Marijuana and Ayahuasca


“Everything becomes medicine when we understand the power of its core”.




At the same time, everything is poison when we abuse the power of its core.

It’s all about FINDING BALANCE. Too much of one thing either can become medicine or poison something as simple as water for example.Water Poison check it out!

I find marihuana as a very excellent energy teacher when the person that uses its balance.

Marihuana helps paralyzing everything that disconnects you from your center like your mind for example, like your pain for instance and that’s why is significant amount people and at the same time dangerous not because of the power of the plants itself but because of the people that misuse its power.

When I ask people that want to take part of Ayahuasca ceremonies if they smoke marijuana and the reasons why they do it, the answers are always the same:

-It helps me to feel myself.

-It helps me to focus.

-It helps me to function.

All these reasons are truthful and dangerous at the same time because as I mentioned before the role of marijuana is to help you to disconnect from all the distractions that you have inside for being able to feel or to listen yourself better or to feel yourself at all. That’s why also works with controlling certain diseases such párkinson, such autism because of its effects disconnects the user from whatever is causing the problem even in physical level not just in an emotional one.

While you disconnect from these disturbances, you are also ignoring the real reasons for why you can’t feel? Why you can’t function?Why do you overthink? In reality what is happening is that you want to disconnect from pain. From all what doesn’t let you be yourself. What your soul wants is TO HEAL it. It becomes easier to ignore it and pretend everything is okay.

If everything is okay Why then you need marijuana? And here you can also ask me the same question about Ayahuasca. If you are already healed why you need Ayahuasca? The reason is that Ayahuasca doesn’t numb my pain, or my distractions, or my problems, or my excuses but all the opposite. Ayahuasca will keep pointing at them. For me to look at them. For me to decide to forgive. For me to choose to let go. For accept. And then for being able to reconcile with me and therefore be able to hear. After all this process has taken place, there is a point when you don’t longer need Ayahuasca or anything. I am in that position now; I keep drinking Ayahuasca because it’s part of my work and makes people feel safe about their journey. At the same time because the portals that Ayahuasca opens inside ME are infinite. Every time I enter there I become richer and richer in knowledge. I see myself improving day by day but also because I do the work in myself. I apply the teachings in my life.

Marijuana, on the other hand, doesn’t help you to develop but to Maintain yourself in a state where you can function. I don’t say either that marijuana can’t help your healing. You need to have the intention of direct the energy for your healing. With marihuana, MOST OF THE TIME becomes effortless just to chill than do work for yourself that is why also very important to be always guided by a person that has mastered this energy.

Once you had healed yourself, you will realize how great teacher she is because when you are f, you will work together she brings you all what you inside and increase it, but her energy is potent and more people underestimate it, that’s why it’s essential when doing plants always to have respect.

There are different levels of how Marijuana teach. First, Marijuana helps you disconnecting from everything that blocks you, for you to see and find what it is and then to apply in real life. If you don’t use that opportunity for work in yourself, then she will kick you out. She will stop working in your body, and your body will become tolerant because your problems are just increasing as you ignore them and you will need something stronger, and eventually you start having “bad trips, ” and it’s nothing to do with Marijuana but with yourself. The same rule applies to everything you try to do for entertainment purposes but not for work to help yourself.


It is also essential to know that Ayahuasca works in part of our energy body that it’s connected with the navel (stomach) the navel it’s a vital center of energy in the body more important than the heart chakra and why is this? Because it’s the place where our first connection started as a human body and that’s also the part that is cut apart when we were born when we get disconnected and where our journey as humans begins. Marijuana should always be ingested never smoke because you’re just creating more significant and more significant blocks you are blocking one of essential food: oxygen. You can live without eating, you can live without drinking, but you can’t live without breathing.

If you ask yourself what is the role of marijuana in the Ayahuasca Churches? Well is the same, marijuana blocks all that is interfering even fears so you cannot bring this (fears or what is blocking you) on your Ayahuasca journey. That marijuana helps you with connecting better with Ayahuasca doesn’t mean you are going to be able to do the work that you are expected to do, like getting rid of all your fears, from all your limitations, from your HEALING for finally don’t need anything else in your life but just you.

In other words,  the role of Marijuana in the Ayahuasca churches is that helps to block fears and anxiety that you can feel before ceremonies but at the same time because of that, It doesn’t allow you to face the problems that are causing the fears. I had seen as well that people that combines both blocks their visual capabilities what this means? That when they want to drink just Ayahuasca and have visions the visions won’t come at least that they use marijuana and it does not work like that. When you drink Ayahuasca you shouldn’t need marijuana for have visions. The Ayahuasca churches use this combination because they aren’t shamans and they do different rituals is more a collective celebration than a healing work and this is my opinion and what Ayahuasca and Marijuana had shown to me separately when I asked.

If you have any doubts , do not hesitate to contact me !

-Love and gratitude-

Naysha 2017 ®




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