Holidays? This is my life purpose… 

When I received the invitation from the universe to do this work, I was told that I need to give myself 100% that I can’t do this with half feet here and half feet there.

The universe asked me to leave everything behind … if you ask me if I had to sacrifice something? I will tell you, NO, I did not sacrifice anything. I was just ready for understanding was detachment is about.

When the universe, the spirits, my guides, the source whatever name you want to put it told me.I am on mission where faith and trust will be my companions if drop them I will drop myself – and believe me in these three years indeed I had dropped my companions more than once but never for so long-. I had had days when I did not have to buy a piece of bread here in Europe, but I had never being left alone. I had always had someone to give me a hand or two, and my gratefulness for these people is infinite therefore am no longer dropping my companions,  I know the universe is taking care because I am following the instructions.

You see me here and there but believe me to travel so often Can be exhausted. As some of you know, one part of my mission is to bring what was shared with me where people want it.  This means that I say – hello here I am and I am doing this! -The universe had not taught me how to send dates of my retreats via dreams yet! But the world gave me Facebook! And trough Facebook I had to manage to get in touch with amazing people. The Internet is very similar to the spiritual work, ones can log in, connect and surf!

I see everything we have as tools and these tools will be good or bad depending on the use we give it. Even the spiritual work can be corrupted if your intentions aré not The right ones, and to accomplish this mission, I need to give myself entirely if I would have another job I hardly believe I will be able to travel.  I think I will be fired very fast because what is my number one priority is the ceremonies and the people that trust this work and this simple server of the universe.

In the beginning, we did not have so many ceremonies, but apparently, we are doing something good, so lately, we are full work! We travel every weekend to a different place, but our work and especially mine are not only on the weekends. From Monday to Thursday I dedicate myself to answer a different kind of messages, questions, interpretations, I give support, take care of my family…

I am happy to see that I offer some kind of comfort in some of you. I know what is to feel lost and alone I did felt like that for many many years but not anymore. I had experienced many things in my short 30 years, and I know that love is all that we need. That we need to eradicate ignorance, suffering, and pain, that is time to remember. Once we recognize, once we find ourselves a light inside turns in that nothing and nobody can never turn off. And your life will continue having ups and downs, but you will no longer suffer, you will just flow and take the lessons and move on.

The countries I visited I never pointed myself the universe has conspired and put the people helping to come to their countries in touch sometimes in bizarre ways and me, but life is funny itself. My secret is to live according to of the cycle of giving and receiving, love and gratitude. The people that invite me to their countries are people that for different reasons cannot travel to the Amazon or other parts to have the meeting with our sacred mother or simply cannot afford it. I ask for find a place for making the weekend retreats, and then we send the message here on Facebook, and then the universe takes care of the rest. After the people have received the message, I enter again, because then somebody needs to send practical information. I do interviews to every participant via Skype, so we both feel comfortable beforehand for our spiritual journey because the spiritual journey is sacred, you become naked to be able to see inside of you, for finding your truth, your answers. Becoming transparent is how we start seeing and finding what we need.

This year we are traveling more than ever. We are blessed we have friends that all the time we need they give us a hand. At the same time ceremonies, interviews, advertising, emails, messages are happening. I am also writing articles. Articles for my group Ayahuasca and shamanism and my personal stuff here on my Facebook.

So Yes this work, is a full-time job!!!

Don’t think is easy. Every weekend every ceremony is like going to a war blind, you never know what and how will goes. And that’s is also beautiful because if we already know what will happen will be very boring. Of course, I always had the feeling of how the weekend will be, but from the feelings to the action there is a difference. I am great full for this experience. And my apologies when I am late with answering you. Probably I am killing some demons or on the road to our next destination. Right now I am aiRport again! If you want to know when I rest. Well is when I am traveling. I sleep when I can. I listen to my body. Maybe one day you see me sleeping in a bus or an airplane, please don’t wake me up to bring me a pillow, and I will love you forever! 

-Love and gratitude –

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