Ayahuasca is not a Religion… LOVE IS

In many opportunities, I had heard from people that didn’t try Ayahuasca yet or didn’t understand the real purpose of this tool that when you do Ayahuasca you become part of a sect or you become a fanatic or part of a kind of new age religion.

By definition, Religion is 1The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

(Cambridge dictionary)

A particular system of faith and devotion.

From here we can say Ayahuasca is not a superhuman for sure. Ayahuasca is a vehicle, a tool to access the spirit realms.

Ayahuasca means the vine of death, and this is what technically happens when one does Ayahuasca, we get to know death.

Death by definition is the cessation of vital activity in the body and the inner organs but what happens in Ayahuasca is not this specific kind of death but what we call a spiritual death and why and how?

During Ayahuasca it becomes very obvious that there isn’t really matter , that what we perceive as physical body is just a form of energy that is manifest in material and we are able to travel in time and space reviewing every aspect of one’s life like people with “near death experiences related” there is this re chapter of every single aspect and then this feeling of oneness and an encounter with the light that brings peace and love , many claim like they wished to stay there but they needed to come back.

This is why Ayahuasca is so amazing and consider powerful because can maintain the spirit connected with the body when used correctly and under the supervision of a shaman. I don’t know why but I have this vision of Dante for the role that the shamans do (you know the guy from the Divine Comedy). Shamans do kind of the same, they go to hell and to heaven for help people journeys.

When ones had had the opportunity to have this kind of experiences where one gets to know that spirituality is not a fantasy but something real and tangible and for making easier to understand I will recall this phrase: We are not human having a spiritual experience but spirits having a human experience. Because of this many people have entered into this space where they have the opportunity of transform their lives and from the outside, this can look scary. Ufff, he/she, is not going to party anymore. What’s going on? Ufff, she/he, doesn’t want to drink anymore!!!. What’s going on? Is he/she becoming into religion now?

It’s a pity we need to associate spiritual transformation into religion and that perhaps makes for many people difficult to get close or accept shamanic or alternative spiritual practices because of the fear of being converted.

In fact, most people are already converted into zombies in the societies we already live in, where money is the God people adores or seek for. People are afraid of becoming the slave to religions that most people are already slaves of the system . Spirituality is helping to bring freedom.

Most all the religions that exist nowadays are practices and speeches of an Ascended master, enlightenment people that have been put together in books and them use to manipulate people. But what people behind religions do and what some of this books contains cannot be mix together.

As a shaman, I find a lot of useful information in the Bible and the Koran for example because is the same that I had seen in my spiritual journey.  The difference is that Ayahuasca has helped me to understand the why we need to do certain things to bring change to our lives in a very logical way.

Nobody tells you for example why is not good to have sex before getting married for example ?the answer is self-evident because of the energy exchange! When two bodies with two souls share such intimate moment, a moment where you OPEN you get into a vulnerable and also powerful state where you can do either harm yourself or heal yourself. When sex can be harmful? When energies and intentions are not pure ones, then we exchange energetic parasites instead of love. I will try to do here small examples because I can write a book about this, to be honest, but I don’t have time for that knowledge. Why we pray for our food? Is because of the sound, the word has power is energy. When we pray we transform the energies of our food and drinks into a purest one and this you can corroborate if you read the book The miracles of water a scientific book of the power of sound.

When we wake up to the REALITY we are, and through our true purpose everything else that’s is around stops bothering us, stops stressing us, ends holding us. When you realize what’s the importance of your existence is more comfortable to let go, to change and to take action for your transformation and if you see people around you having this kind of transformation be happy for them !! Because at the same this is a beautiful process is also complicated but just as tricky as we want to make it. I always say there is no sacrifice or need to sacrifice anything if you really want to change for better and when you really are committed.

People also that join Ayahuasca ceremonies doesn’t glorify the plant or its power but shows respect to it because is a spirit, a consciousness just like we are and because going in an Ayahuasca journey is not for fun but a serious process. The ceremony is called as such because is a sacred moment where your spirit will have a communion with the source and with the self which is just the same thing. And if this word seems like the sound very religious believe is because there aren’t words to describe and we’re religions that borrowed all this vocabulary from the ascendant masters like Jesus Christ for example.

It’s all about becoming LOVE. If we would need to practice something or adore something that would be just LOVE therefore all our action needs to manifest and be base on LOVE. Love starts inside then is exteriorize. All religions are based on LOVE but are the man that interprets things the way it’s more convenient. Before I started this path, I didn’t have any respect for religions because I didn’t understand them. Nobody explains you really how things work (as I mentioned before) and a lot of people because of their faith they believe blindly and fall for spiritual leaders that only use the power of their manifestations for other purposes.

Let’s not get that these group of people confuse us and get in our way to reach our true life purpose: LOVE.

– –Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva


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