Negative Behaviors , Ayahuasca and How to get rid of them?

What’s, is negative behavior?

Every ACTION that we commit  VOLUNTARILY  (when we are aware) or INVOLUNTARILY  (when we aren’t mindful) towards us or others and that is harming us deeply.

Negative behaviors all those things that make us suffer and feel pain, all those situations we regret later and where we say loud to ourselves: What  I was thinking? How did I put myself in this position? At the end doesn’t matter the BIG QUESTION here is: HOW I GET OUT OF THIS SITUATION?

Naturally, none of the negative situation we currently live in happens for no reason as well none occur from day to night, fucking yourself is also a process sometimes fast sometimes slow but once you realize you are there is time for UNFUCK YOURSELF!



Simple. By healing the negative emotion where the behavior is root in.”

There are different ways of healing these negative emotions. The way I found for myself was through the help of Ayahuasca, with this I don’t mean that Ayahuasca has healed me, but she has helped me to acknowledge the roots of the negative emotions that were creating my negative behaviors, and after I had done this, I was able to HEAL MYSELF.

At this point, I also want to say that I am not dismissing the healing qualities and the power of Ayahuasca but what I meant is that most part of your healing comes from within you.

Ayahuasca only helps or interferes for help us when we are ready to receive the support, and that process is also not an easy one.  When the spirits come to help is too, when we are no longer afraid.  The universe has compassion because can see that our pain and struggle is real but the universe will not do your homework, and your homework is  TO REMEMBER WHY ARE YOU HERE, WHAT IS YOUR MISSION, FOR WAKE UP,  FOR LEARN. 

I am not saying that your pain isn’t real or that your struggle isn’t real but for a second compare your life with other people lives and you will find that ALWAYS, ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE IS SUFFERING MORE THAN YOU.

Everything is taking care of.

When the healing you were expecting to happen miraculously doesn’t come to you is because that miracle is LYING  in your hands. The universe believes so much in you THAT KNOWS THAT YOU WILL MAKE IT  and is sending you help in different ways.  We can’t try hard enough to heal.  We need to get out of our comfort zone and push our limits until we are free. This is like breaking through, like the fights we see in the movies between the light and dark but that fight takes place inside us. Your essence is light. 

For receive help, we Also need not only recognize that We Have A PROBLEM or MANY PROBLEMS!!!. But also to ACCEPT that WE ARE FUCK !…

It’s imperative that we ACCEPT that we have a problem because that’s the only way to stop lying to ourselves. For stop making excuses for our problems. For stop going in circles BUT TO FINALLY CONFRONT OURSELVES and for LOOK AT OURSELVES.  Without fear of what you are going to find inside,  BUT WITH HONESTY FOR YOU TO BE ABLE to RECONCILE with YOURSELF AGAIN (meaning with this looking at the good, the bad, the ugly and the ugliest) and THEREFORE TO FINALLY HEAL  and GET ALIGNED.  

″When you are aligned again you will immediately feel the harmony in your source and you will know how to behave and how not to. You will guide it  by the feeling of the emotion of the alignment with the Source because every action that is inspired from that alignment will always feel good”.

The alignment with your source and the source will also manifest everything you need, that’s what we call the law of attraction: to be aligned. This is when your time-space reality can deliver in full displayed form because remember the universe answers to your vibration, so the response of the universe will depend on how high or low you are vibrating in every moment. Your vibration is created by the motion of your thoughts, words, and actions. That is why once you start your way up or down it feels like a spiral the more or less you give, the more or Less the universe will provide you back.

Therefore even when is difficult to find something POSITIVE YOU MUST TRY IT, you attract what you give ATTENTION. If instead of thinking about all what you DO NOT HAVE start BEING GRATEFUL FOR ALL WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE because this will create a good vibration within you that will start calling for more things for grateful for and not the opposite.   


-Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva 2017®




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  1. LOVE YOU NAYSHA! just last night i got your contact from Annamaria from Viena, and i’m deeply grateful for that! YOU ARE EXACTLY what i was dreaming for, FINALY I WANT TO BE MYSELF, NOT A COPY FROM ANYBODY OR SOMETHING ELSE, I WANT TO BE FREE, AND LIVE A LIFE IN JOY AND PEACE. I WANT TO DISCOVER AND KEEP MY OWN DIVINE POWER. IT’S TIME TO HEAL


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