How to prepare for an Ayahuasca ceremony?

“Most of the retreat centers or ceremonies facilitators always recommend to their participants  how to get ready for Ayahuasca, most of the preparation is based in preparing the body which is fine but we not only have one body in our being and during Ayahuasca ceremony all the kind of bodies we have will be  shaken therefore to prepare the different kind of bodies can make a hell difference in terms of better investment of your time and money, you can help accelerate your process with Ayahuasca and improve your ceremonies by preparing beforehand”.


Your being is divided in different bodies:

The Physical Body

 Is the body you can perceive with all your sense, the one you can look into the mirror, the manifestation of your consciousness.

 How we prepare our physical bodies?

The physical preparation is about detoxing or cleansing the body from inside out , we do this by taking care of what we eat, as you go deeper and deeper in your experience with Ayahuasca you will start to understand on your own why there are certain things that are not compatible with Ayahuasca, this is mainly because of energy reasons.

  • Do not eat SATURATED FATS, or foods that contain saturated fats such as fried food because it makes our liver over work, Ayahuasca is a hot medicine this means that it can be bad for some of your inner organs and body if you are making your inner organs over work, by avoiding fried things you are letting your inner organs to rest and refresh. It is ok to use COLD OILS for salads. You can cook your food with BUTTER and COCONUT OIL, these products contain fats that do not react differently in your body once they are consumed. All the other oils apart from butter and coconut oil change their chemical composition once they are consumed and they can create problems for your health.


  • Do not eat CHILLI, the same as we mentioned before, chili is a hot food there are some studies that says it is good for your liver but in the energy world, chili has the property of cutting energies because it contains FIRE ENERGY and well… FIRE BURNS right? Chilli in the Amazon is used when a dieta or post dieta will be cut to send a sign to your body that the diet is ending, it is a way of sealing. Please do not get confused between the DIETAS ( Amazon shamanic practice that involves isolation, fasting between other things and with combination of MASTER PLANTS with the purpose of healing or learning ) and the PREPARATION DIET FOR ATTENDING CEREMONIES IS NOT THE SAME.


  • SALT, some places recommend to cut salt completely from your diet and this can create some problems if you are just going to attend a weekend retreat or a 10 days retreat, because when you cut salt you open your channels and also you weaken your body, in a short retreat it is important that participants have some energy during the ceremonies, so it is better to keep a little salt in your diet. It is completely different if you will do a DIETA WITH MASTER PLANTS then it is very important you DO NOT USE SALT because when you do a dieta with master plants you want your body to get weaker so the master plant can go to work and can integrate with your energy better and also because when you stop eating salt you become more sensitive.


  • REFINED SUGAR, as most of you already know sugar is even more addictive than cocaine, it can produce more damage than many drugs in your body in all aspects. Instead you can use HONEY, STEVIA or just enjoy the natural sugar of fruits.


  • DIARY PRODUCTS, products that contain MILK EXCEPT FOR BUTTER are not good for you before Ayahuasca, because once again your liver will over work and milk is for cows, butter passes through a process that makes the fat good for human consumption.


  • MEDICATIONS AND DRUGS, there are several medications and drugs that can be LETHAL in combination with AYAHUASCA, therefore always tell the people in charge of the ceremony about all the medications you are taking.


  • RED MEAT, you do not have to go completely vegetarian to prepare for an Ayahuasca retreat, everybody is different and everybody has different necessities, in terms of energy red meat in general, lowers your energy, just remember how you feel after eating red meat, if you compare it with fish… it is heavier right? It is the same for your energy, red meat and meat in general ARE GOOD FOR GROUNDING, BUT NOT TO OPEN YOUR ENERGY OR FOR RAISE YOUR ENERGY. That is why in many spiritual practices or spiritual practitioners become vegetarians for short or long periods of time in order to open their connections or channels.




The Ego Body 

This can be the most difficult body to work with, ego exist in FEAR and will try to sabotage any decision you may take for your evolution. Some people claim that the ego is good, that the ego has helped them to be who they are but I do not agree, I believe EGO MAKES US LEARN WITH PAIN AND SUFFERING AND WE CAN ALWAYS CHOOSE TO LEARN THE SAME LESSONS IN A BETTER WAY WITH HUMBLENESS AND LOVE. It is about our choice basically, how we are going to learn things, we can choose the hard way or the simple way, things in life are simple, not easier but simple, they are easy to understand as well specially when our ego does not get in our way.

How to prepare your ego body?

If you have a big ego be prepared for your arse to get kicked, because there is not room for ego-centrism or I AM THE ONLY ONE in Ayahuasca and as well in spiritual circles, it is about WE ARE and in that WE ARE, WE CAN FIND OURSELVES AS INDIVIDUAL THAT ARE NOT SEPARATE FROM THE EVERYTHING.

Start to identify in which situations your EGO POPS UP and for what reasons? Protection, lie to yourself, to keep you comfortable?  EGO is like a VIRUS and Ayahuasca will make sure to show you and let you choose to take it out of you or not, it is your choice, Ayahuasca cannot take the decision for you, it will just show you. EGO is the doorway for witchcraft and sorcery, it is the doorway to corrupt yourself and to isolate yourself, all the opposite of what the universe wants for you but we all have FREE WILL AND WE CREATE WHAT WE ARE MORE COMFORTABLE WITH.

Be aware your EGO will try to interfere with your process in different ways making you believe how powerful you are and how much you can achieve, not in a humble way but in a greedy way, if this happens JUST OBSERVE, BREATH, ACKNOWLEDGE, MAKE MENTAL NOTES and then PROCEED WITH TAKING RESPONSIBILTY AND ACTIONS TO MAKE CHANGE in your normal life. 

Remember we do not know anything and we are all here together to be good with each other.

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The Mental Body

The mental body works in a different way than the ego body, the mental body is about CONTROL.

How to prepare your mental body?

In western societies it is very difficult for people to maintain a quiet mind or to try not to control everything, many people in western societies suffer from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), the best you can do is NOTHING, when you start feeling the URGE TO HAVE CONTROL OVER SOMETHING JUST LET IT GO and wait until the feeling is gone, until what you have to do, does not stress you anymore.

Let yourself be led by music, you can start practicing playing some relaxing music and lying on your bed, during ceremonies there will be songs that the shamans will sing and it is important you pay attention to them because they are making the energy move.

Spend more time in nature, practice TO BE PRESENT in what you are doing, in what is happening around you.

The Emotional Body

Your emotional body is every emotion you are going through or you have been through, AYAHUASCA will work a lot in this body, while this happens just observe, sometimes waves of sadness or happiness want to pull us influencing what we are experiencing during the ceremony, if you can try to empty yourself from all emotions by breathing. What has happened in your past and is bringing emotion positives or negatives… let it flow, forgive others, forgive yourself, be grateful, be gentle with yourself, be kind with yourself, but do not lie to yourself by trying to run or avoid what you have to see, once you become aware about what is inside of you it is easier to bring change.

How you prepare the emotional body?

Drop any kind of expectation you have about the ceremony, remember YOU WILL RECEIVE WHAT YOU NEED, NOT WHAT YOU WANT. Having expectations can lead you to feel disappointed if your desires have not been fulfilled. You always have another chance to get where you want get, sometimes we need to pass through the test and in most cases it is just ourselves testing ourselves.

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The Energy/ Spiritual Body

This is where the body in which Ayahuasca will work the most and it is quite often this body that gets disconnected for different reasons, issues, problems, karmic patterns.

It is in this body where also the shaman will be working during the ceremony, trying to reconnect you through raising your energy, creating a space where your soul feels comfortable to heal, clear and learn.

How to prepare your energy/spiritual body?

There are different practices that can help you to prepare, to bring your energy more in balance so you can go deep in your Ayahuasca process.

  • Crystals and stones are good for alignment of the chakras.
  • Sound therapy is also very good to start cleaning the first layers of your being.
  • Acupuncture is also fantastic to help you to start opening your channels. If you feel you have many blockages I recommend to have at least 3 sessions before the ceremony or event and you will get more benefit from your Ayahuasca experience as well.
  • Reiki is also advisable but make sure the reiki practitioner is in good energy shape, the reiki master becomes the channel for the energy that you will receive if the channel is not clean it can pass through you even though the energy that is passing through the channel is also cleaning the channel. I have met many Reiki practitioners with more problems than their clients because they do not know how to clean themselves before and after a REIKI SESSION, for example because they do not understand yet how energies really work.
  • Kambo is a poison from a frog used by some tribes in the AMAZON rainforest is helps to detox the body, it Is also a natural vaccine that boosts the immune system and helps to open your senses, it is good to do this before and after an Ayahuasca ceremony.
  • Tobacco purge, tobacco is a plant that is considered as a MASTER PLANT, in the amazon there are tobacco shamans that use tobacco for different purposes, one of these purposes is to clean the body and energy from blockages, it is not recommended for everyone and it should be just performed by a person that has been trained to do this.

Remember the most important thing… your desire and your will TO CHANGE!!!  To have an open mind and an open heart.

-Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva 2017®




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