-I am not a business woman-

“A while ago when I advertised some of my upcoming events in a group where the guidelines are: a group for promote events with the sacred plants so Everybody can advertise there but apparently this person, this brother haven’t notes that and , because I am a person and not a organization and because it’s myself promoting my own ceremonies, wrote a public message : hey medicine woman, or better , businesswoman …. You made it poison when you make commercial like this .”

I can’t talk for everyone doing ceremonies but perhaps for the few good shamans that I have the good luck to meet and would like that people could find them.

So here my answer to this brother:

-Dear brother I am not a business woman . A good shaman is proved in the field , when holding her/his ceremonies , to advertise your ceremonies doesn’t make you more or less shaman ,It’s his/her actions more than his/her words. And this actions are actions that involves the practice of compassion, forgiveness, tolerance , acceptance, respect for example .

-Dear brother I am not a business woman , I am woman that had took the responsibility of her destiny and using the tools that I had learn like computers, like my sacred plants ,what is wrong in combine my abilities and used them to help myself ? There is some egoistic in take care of your own life? Is less egocentric than if other people does is for me?it will be right because I feel all opposite , I honestly feel ashamed to ask for help to my closest ones for help me to promote my events, so I do it myself they also have things to do .

Dear brother I am not business woman, I am woman doesn’t let any excuse to across between her and her dreams . This is my full time work , to work with what I had train for with holding spaces for the sacred plants from the Amazon . This is not my hobby is what I love and therefore I put a lot of effort in everything I do like my advertising, I do it with love and respect. And you don’t know but I do all with two of my fingers in my phone , the same with me articles , because I don’t find any excuse , I can’t say I don’t have a computer and that’s why I cannot write my articles.

-Dear brother I am not business woman, I am manifesting , creating and generating what I want to happen in my life . There is nothing and nobody to blame in my path if I fail just myself will be responsible If I fail or success with my advertising is a risk I had chosen to take. My focus is to say hey: here is me and I am doing this , IF you are interested write me an email.

-Dear brother I am not a business woman, I am sharer , I write articles a lot of them and don’t sell them , most of them about these sacred knowledge from Peru so people like you have good information to know before to attend some ceremony in what they are getting into, that people becomes educate in this subject to help the medicine plants to spread. Knowledge is for sharer , when we share we growth.

-Dear brother I am not a business woman I follow my heart and my intuition and if that it’s wrong for you it’s a pity , I will not change my ways for people to like me, but just to meet the ones I suppose to meet . And that we reconnect one more time like in previous times .

-Dear brother , God , the universe is supporting us all the time but we need to support that energy through supporting ourselves what is available and without harming . I am not harming anyone but advertising perhaps maybe the ones that does not wish me good .

-Dear brother, I have a mission and I don’t have a place yet where people can find the work I am doing ,the people that helps me arranging the events does not have any obligations with me to bring other people, we send the messages like in Facebook and then we see what happens and well for me is happening a lot of positive things perhaps I am doing something good . And to know and realize that my mission will continue as long as people is supporting my work and as well as long as the sacred spirits wants me there .

-Dear brother , is nothing you have to worry If I am doing something wrong the universe will take care of me.

-Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva ®©

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