“Here we are, you had have an amazing experience that has changed your life for ever and now you are back into “reality”, into “your reality”… “what is next?”…

Ayahuasca is a tool that help us to clean, clear, heal, reconnect, awaken … Ayahuasca helps you to accelerate this process but for your transformation and to continue with your spiritual development it is good to know that the most important part of this transformation will happen in the reality you are living in and creating, Ayahuasca will not do the work for you.

Once you have been reborn, once you have got in touch with this infinite source from where everything comes from, once you have reconciled with yourself,  once you have healed, once you have let yourself go and get dissolved into the consciousness that is creating us constantly and where we belong…. you will realize that the JOURNEY HAS JUST STARTED AND THERE JUST MORE WORK TO DO !!

To keep yourself constantly connected to that infinite and unconditional love, peace, quietness and stillness it is good you know from now that what will happen after your amazing Ayahuasca awakening experience is completely up to you , you  have a second opportunity to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

There is no guide or book that can tell us what will happen after we have had a life changing experience with Ayahuasca and how some things are going to change forever, (of course ONLY if you want), because you always have a choice, you can choose to continue the journey you have just started or you can simply choose to come back and continue sleeping.

When you can finally see beyond the illusory reality that we have been sleeping, there is one thing that everyone would like to do… TO TELL OTHERS. Together with this big desire is HOW I WILL TELL OTHERS? It is important to remember not everyone will be OPEN TO RECEIVE what you have to share, make sure to feel if the person you want to share this with is ready, you will know, as you share read how the person is reacting and remember people will question you, people will not believe you and that is ok 🙂 Everyone has FREE WILL, the universe sends the invitations and then is up to each person to say YES!. We cannot change anyone that is not willing to change the only thing we can do is to wish the best for everyone from the bottom of our hearts and to pray for the persons we love and hope that they wake up!

In a practical level after you come back from a life changing experience, it is very important to be MINDFUL …



It means to BE PRESENT,  to OBSERVE, to NOT JUDGE, to NOT ENGAGE IN LOW ENERGY GAMES , TO WATCH YOUR EGO, TO MAINTAIN YOURSELF IN THE LIGHT  for this you will need DISCIPLINE, COMMITMENT, GOALS (how you see yourself the next years in all levels?). Being mindful means to BE CONSCIOUS of every action, when you wake up, when you walk, when you talk, when you drive, when you shower, when you eat.  Being mindful also involves that we must be conscious of each breath, each movement, each feeling, every touch, everything which has any relation to ourselves, we must slow down and become AWARE.


It is important you observe your surroundings with the new eyes you have because everything will just look different even your house and because of this, while you’re still fresh and connected check your place, your space because that is where you are going to be living, remember to check your house, feel the energies, feel what changes are important to make, create a space where the energy allows you to continue growing, check every room, check your belongings ask questions like: do I need this? Make room for new things, get rid of what is not longer serving you, what is not important. It is not about giving away all your possessions but is about how attached you are to your possessions and why.


Taste what you eat!!! Be present when you eat, eat slowly, you will notice that it will feel like you are eating for the first time, things will taste different! Put gratitude in your foods and drinks to help you maintain your energy! Check what you have been putting in your body and what you now want to be in your body, this applies in all aspects of your life! The food you put in your mind and in your heart!


Honor that temple that has been given to you from generation to generation, you have the power to stop any kind of diseases that has been transmitted generation by generation, if we will all be aware about how important is to respect our bodies because what we do with it now we are going to transmit it later to our children and so on.


For your relationships it is important to remember that people, family, friends, society, will try to pull you back into the old patterns but you know what, this is completely UP TO YOU therefore to DO NOT GET ENGAGED in other people’s bullshit and dramas, this is crucial.  

People living in lower vibration are feeding themselves from situations and people that will allow them to nurture that energy (projections, judgement, drama, self pity, laziness, complaining , victimization, manipulation…)  if you want to maintain yourself in a HIGH ENERGY then you need to nurture yourself with situations and people that will help you nurture your energy high.

Being mindful will help you to recognize which people are good to maintain in your circle, what people you need to walk away from even it is your family, this is not about saying GOODBYE FOR EVER but just waiting until they realize what they are doing, WHEN YOU STEP BACK, you allow other people to observe their behaviors if on the other hand you engage in a fight or an argument for example, the circle will continue.

Remember YOUR CHANGE WILL BRING CHANGE, sometimes by ‘not doing’ is when we do the most! This means if you had a difficult relationship with your family or other close ones, just observe them, try to look behind their words, actions, see inside their essence and you will find a human being that not only needs LOVE, but does not know HOW TO GET IT, is not your role to save anyone but yourself, as you become peaceful and more in touch with yourself you will find the right words, the right approach, the right moment for make things better with your close ones.


If you work inside a system and you need to continue working there because you need to have a living from your work, then it is important to check if what you are doing is making you happy? If it makes you happy then this is an opportunity for you to relate with your work differently and with the people around you, you can also bring change there through your actions or words. If you are not happy with your work then is time for you to start finding what it is that makes you happy, your work needs to bring you a sensation of not working really, a fullness, gratitude and peace… remember, you will spend a lot of time in this environment.



What to do in the days you feel you are going back to your old patterns?

If even do you are following the previous recommendations and still some days you feel like going backward, I recommend you to incorporate in your daily routine this praying at night and when you wake up , this is an ancient praying . 

“O Creator, place light in my heart, and on my tongue light, and in my ears light and in my sight light, and above me light, and below me light, and to my right light, and to my left light, and before me light and behind me light. Place in my soul light. Magnify for me light, and amplify for me light. Make for me light, and make me light. O Creator , grant me light, and place light in my nerves, and in my body light and in my blood light and in my hair light and in my skin light. O Creator make for me a light in my grave… and a light in my bones. Increase me in light, increase me in light, increase me in light. Grant me light upon light…”

(*Print or write down in a paper this prayer and place it near your bed, on your refrigerator, and next to your mirror on the bathroom or in front the wall you face when sitting at the toilet)

  1. After your Ayahuasca experiences where you have received important messages is good you write in a journal about them so for days like these you can bring back the memories that took you a step forward to your personal evolution.
  2. Find a strong energy point in your house where you can place and altar, make simple and how you like it ! Candles, stones, things that represent the elements.
  3.  Write down what is bothering you ? When it started? Did you wake up just feeling bad? Has something happened in the last few days? Once you get to know what could be the problem, breath and find ways to deal with it.. maybe you need to take a day off, maybe you need some quiet time or the opposite maybe you need more social interaction with people that are working for their own person development.
  4. Find a hobby or sport you enjoy to help you relax, you can use it a way of meditation like singing, dancing, painting, going for a walk.
  5. Take a bath with salt to help you clearing your energy, relaxing your mind and detoxing your body.
  6. Maybe fasting one day will also help you to clean and to see clearly what is happening and how you can processes it .
  7. Watch your favorite movie, listen your favorite music, play with your pets, be silly . Do not take things too seriously you are not gonna die because one of these days, is just a reminder to see how much you want to keep moving forward in life . 
  8. If you spend a lot of time around computers or electronics you can display several stones for clear the electromagnetic fields that can affect your energy field, good stones are orgonite, shungite . 
  9. Check my article the The 10 commandments purpose and meaning


-Love and Gratitude-

Naysha Silva 2017 ®


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