-I will disappoint you –

The last months I had received a lot of friendship request , I like to have friends , I think friends are a big part of our journeys.  Anyhow there is something important to remember when you send a friendship request and you are accepted , it is like entering a house , a request is like knocking that door , accepting the request is like saying : hello ! Welcome to my house , the space where I am.

For all of you new friends I want to tell you that if you had add me wishing to find I am the real shamanic deal or guru and that you will find that answer through my Facebook account let me tell you , you will be disappointed.

I write because I love to write, it flows through me and my posts in my personal Facebook account are not just “spiritual” . I am human , I am woman before anything. I am not the typical “shaman” if in any case a typical shaman exists.  I am myself and that is the work I do , to help people to embrace what they are , to accept themselves with love and without judgment. Certainly I am far away from perfection. And if you have any expectation from me , apart from being myself let me tell you , I will disappoint you.

In these years of travelling and work I had notes how expectations can destroy beautiful dreams from become truth . People can come  expecting to reach the sun or the universe , but what they could only reach was a start or a ray of light , and they get so disappointed , in the other hand people without expectations will find that the single start is the doorway to reach the universe, that the ray of light is the way to find the sun. In life we are given what we need not what we want .

It is vital that people looking for answers in life and guidance never gave their power away, and we like to give our power away that is why we have governments and other institutions that control us because we are not able to do it .  For our governments we are just children that do not know what to do with their lives. Every kind of figure , institution or attachment  that has power over us will never let us go until we had not reach that point and level were we remember our perfection and abilities to create our own happiness. Nothing will change until we do not change .

Standing in your own power is not about fighting.

Standing in your own power is not finger pointing others.

Standing in your power is not about judgment.

Standing in your own power is just knowing when is time for finish a situation with diplomacy , confrontation is just about one person being wrong and the other right and there is not wrong and rights in this life , just different options and we choose from them .

Standing in your own power is about knowing

What is good and what is bad for yourself because at the end of the day the only person that can know you the most is you !

Standing in your own power is embracing yourself in a journey of love , trust and hope.

When you stand in your own power you do not build any expectation therefore  you will never feel disappointed . Because you had learnt to trust life and in your heart to led you to the next adventure and lesson.

-Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva

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