-When you follow your heart –

Had you ever wonder, how it is when you start really following your heart?

Well… Let me tell you it’s the best most difficult decision that you can take for yourself.

Probably you will disappoint your family, friends, and others …

Probably you will have to finish your relationship of years…

Probably you will have to leave your house, your town, your country …

Probably you will need to start again …

Probably you will need to take significant decisions like leaving behind the “things you like most,” like your possessions …

Probably you will get afraid …

Probably you will feel lonely during the journey …

Probably the people around you will judge you, criticize you and think you are finally crazy …

Probably you won’t have enough money …

But the most important of all the probabilities is that you :

Probably, you will find yourself.

Probably, you will finally have the friends that you always need. Perhaps, you will understand that family is not always about blood but about feeling at home.

Probably, you will become stronger.

Probably, you will become rich in all senses.

Probably, you will become brave.

Probably, you will find you, real love.

Probably, you will realize that your home it’s always in your heart.

Probably, your perspective about “the world” will change.

Probably, you will become a happy person.

And probably for the first time in your life, you won’t give a fuck about anything and anybody, and you will finally JUST BE.


-Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva 2017®

2 thoughts on “-When you follow your heart –

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  1. True soul discovery is an incredible feeling within your heart. I have come a long way on my journey, Your words speak pure soul discovery truth. I found my soul’s desires and the importance of nourishment. In the future I hope to come and attend a retreat, I feel it will help me on my journey to help those in need, and will build to my spiritual awakening process.


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