for surgery-,  are performed in order to repair or remove damaged or diseased parts from the body and add to also replace them or add totally new pieces you did not know you can have!. In other words, in an Ayahuasca surgery, you’re going to be repaired! in different aspects of your being. I have had the opportunity to experience three different kinds of surgeries :

  • Surgeries on an energy level in the points known as chakras, as well as in the energy field. The sensation of this surgeries are exactly in the points where the chakras are found, you are able to experience the feeling of power that the chakra has and represent, it perfectly fits with all descriptions made about the chakras, functions, and colors.



I had been sexually abused as a child so for me, one of the most important surgeries for my healing was the surgeries performed in the sexual chakra. This surgery brings healing for traumas caused by sexual abuse or other sexual practices. The feeling depending on the emotion that connects with you can vary from painful like a menstruation colics to very pleasant like having an orgasm.

The same area or chakra can also pass for different levels or surgeries. Like for example releasing  a sexual abuse trauma will start with a painful feeling followed by more pleasant ones, as the ceremony develops and as what is required for the healing is being done.  For instance, recognizing or facing the problem and then healing it through forgiveness. Only then we start moving to the different levels of our healing.

After forgiveness comes there is acceptance and, as we accept the problem, we no longer run from the pain because we have recognized and forgiven the pain so now accepting that is all part of the past and our choices. The feeling of this level of healing in the trauma starts to become pleasant, not yet orgasmic but with more acceptance as the process goes forward.

After acceptance comes the release. The letting goes,  and only in this part as the orgasm, we can describe the feeling of letting go of the trauma and the feeling of how is to live free from pain !!!

  • Surgeries on a physical level.  I had experienced total healing and removing pain from different parts of my body such as knee problems and all the ones connected with bones, articulations, and nerves.

I have not suffered from any particular disease connected with these parts of the body but I carry genes from my mother side where all the women get osteoporosis and rheumatism so I have more tendency to suffer these problems.

I have heard also very fantastic testimonies of my participants where they told me that the next day they were peeing stones after they had experienced healing during the ceremony night in those areas. Some people also have reported me about diseases being healed or getting better like HIV, LYME DISEASE, SOME TYPES OF DIABETES, HERPES among others.

It is important to comprehend that this has not happened in one single session. The shamanic medical system of the Amazon believes that every HEALING is a PROCESS just like the problem itself has taken time to become a problem the healing will also take time but overall what is the most important is your true and honest intention for healing.

As peeling an onion the true healing process works layer by layer until the center, where our power of feeling vulnerable is found. The source of all problems the denial of the power of our spiritual nudity. When we are able to see ourselves clearly through the glasses of truth and when we no longer care if others can see us.


  • Surgeries on a mental level. Healing the mind is a very funny process. I have caught my surgeons many times distracting me with something else so they can perform this surgery, other times I have caught myself being in the surgery room without previous notice , I find myself suddenly in this place where it is a bright light like daytime, you find yourself lying somewhere where these funny looking people and with funny voices are  literally doing your surgery at the same time you can hear them telling each other what to use, what to do, these are the surgeons.

The first time I came to this place,  the mental surgery room, I have a feeling of strong energy moving down and up in my head,  sometimes it feels like a scanner machine that is looking for things to fix and when it has detected you can feel that space very clearly.

Sometimes it has a sound as well like scanning machines or electronic sounds and you can literally feel the vibration and frequency of the energy that is fixing you. These were times when I understood what people mean about keeping a high vibration and why because then you are constantly healing yourself. That is why sometimes keeping a high vibration is difficult, it is a lot of work !! When you are in a high vibration level you not only heal yourself but also others around you. That was how ancient prophets like Jesus used to perform their miracles. It was just their energy!

Ok, coming back to the point! This article is about the surgeons of Ayahuasca. 

Who are they? Well, they are the different kinds of spirits that Ayahuasca allows us to get in touch with during our journey with her. These are the spirits that are performing some of the amazing surgeries that I told you about before.

These spirits are in most of the cases the spirits of the plants!

As you must know in the Amazon from where this medicine comes there are millions of different plants that are also available to help us. With the help of mother Ayahuasca shamans from the Amazon, they had been connecting with the spirits of the plants for more than 5000 years, to be able to understand the same language.

Ayahuasca helps the Amazon shamans to study the plants from different levels, energetically, physically and mentally so it can give very personalized healing to each of its patients.

When a shaman is performing a DIETA (a practice that is part of the Ayahuasca culture of Peru as far as I know) with one of the plants they call as master plants, they are stabilizing a link where not only healing will be the main purpose but a big exchange of knowledge. During this exchange of knowledge the spirit of the plant that the shaman is DIETING WITH will present to the shaman and start a conversation or in many cases, to play a movie of the plant itself where the shaman will be educated about the different parts of the plant, roots, bark, leaves, flowers and their different uses and purposes. This is how the shamans are gaining their knowledge for themselves and to share it with others.

The other way to connect with a spirit of a plant is by cooking the plant together with the medicine, this way the shaman is able to talk and even see the spirit of the plant. Most of the spirits of plants I had seem looks like humans but with earth colors like green or browns but dressed by their symbolic colors. I had also noticed that the spirits of the flowers look like children while the roots look like old people. The different kind of Ayahuasca brews you can make by adding an extra plant or combing more than two are infinite just like the universe that Ayahuasca opens for us. When a shaman has learned and connected with the plants, they will teach the shaman the receipt to add to his medicine so it can create a perfect combination for certain kinds of problems, for example, there is a plant combination that includes BOBIMSANA that helps to open the HEART CHAKRA. There is also a special mix for people that need exorcisms or to connect with the medicine, there are a group of people that cannot connect with the medicine when they drink for the first times.




The DIETAS are performed to heal more specific problems this is the part of the true healing in each level, physically, mentally, energetically. During a DIETA all these three levels work together, a DIETA is like a DETOX for the three aspects of your being where everything heals together hand by hand with nature and the spirits of the plants.

There are also extraterrestrial looking spirits performing surgeries during ceremonies. I had been also the protagonist of some of these surgeries where my brain has been literally changed for a new one! I also had to experience extraterrestrial technologies with sounds and colors like being in a capsule where all these sounds and colors are scanning me and going through all my body, sometimes are with a light that feels nice.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and that you are waiting to get in touch with your surgeons? I invite you to watch my video talk about The Spirit of the Plants.


-Love and gratitude –

Naysha Silva 2018 ®








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