Faith heals

If someone were to ask me what is the most powerful tool that exists, I would say: Faith!

Faith is the awakening of the heart and the invisible cord that binds matter to spirit.

Faith is the fuel, it is the rain, it is the fertilizer that our growth requires. Without it we only have fear. And if not, ask yourself what drives your life?

Your faith or your fear?

Your strength?

Where does your strength come from?

From your head or from your heart? And what does that voice tell you and what does that heart make you feel?

Can your mind let you believe in something bigger, something so powerful?

Or does it only limit you to what it considers “safe”?

Safe for whom?

For your fears?

Your fear to change?

Your fear of believing?

Your fear of finding yourself?

You know that the only way to live with an open heart is only with Faith.

Faith will not let the tests stop coming but it will give you the assurance that you have the capacity to overcome every wrapped lesson that life will put on your way so you can understand what’s all about and that can finally find your purpose in life.

Trust without faith creates uncertainty and leaves things to statistics instead of the very manifestation of what we are capable of doing for ourselves.

We come many times because we must reinforce what we already know within ourselves.

To bring that wisdom to a plane where we forget to remember. Showing us the different paths to reach the same goal and that all paths will ultimately lead us to ourselves.

That is why everything comes back to us. Everything we think, believe, feel and manifest in word or deed is constantly re-creating us.

Karma is released through learning and understanding. We will only be healed and liberated in totality to the extent that we accept our spiritual divinity which only makes us more humble, wise and loving beings.

Unconditional love is reached with the practice of that learning that karma left us.

Practice makes the teacher .

I thank the plants for the help they have given me to recover my faith. Faith in the divine source, in life, and in me.

They helped me to heal the pain, to let go, to accept my divine plan and to trust in it.

They have healed me many times but many times they let me figure out how to do it because they also believed in me.
They taught me the sacred so that I could live it day by day and share it with others who also seek this life in communion with the Great Spirit. They were the intermediaries in the beginning of my journey that now I can listen again with my heart and see the divinity manifesting en every encounter and moment in my life.

The plants brought the way back within. Wishing myself where I became one pulse with the big pulse of the heart of the universe.

Wherever you are don’t give up. You could be much closer than you think for the answers to come back.

Become action .

Become faith.

Love and gratitude

Naysha Silva

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