– The teacher that I must not name- Psrt 02


Do you remember the teacher I met couple of days ago? Well, I can share a little bit more of what he does.
He works with the elements: fire, earth, wind, water. He has special tools to represent these elements, and each element carries a spirit that helps him with his work. He already has the gift of the vision. He can see like an eagle but for help his vision he has other tools like the tarot. Yes, the tarot! But he is not a tarot reader.

The first session we had, we started with reading to confirm what he already saw then later we go to sit in front of the altar of the elements where many candles will be light. He told me now you can start practicing, narrow your view and tell me what you see in this altar.

I didn’t have to concentrate so much I just need to look the elements quietly and when suddenly from all the elements and candles blue lights in the shape of a small bubble will move like floating from one place to another like a dance.

After I told him what I can see, he was happy and said me well now time to work. You had been sent for a reason so let’s see.
After some tobacco juice (another of his tools) and brief silence he looks at me little concern and says: I saw a person that has been trying to kill you for a while, trough energy attacks and spells really heavy ones. This person really wants to kill you.

I told him: I am aware of it, in any case, I am thankful I told him.
He continues looking at me with no words …
And I continue with my words: yes, I am thankful because if this person manages to kill me, I will be free and if not I will be stronger.
My teacher smiled and say either you are too brave or too stupid, but in any case, I must show you how to protect yourself more.
Also, I will be your guardian, but you can’t say my name to other people.
After a silence again and some tobacco juice he continues: Nothing you need to worry, I will take care of this now, and you are going to learn as well. I don’t like people that bothers people that are doing good to others, and that’s my work and my spiritual gift so be ready because my knowledge it comes from a lineage, old one. Even my daughter here has the gift and has started to learn. She is only 10 years old. She was with us as well. We were around 06 people in that circle each of us had met the teacher as well by “coincidence.”

Lesson: every single thing that happens in our lives either negative or positive will transform in it depending on our perspective and understanding of life. I had never been afraid of dying. Therefore, I had chosen not to be frightened, to panic or to quite what I do because I see things as opportunities for growth.

Don’t worry the thing is to fix and believe me this work is not easy and this won’t be the first time for this to happen. This is a sad reality everywhere ( the miss use of spiritual knowledge and spiritual power) that’s why is so important even when you have a gift to always work in yourself, so you don’t get corrupted by envy and other bad feelings.
Magic is a part of our lives, and that’s why we must become strong by the power of love… ❤️

 -Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva 2017®


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