-The teacher that I must not named- Part 01

When you pray to the universe and the universe answers back in a miraculous way: Couple of days ago I got a strong feeling of going to do something in particular place in my town. I have a feeling I will find a spiritual master.I went to this place, and the first day I meet first a guy that “pretends to be a master ” I follow the game to see where it leads since I feel I was in the right place. This person give another appointment for next day, I already know he just wants money, but I say yes I will come anyway.

My instinct still telling just come. The second day I go but late almost when is time for him to finish, he is busy with other clients, and I sit on a chair. This place is also a store. One minute after I sit two men enter the store. He asks for some special cigars that I know only certain people use, not mapachos, these are other ones, these do readings. I look at him, and I see this light, and I feel he is the one, he is the master.

I ask him: do you read the cigar?.
He a little angry because he was supposed to be undercover in this place look at me and say: no, this is for me when I go fishing. I just smile understanding that’s a yes. The other man smile at me and says in lower voice yes he is a teacher, he helped him before he can give his word. I told him not need for that. I know who this guy is. I said him I go outside, and we talk there.

I go out, I am excited. The teacher didn’t know I was waiting for him at the next door store where he went. I was there he looked up my surprise and still little angry because I was trying to ask him if we can have a session in whatever he is doing. His apprentice says yes we are on our way to one session now. It’s 08 pm I say: can I join?. He says: yes, we have just one more place and we have transport.
Done! I jumped in the moto-taxi with my heart bumping for excitement.

A few hours later we have the most fantastic session that I can’t tell you because it’s not possible to explain. This is an ancient practice from the northern Peruvian shamans or curanderos.

When the sesión is finished, the master tells me: I saw you two nights ago in my vision I knew you were coming, but I wasn’t expecting you will recognize me. Nobody has identified me as you did and that’s why I saw little angry. You took me by surprise and didn’t know how to react because other people were around and I am always under cover.

I smile at him, and I said: I am sorry about that. He said: no worries.

Let see what this brings.

 Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva 2017®



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