Relationships, Spiritual Paths and Ayahuasca

During my years of walking the path of medicinal plants, I have noticed that it is not easy for people who are beginning in this path to handle relationships, whether it is a romantic relationship, with family members or with friends. It is difficult when one of the parties has not awakened. When they have not received the calling or simply because they do not understand or support anything. This situation is very difficult for both parties: the person who has decided to wake up and find his /her truth and the other party who still thinks that everything they are experiencing in life is normal”.



There is a big FEAR of being left alone, Fear that the Relationship is suddenly IN DANGER.


“The truth is that the relationship itself isn’t in danger because if the relationship is based on TRUTH LOVE and COMMITMENT there is nothing to be afraid of.’

  • It’s time to get out of the comfort zone. This part isn’t always easy but like I always say is only difficult when we still attach to our old life. When we do not really want to change our patterns and behaviors and don’t worry as you go in your path, you will start healing the negative emotions from where all your old habits come from.

  • Don’t be in a hurry. I have seen people falling from heaven onto their faces in seconds. This path has many tests that will only become harder and harder but at the same time the rewards better and better. More happiness, more love, more understanding of one’s life and life in general. Inside me as I walk the path of the medicinal plants I feel a celebration that never ends! Everything in life has a process, a cycle when we are ready to acknowledge or to understand things will come, we must learn how to flow and to not resist because that’s what is going to slow things down.

  • Be patient and have patience. It is essential for your spiritual search because the most important things you will learn are coming from all your life experiences, and to take each lesson, we must look at each experience as it is without putting makeup on it with excuses or buts or pettiness but deciding to confront what we are.  To face the good, the bad, the ugly and the ugliest in us so that we can make a choice. A choice of what we stand for and what is our essence. This is how we enlight our darkness. Our dark side is all that part of our conscious senses that hasn’t woken up yet, that hasn’t come to light yet. All those things we think we can hide from others and even from ourselves. When we acknowledge every single part of what we are WE START HEALING. Healing yourself is just becoming reconnected with our true essence of light and love. Healing means becoming whole and in enlightenment with our source. When we get out of that frequency, energy, and vibration is when we feel lost, and that’s why we feel empty, and we have longing desires of looking for something that will make us feel complete.

  • The spiritual path doesn’t have SHORTCUTS just INTEGRITY. Any spiritual practice can really give you a Warranty for your healing. The philosophies that we find inside the spiritual practices are information based on the experience of somebody else that has made it through following certain practices, and after that, they were able to share and pass that knowledge. It does not mean that following the instructions won’t lead you to the same place but is about the deep understanding of where these philosophies come from, the core, and if the center is not LIGHT and LOVE then it’s pointless. Every spiritual practice that searches for HAPPINESS, BETTER LIVEs must have in its core those essential things because that is what is our essence, that is where we want to come back to.

  • Following a spiritual path is also not about following instructions as if YOU ARE GOING TO BAKE A CAKE.  Many people ask themselves and their spiritual leaders: I meditate every day but why I still cannot find peace in my thoughts. I go to Ayahuasca ceremonies but things yet always stay the same. I do vipassana but still the same. Any practice won’t work  IF LOVE IS NOT IN YOUR HEART and IF LOVE IS NOT YOUR Motivation. Does not matter how organic and recycled all your clothes are IF There IS NO LOVE IN YOUR HEART. It Does not matter how many times a day you meditate or do yoga or Ayahuasca ceremonies IF LOVE IS NOT IN YOUR HEART. As I mentioned before BECOMING LOVE IS PERSONAL DECISION, is about FACING OURSELVES AND Looking at EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF ourselves AND Loving IT UNCONDITIONALLY and from that place of LOVE then we will direct our lives. LOVE CAN JUST GUIDE MORE LOVE. LOVE JUST CALLs FOR MORE LOVE. Love Does not have judgment. Does not have conditions. Does not have an excuse. LOVE JUST IS. 

  • Realize you can’t fix others. Be acutely aware that when you have experienced something profound and this especially in the Ayahuasca or medicinal plants circles that of course after having a tremendous awakening experience and realizations WE WANT THAT EVERYONE Has THE OPPORTUNITY TO EXPERIENCE THIS ESPECIALLY THE ONES WE LOVE THE MOST.  Hold your horses a second because you will face the WALL OF REALITYNOT YOURS BUT THE REALITY OF OTHERS and you WILL UNDERSTAND all ABOUT FREE WILL, WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY and so on. We cannot interfere with the human experience of anyone. It is a personal decision. It is a calling. The soul needs to be in synchronization with all what is happening to be able to break to that point. So FEEL HAPPY You experienced what you did and DO NOT FEEL SAD, ANGRY OR Sorry that others have not done so yetBecause everyone is getting what they need. In this context is more comfortable to understand HOW THE UNIVERSE FEELS WITH ALL OF US, WITH OUR  OH SO INSIGNIFICANT DRAMAS AND PROBLEMS! The UNIVERSE JUST LAUGHs AT US Because of our IGNORANCE AND BLINDNESS BUT at the same time RESPECTS OUR DECISIONS because it Knows that No EXPERIENCES IS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER, THERE IS NO GOOD OR Bad experiences , only EXPERIENCES. LOL 

  • What to do if my partner doesn’t understand what I am doing?. Apply all that you have read HERE! Be patient. Treat your partner with Love. Respect their opinions or positions and PRAY for her or him to WAKE UP.  Share your experience without selling it or trying to convince your partner and most importantly APPLY IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP ALL that YOU Have Learnt ! If the time is passing and you do not see any progress from your partner and the path of your partner does not resonate with you anymore, then you need to make a decision.  Either love your partner even though they do not understand you because that is also a part of unconditional love but if the relationship is creating such significant obstacles for you to continue then its time to leave, perhaps that is what that person needs. Sometimes we help the most with absence rather than with our presence.

  • Acceptance of what it is. We do not have control over anything. We flow with life. We learn how to respond to the invitation of life to dance with us. This path never becomes stressful, and there it does not demand sacrifices just commitment. When you really want something from the bottom of your heart, there are no sacrifices, only an understanding and you will save yourself from a lot of pain. Commitment means to be truthful with your path, with your calling and live your path with integrity. 
What you should do if you are the person in the relationship that is on the other side, that hasn’t received the call?
There is one thing that one should be very honest to answer for themselves because it is what I frequently find in relationships. The fear of being truly seeing. 

Are you afraid that your partner will see who you truly are? …



 -Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva 2017®




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