How to recognize a woman of light?

The women of light walk proud but humble because she knows who she is.

The women of light walks with her head up but not over others she knows she is not in a competition

The women of the light show herself beautifully, but without vanity, she knows she is art because she is part of the creation and she can see through makeup and clothes there deep where our essence is, there is no makeup, clothes or shoes that can fool her.

The women of light are kind with all beings, but she knows about boundaries and just allows the ones living in truth to enter her space.

The women of light have compassion but not empathy, compassion understands that everyone can reach a state of light empathy is about sacrificing herself for others.

The women of light live in joy, in love even among those who hate.

The women of light are loyal to herself without being selfish, she knows what she is and what she is not.

The Women of lights speak the truth and doesn’t like gossiping, she knows everyone has their journeys, and we must support, and if not, we can help but simple not judging.

The women of light are living inside of you wake her up and raise in the unconditional love and light that is waiting for you.

-Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva 2017®

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