-Dear Healer apprentice –

The best years in the practice of magic for a Healer, are the years in which he/ she began his/her training because it is the time when he/she can enjoy the teachings of his/her teacher. The teachings from the plants for example. 

The training time, it is the time to meet, to heal, to get to know WHO YOU ARE? … because then the Years in which you will start working., you will realize that you are not only responsible for your soul but for all the souls of those who trust your arts and your practice. When you are on the battlefield the learning and lessons are different. Harder if I may say in my experience because this is a time of applying, of actions, of practice all that we had learned during our training not only in the theory but in our hearts and trough actions. BY LIVING LIFE. Our faith, our trust, our commitment and our discipline will be tested. 

The lessons will never end.  The lessons will keep transforming like energy. The journey will become deeper and deeper for every time you had chosen to lift the next veil of your soul until you reach your essence for later you can help others and tell them is truth !!! Life is real. Love is real. Light is real. Even when it seems all a dream. 

That is why my dear HEALER apprentice enjoys this time without trouble. Absorb every teaching like the earth to the raindrops. Died and reborn as many times as possible. Expand. Become infinite. Learn well because then everything will be on your shoulders, in your hands, In your voice, in your steps …
Open without fear and know every corner of yourself because that’s how you will meet your neighbour…


 -Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva 2017®





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  1. Dear Naysha .
    I’m interested in your retreat.
    A friend of mine told me about you and about the good things she experience from Ayahuasca. I have the same experience but it happens to me spontaneously since last summer. Im interested but I can’t afford to go so I wonder about the possibility to do volunteer work or even a lower price ?
    Best Olga-Lenita


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