The 10 commandments purpose and meaning

“Many religions and sacred books recommend the practice of certain acts, commands or advice that when put into practice, bring us to paradise  to access eternal life free from sin”. 

Now before you start thinking I just finally got nuts after having so many Ayahuasca ceremonies, let me tell you nope, not the case but also let me explain you better. Certain religions and spiritual practices has or contains a very important teachings or knowledge that when we practice it in our daily lives, it has a strong impact,  the problem is that nobody has explained it to us in simple words and in terms of energy what these practices are really about. 

What is the Paradise ?

Let’s be clear hell and paradise in my opinion are here on earth , yin and yan ,  the paradise that many religions refers about in my opinion is a State of blessing that we know as state of enlightenment and this Paradise it is and it is not a physical space . It is a physical space in the sense that exist inside of us and what exist inside of us is reflect in the outside creating like this physical space that is just our inner manifestation , because we are co creating , the same rules applies for  HELL  but in the other way is not state of blessing but a state of disconnection between other things  …

How to achieve paradise?

Easier , coming back to a balance life , your natural state , a balance life is when we are living a MINDFUL life which mean a life where we are PRESENT, a life that flows, a life that does not find obstacles but possibilities, a life that is always raising, a life where your dreams can come truth , a life in harmony with yourself and with other, a life in and with LOVE , LIGHT and JOY . 

If you want to achieve these state is important to get rid of certain things first such FEARS, ANGER, IGNORANCE, SUFFERING. Please notes I do not said get rid of PAIN as long as we are in physical body we can experience pain in different levels but is up to us to suffer because of it and that is the difference between pain and suffering and I have good news for you , YOU CAN DO IT ! It looks difficult when we had never at least give it a try or when we really still holding in things that we know are not longer needy by us and there are different ways to get ride of your fears, anger, ignorance and suffering, the universe has put in our planet different tools like meditation, sacred plants, yoga , different kinds  of shamanic and spiritual practices …  but remember at the end they only going to work if you TRUST and overall if you start to TAKE ACTION and RESPONSIBILITY  ,is not  only enough to BELIEVE IN. 

What is the meaning of sin in the religions ? 

From a energetic and shamanic point of view a sin is just every action, tough , feeling, words  that bring us in a low state of energy , if our real nature is LIGHT then every action, tough feeling, words must reflect that LIGHT . When we do commit acts that lower our energy or vibration is when we are committing a SIN because we are going against our essence  and therefore against the creation and its laws, for every action there is a re-action , energy does not get destroy, it  just transform in something else and depending how we use the energy to create  our reality.  

The 10 commandments purpose and meaning 

From ancient times several spiritual people has been repeating us simple things that we can do to rise our energy and to keep us  OUT OF SIN  or in other words OUT LOWER VIBRATIONS :

  1. You shall have no other gods before Me : This means , DO NOT GIVE YOUR POWER AWAY , remember GOD is living inside of you, you are a manifestation of GOD your only existence is DIVINE . You are responsible for the live you are having , DO NOT LET OTHERS TO DECIDE FOR YOU . Each of us have different needs , priorities and things to deal with and nobody can tell us what is good or bad for us without our consent, if we ask for advice is different that if someone bursts into your life telling you what to do and what not to do and because we are not aware of this the society rule by paternal governments will never change until we children start to growth up and taking responsibility of our lives. 

  2. You shall not make idols.  Again , DO NOT GIVE YOUR POWER AWAY by idealizing people or putting them in pedestals so far that you will never be able to reach it , by believing that you always needs something to be protected like a stone or a crystal or a saint , these are just momentary aids but all what you need you already have it inside of you . 

  3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.  This means honor your words, honor your compromises, do not speak about love and light or try to change other people it you , yourself had not started yet to work in your own life. 

  4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.  Remember your rituals, your ceremonies, dedicate one day a  week to reconnect with the source that brings you live,  like nature, like your body, like your family, like your friends. 


  1. Honor your father and your mother.  Honor the masculine and the feminine inside of you remembering that both below to each other and both comes from the same origin, give respect to yourself and this will manifest towards others. Honor your roots, your ancestors, your elders, your children ( because they are the future mothers and fathers ) .

  2. You shall not murder. Murdering means with the intention and purpose of destroy or to kill because of hate, anger, malice and in an unfair way for the other part . Even when death really does not exist, we cannot interfere in other people path lives , we need to have respect for all living creatures, this does not mean that is bad to kill something, i bad to kill something because of killing and under unfair circumstances like make animals suffer all their lives, plants also have feelings but as long as we have bodies and as long as we have not master yet another way of keep our bodies alive without food or drink then we need to find balance in all what we do . Remember we are certainly interacting all the time with different kinds of life even microscopic life that we can easily kill without knowing,  is not about being isolated and without moving because we can kill something, is about not let ourselves to be drive by our anger, is about honoring life while is alive  but also understanding that death is part of it and we should also respect that process. Compassion is not compassion if does not include everything. 

  3. You shall not commit adultery.  Respect your body, respect your agreements, if you are in a relationship and you had not previously agree that is an OPEN relationship you are going against the free will of another person because if this person will know you are not interested in have a monogamist relationship probably will not choose to be with you. But the most important part is about the exchange of energies we do when we have sex with different people . When we have sex we open ourselves to the energy of other person and we do a exchange of good and bad, that is why when we fall in love , we LOVE , and real LOVE , loves everything and transforms negative in positive, REAL LOVE make us RAISE not to FALL , when two person has truly understood how love works then MAKING LOVE will bring you just healing. ! That is also why in many religions is prefer to get virgin until you get married because that communion is the step that seals our love and as I said when to awaken person find each other, rise in love an make love that is the moment when stars, planets and universe are being created .

  4. You shall not steal. This literally  refers to what it says, is just wrong 😛 not only material but also energy, yes there also energy thieves surrounding people that are just not willing to move a finger to raise their energy by their own work but loves to feed from the energy from other people, they are aware of what they do ! 16265409_593524794177367_2825022049811985930_n

  1.  You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.  Keep your nose in your own business and if you will ever get involve in other people’s lives that is because you will bring something positive. This commandment makes us also aware about the impact of our words. Once in a ceremony Ayahuasca told me , every time you sing or speak your mouth is giving birth ! Let’s not let our mouth to give birth to lies but truths. 

  2. You shall not covet. This involves everything from material to spiritual gifts, remember you do not have anything to be jealous, you have the capacity for achieve your goals and each of has different and unique gifts that are helping to create a beautiful planet. Jealousy is also a doorway to lower vibrations, disconnect us from our truth essence, when we get jealous we are saying that something or somebody else is better than us , we minimize our existence. 

Together with this commands I would like to emphasize as well another kind of practices that will help us to rise our energy : 


“To pray is an act of humbleness
To pray is  an act of gratitude
To pray  is  an act of reflection
To pray  is an opening act..”
-Naysha Silva-

When we pray we reconcile with us , we admit that we are not alone that someone (s) somewhere is listening to us . When we pray we let our ego in aside for a while because we accept we do not know everything and we need guidance and support sometimes perhaps a gentle sign that things will be OK . We do not have to wait to have problems to pray we can pray as we breath and when we pray we must speak , we must give birth to our words that they become truth .

We start praying always by GIVING THANKS ( gratitude) for the blessings we already have in our lives, then we ASK FOR FORGIVENESS for ourselves, for others it is like a way of purifying before we will ASK FOR SOMETHING ( this is how we close the circle of GIVING AND RECEIVING, we say thanks, we give something ( purification) then we ask for something )  . When you ASK FOR SOMETHING make sure you are specific in case you have a difficulty, if you just one a general thing then ask for that and do not forget to also ASK FOR OTHERS. 

Find the strongest point in your house, go around feel your space and identify a spot where you can set an altar where you are going to pray every morning before doing anything else, light a white candle after finishing your praying and let it burn until the end, small candles are good for this purpose and make sure the candle’s surroundings are safe so you do not burn your house , PLEASE BE CAREFUL ! 

 And in difficult times this PRAYER has helped me a lot : 

-“The light surrounds me .

The light goes trough me.

I am the light.”-


Dr. Masaru Emoto has scientifically proved the impact of sounds ( words) in water , now let’s remember we humans are 70% percent water, our planet is 70% water and more of our food is the same . When we pray we are actually affecting our food , drink, body and consciousness in an amazing way , so trough praying your food and drinks can becomes your medicine ! 

The same knowledge also works in many shamanic traditions singing is a big part of the spiritual practice if not the most important tool of the shaman its voice , in Peru energies of plants are directed by the Ikaros special shamanic chants that are giving by the spirit with different purposes.

(This is my shamanic explanation for each of the 10 commandments, if resonates for you good if not well …  But remember do not give up on your search  you will find the answers you are looking for and it is always the right time for start your path !)

-Love and gratitude – 

Naysha Silva 


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