-Ayahuasca Deaths- Part No1

“In this article we will talk about the spiritual experience of dying during an Ayahuasca ceremony and the deaths that has been going around in the social media about physical deaths where Ayahuasca has been “involved” .

Ayahuasca it is a plant that is sacred for many native south american indigenous and non indigenous traditions, born in the rainforest the etymology of the word Ayahuasca rotted in the QUECHUA language  means:

  • AYA ( soul or death ) +  HUASCA ( vine )  : VINE OF DEATH
  • In the SHIPIBO  tradition  the word use for Ayahuasca is : NISHI COBIN which means ‘drink of wisdom‘ or ‘drink of the wise . The SHIPIBO people is a Indigenous tribe that is found in Peru where Ayahuasca is the most important part of the culture, women curanderos, ayahuasqueros or shamans are the main characters in this culture in all aspects of life.  

As we can see the word Ayahuasca involves in its words a consciousness that is speaking with us already and this is why people in the Amazon has respect to this Sacred Plant. AYAHUASCA is combined together with another plant named CHACRUNA or HUAMBISA both plants contains DMT  a substance that we contain in our brains and that is released in tremendous amount at our moment of death anyhow DMT is substance in medical research and is not the intent of this article to touch these areas in particular but we kindly invite you to take a look, there are several documentaries, scientific research, books and more about DMT and near death experiences.


At this point you may wonder how people in the Amazon knew about how to combine this two plants?

If we try to explain things like this kind of discovering through the western eyes it is not weird to think that how people without access to education or scientific tools could find the understanding to access these plants.  

Personally I believe the answer is simple, when you are use to live in the forest you learn how to difference plants, animals, rocks you learn how to read your environment in other words. It is not a surprise that people knew how to identify plants from the beginning of times and specially before TV .

I mean people used to spend a lot of time outside their houses and even  just recently when amazon tribes had started to settle, most amazon tribes were all the time on movement in the Jungle.  If you are living in a such a connection with nature and with basically nothing that can interfere with it and to access states of awareness, astral traveling, dreams and as well among us we had always have certain group of people that has special gifts or skills that can communicate with the unseen world, that people that we call shamans, healers, prophets, gurus as long we had been in this planet every culture has had the calling for find something else, something bigger, answers for its existence was through this connection, through this people  that AYAHUASCA was found.

Inside the amazon tribes there are many stories that explain the origins of Ayahuasca and for me all are valid and beautiful because I believe the information about it did not come just to one particular person but several and in ways they could understand it …

There is scientific evidence that has found Ayahuasca been used more than 2000 years ago , we are talking about a very ancient tradition that has been evolving and maintaining therefore it is important to remember Ayahuasca and the knowledge about its use goes longer before you had hear about it , long before the existence of your grandparents even and is for this kind of reasons that we must respect the ways from people from the Amazon related with the use of this Sacred medicine and that we must be aware that is not something to take lightly.   


EVERYTHING IN THIS LIFE CAN BE DANGEROUS , your own birth and every step we take is leading us in a way to DANGER , CITIES, PEOPLE, FOOD, ANIMALS, OURSELVES … but TO BE AFRAID IS OPTIONAL , if danger is something that worries us and scary us then is better to live isolated a under refuge, LIFE IS ABOUT TAKING RISK but between BEING STUPID AND BRAVE there is a tiny line, THEREFORE IT IS IMPORTANT TO BE ALWAYS RESPECTFUL with everything we can have interaction or experiences in life , it is also important to TAKE PRECAUTIONS and to HAVE INFORMATION to HELP YOURSELF TO TAKE A GOOD DECISION and not REGRET THE CONSEQUENCES.

“Death in a physical context is the cessation of all vital process in the body …”

As we had seen Ayahuasca is an ancient plant that help us to enter in a profound inner process, inner journey. A medicine that open us to get in touch with our spirit , to find answers, to understand life , to find balance, to reconnect. This experience is difficult to put in words for other persons to understand when you have not experienced yet these were the closest words I could find in my experience. This experience is also a dedicated process very intimate one and also where you can find yourself vulnerable and open to receive and to give therefore it is vital to know what you are getting into before attending a ceremony because this medicine is for everyone but not everyone is ready for receive it for different reasons : physical, emotional,  mental .  


 There are certain MEDICATIONS that are very dangerous in combination with Ayahuasca therefore it is vital to check with your doctor first, you do not have to tell your doctor that you are going to attend Ayahuasca of course but depending of the medication you are taking you need to ask your doctor questions like this : How long the medication am I taking is staying in my system? How long will take to detox it ? Can stop my medication from one day to another?.  


 It is very important you feel TRUST, CONFIDENCE AND SAFETY  in the place you are going to attend a ceremony as well with the people that will facilitate Ayahuasca to you because you may find yourself in very open and vulnerable stay, as well remember during this process you will not feel sober or normal, you will be aware but your senses will open in a way you had never experience , sounds, smells, energies you will be able to feel everything and that is WHY we have shamans trained to conduct  ceremonies because they know and have the capacity to create a physical and energetically space where you are SAFE from outside energies ( the surroundings) and from inside energies ( other participants) a space where you CAN SEE or FEEL.  

As well to know that the facilitators and shamans have the capacity to help you to understand the process you are passing through during and after the ceremony and they are able to still in touch with you a while after these experience because things can continue happens with the time.

With AYAHUASCA it is like opening the PANDORA BOX and we need to be ready for see what it is in there, as well sometimes there are processes that we start and must be continue otherwise can create a very uncomfortable time for the person or participants and bring more damage than comfort.  If your SHAMAN tells you this is the problem , you need this much time or ceremonies or diets to fix it then LISTEN and overall BE HONEST with YOUR INTENTIONS, DO NOT HIDE INFORMATION from the facilitators or shamans about yourself because for sure THE TRUTH WILL BE REVEAL WITH THE TIME but you can SAVE EVERYBODY’S TIME IF YOU ARE HONEST from the beginning.


 If you are a person that likes TO CONTROL, that LIKES TO INTELLECTUALIZE things also you may find some difficulties but in these case my recommendation is TO DO NOT GIVE UP , DO NOT HAVE EXPECTATIONS AND DO NOT MAKE CONCLUSIONS ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE TO FAST. You will KNOW WHEN YOU FINALLY YOU GOT THE MESSAGE.

FEARS can also interfere in your process and it is important to remind yourself : what are you afraid of ? because these fears you have a big chance to manifested during your ceremony. There are no bad ceremonies or bad journeys or bad trips just a lack of understanding of the energies, we create in our minds first what we will happen the next into our reality and in Ayahuasca this becomes more obvious.


In the context of a Ayahuasca Ceremony what could lead to the cessation of these vital processes?

There had not been cases of people dying during ceremonies officially reported  as such, what I mean: there are not official cases that has confirm that AYAHUASCA has been the reasons of death .

The Media likes to speculate without having proper information first normally the cause of death is known after the autopsy has been done and if the name of AYAHUASCA has been around it will be use and involve as an AYAHUASCA DEATH even if AYAHUASCA WAS NOT THE REASON. Please research properly before believing something you read online.

Always be honest about the medication you are taking and make sure to talk with the facilitators, shaman and most important with your doctor.

  • COMBINATION OF DRUGS ( http://ayahuascasafety.org/?page_id=13) Some people because they do not know the difference between drugs and sacred plants they combine substances and energies that should not be combined .
  • MISUSE OF TOBACCO RITUALS , in PERU we have different kinds of shamans apart from the AYAHUASCA SHAMANS we have the TOBACCO SHAMANS certain deaths that has involved AYAHUASCA has not been really happening under AYAHUASCA CEREMONIES but while TOBACCO CLEANSING was performed by a person that does not have the knowledge or permission to work with this sacred plant. Let’s not forget that tobacco in the wrong amounts can lead to a several organs injure because tobacco contains a substance that is considered a poison : NICOTINE therefore it is very important to know and to ask before receiving any TOBACCO PURGE ( Tobacco for drink) that the person knows how to work with this plant.  

There is no need in a retreat for example for every participant to ingest tobacco, it is just necessary when a person has lots of blocks and is needed a more intense detox. If happens that you find yourself in a situation that is going out of control make sure to DRINK A LOT OF WARM WATER this will help you to RELEASE THE TOBACCO PROPERLY and FIND MEDICAL HELP ! The Tobacco purging process cannot last more than one hour , you need to feel completely normal after this time.

  • MISUSE OF OTHER PLANTS:  Apart from tobacco there are more plants that are used in the amazon and that can be combine with ayahuasca and only by a shaman with proper training to work with , each element or energy that is add in the ceremony will change the AYAHUASCA, the experience and the energy therefore always ask what is in the Ayahuasca you are taking, never buy ayahuasca online you never know what contains, there are people that for make a brew stronger they mixed with plants that you are in energetic terms strong for an inexperienced person to deal with it. Also for ethical reasons is not good to buy Ayahuasca online you never know if is coming from the forest of an AYAHUASCA FARM please do not contribute with forest degradation. Also when attending ceremonies ask from where the Ayahuasca is coming from, who prepares? What is in ?
  • IGNORANCE AND FAKE SHAMANS: Like in all contexts and cultures there will always been someone that would like to take advantage over the people needs, please before attending ceremonies or travelling make sure you had some information beforehand about the organization, center, owners, facilitators, shamans and always ask for this information to be provide to you if it has not being provided. DO NOT TRUST PEOPLE THAT DO NOT ASK YOU QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR MEDICAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL CONDITION.  If you have a bad feeling in general specially after speaking with the people in charge better do not attend the ceremony, always listen your intuition, Also be mindful about your fears and projections and what are the reasons that does not make you trust the person or people involved? Always check the ceremony setting, how many ceremonies? How many people? Check for testimonies. Normally bad news spread faster than the good ones 🙂

Love and  gratitude- 

Naysha Silva ®2017

FOR THE NEXT POST : PART TWO “Death in a spiritual context is the transformation and  rebirth of the soul …”



5 thoughts on “-Ayahuasca Deaths- Part No1

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  1. I was hoping that this would be about the figurative death that sometimes happens with aya. For example, I thought I died during the ceremony, but it was so beautiful and beyond anything I could have imagined that I didn’t mind at all. Some other people in my group had similar experiences.


  2. Thank you for your work. I am very interested in sacred plants. I did not try ayahuasca yet, but I love how you explain. I’ve done a lot research before, but this is one of the best pages I came across so far. And I love love love that you underline that it is a SACRED ceremony. I sometimes get the feeling that ayahuasca is (like other spiritual practices as yoga) is now becoming a “trend” and that people offer using it, that do not fully understand what this is about. So thank you for educating! Love and Light!


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