Mother’s earth pain


Many times I heard about people feeling mother’s earth pain as she is a victim of our cruelty and therefore she must be saved. It’s important here to realize that Mother Earth is nobody’s victim and that we can’t save her. Because a victim always needs an héroe and heroes always need victims. Is then a game that never ends.  What to do to stop the cycle? One part must disengage from the game. 

I am not dismissing that the pain is real but is not the one we interpreted. The pain of our mother is the pain of our Disconnection. That’s why she feels sad about, are our disconnection and the ignorance that comes with it for behaving harmfully. Every action that comes from a place of ignorance brings suffering. That’s why it’s important to educate ourselves, and the first and most important education we need to receive is the one that will help us discover who we are. What’s our essence? Our actual nature is good. Is pure. Is light. Is love.


If your essence would be the opposite, then you will find rejoice in your suffering and in the suffering and pain of others. If this is not your case. If your case is that you feel empty and without a purpose and that you need to feel love or feel something positive at all, then be assured that what you are looking for and that is empty is the product of your disconnection.  The only thing that you need is to become love. How ?  You do it but reconnecting trough your source and when you that you also reconnect to the source of creation because both are the same.

During a San Pedro ceremony, I got in tune with the “pain” of Mother Earth and she explained me is not about what humans are doing to me is because they are doing it to themselves. 

Your disconnection is my pain, as the guardian of this place, as the host of this house where through your human bodies you allow your spirits to have an experience. As an earth being. As a place where we can experience emotions, feelings,  my pain is that pain that comes from a loving place, not from a place of suffering. 


 The same that each mother experience when their child misbehaves the mother knows is nothing against her. Nothing personal but she can see from where it comes, and she knows she can’t make her child understand why it’s behaving like that,  even if she can see if the child won’t listen or want to understand. 

 Until the child wants to understand it on its own. The mother will respect the experience the child had to choose to go through and with her unconditional love she sends just love.

 She prays for us.  

She sings for us. 

 She offers us her best for us to one day realize how much love we already have. 

How much wanted we already are. 

If we are wanted here believe it, she will make sure that we never come back because she won’t provide anymore but she is continuously giving. 

If you ask: what about all what is happening?  Well is not her is the consequences of our acts of ignorance. Of course, sometimes she also gets straight and sends us messages like enough is enough. Time to wake up but most of those messages in us last for a while then we come back to the old habits. It’s crucial that each one of us take the responsibility of healing themselves with the seriousness that deserves because our time here is also limited to the present Incarnation we are having. It’s time for transcending.  For Go beyond all our limitations and that we become what we are meant to be actual human beings, real human beings.

When you are heal all that you do will come from a place of love and everything you feel is positive.  To do to help our planet is good when it comes from the heart, if it comes from the ego it will just bring more pain, more suffering because the ego is blind.  But if you genuinely want to help them heal.  Because through your healing more people will improve and more people will awake never use mother’s earth pain as an excuse to don’t heal yourself first or as an excuse to fulfill your ego or make yourself feel important because you are already important. Remember all those time people told you how much they loved you and them their actions proved the opposite the same when we do not heal, when we do not understand love truly we will say MOTHER EARTH I LOVE YOU and we will BEHAVE in the SAME WAY as the people that told us that LOVED US. It is time to heal. Time to wake up. Time to become Love. 


– Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva 2017®


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