Today Aslan gave me a great lesson, but like always, this is a metaphor about humanity: When Aslan a homeless kitty came to live with us, at our place a small apartment in Kiruna town, this apartment became the space that will be known to him like “the world, or his idea about how big the world was for him. ” Trough the window, he could figure out that, yes, looks like is something going on out there, but I am not interested in knowing what is in there because I know this place and I am safe here, I have food and company and its ok.

Jungle and I figure out from the beginning that does not matter if cats can be ok inside of a small apartment, we want him to be happy and run free out in nature, that he can see the real world out there, that he can feel EARTH  so we were waiting for he can get little bigger for can go with Aslan to Kattuvuoma, a small town crossing a big lake, without road connections or electricity but with a lot of wild animals there, bears, eagles, and others, so Aslan got bigger, and spring finally came. It was time to go to Kattuvuoma.

All his experience through my eyes turned to be like a person going through his or her first ayahuasca or iboga ceremony. Aslan was really afraid when we put him in the car and even more when we were driving the snowmobile. It’s his nature to be aware of the danger because danger my friends is real, but to fear that is an option. His first day he was almost all day under the cabin afraid because he did not recognize the place, the smells, and the ground, the soundS, everything was new again for him, because he forgot about this in some away – but we really never forgot- because he gets used to the comfort of the apartment. After a couple of days, we return to town and we could notice a difference in Aslan. He was looking outside with different eyes now.

The third time that Aslan went to Kattuvuoma, he continues afraid of the snowmobile but this time when we arrived at the cabin, he did not go under the cabin he started to explore and feel the ground on his feets. He was happy !!!, at this time he also had learned how to follow Jungle and I when we were going for a walking, like a dog, he felt safe exploring the places that he did not explore by himself and always walking with us, near to the river, in the snow.It was just so amazing to can get this kind of relationship with a cat. We spend more than a week in Kattuvuoma and Aslan was perfectly ok sleeping outside and catching his first mouses. Then the time to return to town came, and he was ok,  no longer afraid of going in the car.

 This week with him here in the apartment we noticed that now when he knows that is a world outside in nature far from this building, he sits down in the door in our apartment and start to look us and SAID MIAUUU very loud:


This would never ever have happened if Aslan wouldn´t have had the opportunity to go with us to kattuvuoma.

How this small story is connected with a person in his or her first ayahuasca ceremony?

Well, most of us feel comfortable in OUR SAFE COMFORT ZONE like Aslan, we can see through the window that there is a world outside there

but we don´t care. Until life and circumstances are pushing us to go out of this COMFORT ZONE, then we realize how strong we can be, in the beginning you are afraid because you confuse danger with fear, and is not the same, in the ceremony happens this you are afraid because you don’t know, during your first ceremony you will be like Aslan trying to hide from the experience but you can see anyway from under the cabin that is a new worldview in front of your eyes waiting for you to be strong enough to can walk and experience it.

Aslan got us like his guides in this new adventure, and is this the same role of the shaman in the ceremony, he will be there for made you feel safe to protect you,then you will start to follow them across the songs of the shaman, like Aslan did, because he was confident finally and he could see the beauty in can walk without fear.

When everything is over and you return to your normal life again, this life will never be normal again, because after a couple of ceremonies you will know that you are much bigger than you tough and that there is a whole new world of experience waiting for you.

I hope you liked this small experience.

-Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva 2017

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