-My encounter with the angels-

Some skeptics have told me before that I need to get real Angels does not exist and I must be crazy for mentioned in the same phrase with Ayahuasca. I cannot say I had never believed in angels, but I thought they are just fairy tales from the bible until the first Angel came to speak with me.

A little bit more than three years ago before I started with my spiritual mission with Ayahuasca an angel visited me for around a week before he spoke to me it was impossible for me to fall asleep.  Dreams all of the sort of kinds, flying orbs in my room and I did not have any access to any kind of plant such Ayahuasca or San Pedro, this experience had happened when I had been entirely NORMAL.

Several months before the angel spoke with me I already had started a practice of praying to the spirits and lighting candles to them I never tough one day my prayers would be heard.

I was living in Sweden, Kiruna at that time, my marriage was falling apart, and I was praying for find guidance of what to do, it was impossible for me to save my marriage I needed to first save myself. I knew the divorce was something inevitable but I was not worried about that part my freedom, peace and self-esteem were way more important I just needed a message to know what to do next. I had already quit my life as a lawyer so to come back to that life was not possible, my family was not very happy either with my marriage, and a lot of economic crisis was going on with them to can ask for help to my family. I did not have friends that could understand my situation and what I was about to do after I changed my life and started to follow my spiritual path many things change, I needed to let go many people from my LIFE. The north part of Sweden is known as well for their people not being very open to new people except for the Sami people, of course, indigenous people are always friendly, it takes a time for a Swedish to get close to you and much more time for that person to call you friend.

 Anyway, there I was with not friends, not family and knowing I cannot return yet to Peru because something did not feel complete again with me and my time in Europe. One day during daytime I was alone in the apartment, it was fall, and I thought I cannot handle one more winter here up north, I cannot stand one more year either in the marriage I felt that I will get ill if I stayed there.

That day after my prayers a voice inside my head told me: – You need to travel with your medicine and with what you had been teach-. I was like, – what? -. 

Finally, the day when I finally got nuts here up north has come!!! I ask the voice inside my head, is this real?

The voice answers: Yes, you need to travel Europe with your medicines. For this time I am feeling warmth in my heart, confuse and all kind of mixed feelings.

One more time the voice says: –You need to travel Europe with your medicine, you will get ill There-.

I finally put myself together and said:- Voice of my head if you are real, and if what you mean is real I need you give me something else. I cannot just go out of here, give me a bigger confirmation-.

The voice answered: – Today is the day of archangel San Raphael-. Well, I said: I must check that. I went to the computer and Google: San Raphael archangel day of celebration and guess what!!! That exactly day was the day of the archangel, in many religions and spiritual practices they celebrated him. It was precisely September 29th. 

Who is this Archangel I ask myself and then I read : San Raphael archangel is the protector of TRAVELERS AND HEALERS.


What the voice was asking me to do? To go travel Europe with my medicine!  I came back to myself again and ask again to the voice in my head: – I am too young, and It has never been my intention to take the path of the plant medicines. I had always been happy helping on the side to the masters that work with this medicines.

The voice answers me: – You had been trained in the same way like any other shaman even when your intention did not become, you have the knowledge the plant itself has to teach you. Do you remember? Then all my memories from my times in the jungle came to me all the ceremonies when the spirits of all plants I was learning from were talking to me, so fast, in a short time, I even received my Ikaros (spiritual music for ceremonies).

I said – Even though I had trained I am still young there are many shamans already working in Europe why the people will come to my ceremonies and how I am going to do?

The voice said: Nobody has become old and wise in one day, everyone has had a beginning, and this is yours. Use the tools you already know to send the message to others.

I said, -OK-. But still I do not have friends or family here and as well not money, do you know this what you are asking is crazy? – 

The voice said: The test for this life is about TRUST, have faith my child everything it’s going to be ok, you will receive help.

After this I did not have more questions, I said thanks, and I accept my mission, and I will do it even if I have to sleep in the streets. This same week it was, of course, some practical details like where to go? And what I will correctly do? At this point, I had already started a group on Facebook called Ayahuasca and Shamanism where I began to write articles related with the subject since I found there was basically any useful information around the net at the same time a lot of wrong information was circulating.

Now to write articles about this subject it has become fashion, I had not had time to read everything out there but so far the good stuff I find I try to share it in my Facebook groups. Well back to the point, I posted in several Facebook groups connected with Ayahuasca that I am going to travel Europe and in exchange for a place to stay I will share what I know. I received a couple of invitations from different countries and different people, to arrange my first ceremonies.

The same week I was praying to get in touch with a man that I haven’t met yet in person but had heard about it from his wife. A man that works with angels. Since the revelations I received, I thought I need to know more about angels. The thing Is that miraculous this man added me on Facebook without me asking for it. He wrote me a hello and then I told him everything that has happened to me that week. He told me to please give him some time, he needed to check something. Later that day he came back and TOLD me, I had been checking the angel’s messages with my circle (angel organization CHASS) and we had been authorized to help you. -Whenever you need let me know me and my wife we live three hours driving away from you, you can stay with us, and you have place to stay in Netherlands with the other members of our Angel circle-.

I was like OMG !. They helped me for a whole month, initiated me in the path of the angels and many other teachings. After this, I continued my mission.


The second angel: Archangel Saint Michael


In Peru, I have a friend a clairvoyant that I had met through my path. He has been my mentor and guide as well. We work together sometimes in Peru holding Ayahuasca ceremonies. He uses different tools, but we have the same goal of helping people. He taught me about the SWORDS, and how the evil spirits are afraid of any kind of Sword because the devil was defeated by the sword of Archangel Saint Michael after a big cosmic battle, you can read about it in the bible and other spiritual text. He gave me two swords for use in my ceremonies, but in one of my journeys, I forgot them in Peru. In my times traveling around the world I had encountered very heavy evil spirits that got me a battle to remember, but in three opportunities I was almost defeated if it was not thanks to the intervention of the Archangel Saint Michael.

The first time Saint Michael came to help was in Sweden, I had a young boy that was possessed but an evil demon. I took me about an hour to be able to make that devil out of his body, the devil was demanding a life either his or any other, but he did not want to leave.

In this work, we must be able to give our lives for every soul, so I told the mother Ayahuasca, please free this young boy from this spirit and transfer it to me. I lie down next to the screaming boy with my hand in his hand I felt how the demon was living his body and entering mine. The young boy came to reality, he was free, and I was FUCK literately. After this, in my vision, I saw myself falling from the sky into a black hole all the strength in my body was living me. I was going to die luckily my good shaman friend was there she holds me in her arms, and while she keeps me in my vision, I saw an angel coming with a sword of flames took me in his arms and lift me out of the black hole. I puked my life and then immediately after my strength came back. The demon was out, and I look at my friend, and we laugh, that was close !!! The angel told me your sacrifice has saved you.

The next times when Saint Michael came to help was when again I needed to take a demon of out of two different people, but I did not have the swords my friend gave me, but then I remember to call Saint Michael from my heart. I prayed, and in my vision, a sword of golden flames was carrying in my hands, in two opportunities this sword has come to me and helped me to repel evil spirits.  I always recognized when Michael is around because a sparkle of blue light appears in the corner of my left eye.


The third Archangels: Zadkiel 


I have an ancient connection with this angel I did not realize before until his presence started to become very strong around me always. I always seem their sparkles of purple light in the corner of my eyes, when I tried to find information about this angel is still the same thing, his color is purple. 

 Zadkiel is described as the archangel who inspires forgiveness and compassion in people. Considered the Angelic Ambassador of Benevolence, Archangel Zadkiel specializes in helping us to discover the divine aspect within us all.  Assisting us in the ability to see beyond our earth base perceptions of our relationships, including the relationship we have with our self, toward the realization of the positive platforms presented within all of our experiences.

The fifth Archangel Chamuel


This time in Vilcabamba again, in our last ceremony with San Pedro I had been asking for some answers to the universe and the spirits. One was about the episode I had with this other shaman trying to kill me and specifically one ceremony in particular where everything was so confusing for most of us,.  That ceremony deserves an article by its own, but let’s say that I tough God has abandoned me in the dark and I asked the spirits for an answer if the light has really left me behind.  This ceremony was our second San Pedro ceremony and the first I ever had at night time a twelve hours ceremony that finish when the day arise. 

I was little bit intrigued about what is going to happen for the last San Pedro ceremony, in any case, I already had been praying and when the day of our previous ceremony came I remember again to ask the universe and my spirits guides if they still with me standing in the light. Then I needed to go to toilet, and I got one of these fantastic toilets moments! A voice again came and said: – I am Chamuel, the Archangel of love-and all my vision turned into pink, and I was in the most beautiful heart opening experience I had ever experience in my life. It literally I felt my chest being pulled apart first was painful than a relief of emotions, many old ones that I had even forgotten about and then the reward the feeling of PURE LOVE.

Chamuel told me there is no power stronger than Love, where love lives nothing else can live, nothing else can touch what love has touched first. The universe is with you.

I must mention I never research for any angel beforehand I let them appear and deliver what they need to provide, so my mind does not play tricks on me. After the ceremony was finished, I could not hold myself and go to check about Chamuel and what he told me. 

This is what I found on Doreen virtue page : 


Who is Archangel Chamuel?

Chamuel is one of the seven archangels of the 5th-century Pseudo-Dionysian teachings on the celestial hierarchy. He is sometimes confused with Samael, an “angel” who has dark and destructive leanings. The confusion likely stems from the similar sound of their names. But rest assured that Chamuel is entire of God’s light.

In the Kabbalah, Chamuel (as Kamael) is the archangel of the Geburah, the fifth Sephirah ( an aspect of God) on the Tree of Life, denoting strength and courage through severity. Kabbalists consider Chamuel (Kamael) one of the Seraphim, which is the highest level of the choirs of angels.

As “he who sees God,” Chamuel has omniscient vision, and he sees the connection between everyone and everything.

When To Call On Archangel Chamuel

His holy mission includes the manifestation of universal peace through helping individuals attain inner peace, even during turbulent times. Chamuel uses his vision to ensure that you and others are at peace by helping you find what you’re looking for. From his lofty vantage point, Chamuel can see the location of every missing item and the solutions to every problem. Even though he’s stationed at an extremely high level, Chamuel is very down-to-earth and accessible, like a great man who has remained entirely humble.

I also found that the color of this angel is pink like in my vision and several pages say he is the angel of love. I invite you to do your own research about them and to connect with these beautiful energies. 

In my path with Ayahuasca I would never think I will get in contact with angels, but the angels are spiritual beings with a higher vibration that had been sent to help us, they are not saviors but just instruments for the great purpose of our spiritual evolution. 

-Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva 2017®


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