The dictionaries define stupidity as a: Behaviour that shows a lack of proper sense or judgment(1).

We all understand what good sense means and in this context judgment is referred as the rational action of anticipate the consequences of one’s actions beforehand and not like the act of judging another person.

I will not say everyone is stupid, but I will say most of us (including myself of course) have been dumb not just once but many times and let me be honest. More than once we have had behaviors that show a lack of proper sense and this is more obvious to be observed especially after the creation of SOCIAL MEDIA just as an example, but believe stupidity has existed long before that.

Diseases, from my point of view are energies, that are not found in the vibration or appropriate frequency as the rest of the body. Diseases are manifestations of the body, signs that send us to tell us that something is not well functioning and needs attention and care. In the other hand stupidity is not disease, to be stupid is a personal decision that can change when we take responsibility of our lives. When we stop blaming other people for all the bad in our lives.

Stupidity is when more than once we keep repeating the same harmful actions towards ourselves, over and over again, without learning the lessons, and then we wonder why us? And why God does this to us? Perhaps … because you are the one complaining about everything and not doing anything else apart from that. Time to wake up!!!

From an energetic point of view, diseases can be healed at a molecular level with plants and many other medicinal or spiritual practices.  When it is about stupidity, plants help us in enlighten us about our ignorance, but plants cannot make us take different decisions, or actions or change, it is just a mirror, plants open a door for us to look, the rest is for us, JUST US…

From the moment you start to see all the excuses you make for your change, to do what you know you need to do, that is the moment when you begin to wake up and from the moment you start taking action is when you begin your transformation, and therefore you can heal yourself.

Can stupidity make us ill? Well yes emotionally, mentally … Many of our problems become problems because of our decisions of different kinds. Therefore it is essential we stand in front of the mirror, stop excusing yourself and take action.

Have good sense, become aware realize how worthy you are.  You are love, you are light, and you are here to be happy, abundant and joyful. If you had understood you had been stupid and you become aware, laugh of yourself, that is the best medicine and realize that it was your lack of awareness that caused this moment.


 1 https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/stupidity
PHOTO CREDITS: society6.com


-Love and gratitude- 2017 ®


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  1. hola nadia como estas; espero te encuentres bien; un gran y fuerte abrazo.

    eres de las pocas personas que paso por mi vida, en las que pienso y me dan ganas de volver a ver, abrazar y decirle eres y fuiste una persona importante en mi vida.cuidate mucho.

    naysha87 posted: ” The dictionaries defines stupidity as a : Behaviour that shows a lack of good sense or judgement(1). We all understand what good sense means and in this context judgement is referred as the rational action of anticipate the consequences of one’s “


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