I was just a few days ago talking with a woman with unknown age but with the years and wisdom reflected in her eyes and I came to her through good people to visit her place and probably arrange some work in the future there. TO be very honest, I am not focused and conscious about my age. I am 30 years old but for me is just a number that reminds me my earth time , with these woman we discuss years and wisdom and how she had learnt to do not disrespect the age of a shaman , this happen when a young 23 years old Ecuadorian man came to her place, first she has her doubts about him after ceremony lesson learnt, he was  years far than many other shamans .

Once upon in time, somebody asks me: How long take to become a shaman? Especially in the Amazon, there is a belief that takes around 10 years, my answer was: –It takes many lifetimes-.


Nowadays we are experiencing a unique time where many “young souls” are reincarnated ready after spending sometime in the other side and gathering all knowledge from previous lives and ancestors, to can continuing spreading and supporting the waves of awakening that is happening in this planet. If is different when we are careful when choosing who is gonna help us or guide us  while we find the path or learnt how to differentiate the way , but when is about making a choice because of the age, this reason because you are younger shaman then you know less, is not longer logical because in old times, elders were respected according to their capacity of surviving, the older you get the wiser you get because you could still be alive, it was difficult in the old times to survive so long and at the same time in the beginning of the humanity we used to have longer lives, therefore, longer understanding of us and of our planet, later the years were reducing I think because our perception of time has changed or who knows, anyway the point is that nowadays to be an elder does not have to be any more about your skills and wisdom . If we agree that time is an illusion and what is important is that we get the lessons of our experiences, then a young person that had to assimilate lesson can become wiser than an older person that still afraid of living, that still behaving like a five years old kid. Sorry but is the truth, and we do not have to put makeup on it.

I am not being disrespectful with the elders just trying to give a different approach in the way we understand wisdom in order that we realize that is not the time itself passing through us that is making us wiser, by our own decision of becoming wise and this happens when we get the lessons that come through truly “living”, most people is already death but their bodies still alive. Living means have life experiences, how many of us still afraid of living? Your wisdom starts to approach you when you decide to know yourself when you know yourself you discover that you and all other things are the same, is a beautiful journey and hard to put into words.

Time is relative, is not linear, is cyclical, our lives are like the blink of our eyes. The best time is the PRESENT, the NOW because today you are building your past and your future. If you live each day with the wisdom of the present life will amaze you and remember you will not survive this life anyway SO LIVE WITHOUT FEARS. 

-Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva 2017®

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