-Three Years on the road –

“After every retreat I feel happy to see that the path I had chose to follow is bringing not just a life purpose for me but for others …”

For me worth to travel long or short distances even If just one person will benefit because the numbers are not important but an awaken soul is an unstoppable force !!!

I am happy for have said NO to my fears, to have said NO to my doubts because as I walk in this path I realize this is not about me but about US, we are together, we are one and we all deserve happiness and love.

Three years ago I said YES I Can , Yes I Believe, Yes I want ! Three years ago I refused to listen the people that tough That was crazy to do this , Three years ago the universe sent me the invitation, to travel and bring what has been shared with me, three years ago the universe asked one more time to let everything behind , three years ago also the universe told me that was my decision to accept the invitation in one hand you can always return to the life you know but you know how that story ends and in the other hand you can now embrace your path , the path you had been learning in the jungle but we can’t tell you how that story ends that is for you to discover!

Without friends without family with a backpack and my dreams I said yes It’s time to start living!

I was ready for die for my dreams because continuing a life that wasn’t making me happy was making me die anyway slowly and painfully … After a not easy start , many ups and downs , test of faith , trust I had have the honor to travel in 25 different countries bringing a message of hope ! Hope for a better planet trough the individual transformation because the change begins inside ❤️

What ever is your path to follow know that won’t be easy but will be worthy every single thing you are going to learn, you are going to growth and then things will flow like when you learn how to swim, sometimes you will sink, sometimes it will rain but your desire for swim will be strong enough to keep you going not matter what ! Once you let go all your attachment deeply and honestly you will see how the universe when you least expect it will give you back what you tough you will never have again real friends, real family , a home !
YOU CAN DO IT … what ever it is , Believe in you , I BELIEVE In You … The universe believes in you …

-Love and gratitude-
Naysha Silva 2017® 

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