Awakening for a better world

Shaman ? The word shaman comes from a word of Siberian origin that identifies shaman – medicine godman. The original Tungus word shaman scha contains the root, “know” , so shaman means “one who knows, knowing, that is a wise ” or expressed in terms of Carlos Castaneda ” man of knowledge “

In Peru the shamans are known as CURANDEROS, but this is just titles to define an occupation, a shaman in my opinion is the intermediary between the spirit world and this reality, a guide, a translator. But to reach the capacity that this title involves a lot of love for humanity and “self-sacrifice is necessary. This title, in many Amazonian communities, is not something one just say or mention lightly, people have respect not because of the title but because of the work that involves. It’s in this work where shaman applies all the knowledge they collect from their training and their teachers, is not something one can achieve in a workshop weekend. If one is learning for become better person is fantastic that one attend as many seminaries, workshops, etc that are available but, if one wants to work with sacred plants then one should do it the right way, don’t be disrespectful with the ancient knowledge that these plants are bringing to us .

What the man is looking for when meditates when drinks alcohol when taking plants? To escape, freedom, power, knowledge …

It’s said that the indigenous people from the amazon are wild, but they don’t longer have forests to be wild and to run away. Now also civilization want that they give their souls, to governments, to religions, to science, after giving their soul, they don’t longer have anything to give, just become empty and disconnected, believing to be saved from harm because governments will provide with have jobs, security and military police, medical and unemployment insurance will be safe because they will have comfort and luxuries that protect them.

Ask yourself a question: Are you happy?

And if you are, Why you cannot go to sleep without taking the magic pill?.

Security must bring health, are you healthy? And if you are, why exist a bin in your kitchen filled with medicine bottles? Why exist a section in the supermarkets with BIO and ORGANIC food, what were you buying before? What is the rest of food that you find in the supermarket? Safety should also bring freedom, are you free? And if you are, why the banks can take away your home? , why when you protest against your governments and bad politicians your own police that supposed to protect you is arresting you know? If you are free why is the system that is so difficult to leave behind when you try? Security brings wealth, are you rich? And if you are, why you have to work 8 hours a day every day to pay your debts of every month? Why don’t you have time for your families?

Sacred plants are helping shamans to made people aware about how important is to stop the unconscious civilization, progress is good but needs to be with conciseness, because every three seconds an entire species of plant is wiped out in the name of civilization, in the name of progress .This Must stop and we need all the help we can, and the best help is through the testimonies of people that are experiencing Already civilization, you must help us.

What knowledge are we going to deliver to our future generations? And analyze this question carefully what truth and important knowledge are we going to deliver to future generations? How to save the earth? But we should not need to save the earth if we would be connected with her and with us. We must then reconnect and after this our children will feel the connection and, therefore, take care of this planet as themselves. We have to feel the spirit, the love and transmit, it is the only way. WE have to WAKE UP.

In the Amazon for thousands of years indigenous a non-indigenous people that are living in the wild, had been connected THROUGH the use of sacred master plants. They call it like that because they teach us and heal us when you had learned and assimilate the lesson you also heal. There are thousands of method to raise awareness, but time is short and plant teachers can help, plant teachers like Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote, Iboga, etc. To accelerate the process of awakening, to bring awareness , and important part for this to have is that we must educate ourselves and not judge, let go of everything we have been taught in schools, on television.

The first medicine, the first knowledge about how to heal the body, mind and emotions was the shamanic knowledge, people also got sick before there were doctors and hospitals, and also had mental and emotional problems, not in large numbers as now but they do exist and were fixed, because the great questions from the beginning of mankind, where always there: what we do here? Who am I?

Modern medicine has only taken the shaman’s knowledge and encapsulated in a pill, because

They believed that are isolated molecules and substances that can heal the body.

Shamans knows that is all the spirit and integrity of the plant that provides healing because the body is the las part in the manifestation of our being to gets sick, for the body to get sick is previously needed to be imbalance in the energy and consciousness. And because nature is in balance, it helps us to remember how is to be in balance and that’s how plants heal, because they are in equilibrium has neither more nor less in substances that compose them, when they are not balanced they also get sick, but they know how heal. And we have forgotten all this wonderful knowledge, the greatest biggest and most powerful pharmacy is not in the stores of Apotek, it’s in the forest.

Are this sacred plants change magically human awareness?

No, there are not magic tricks, not even in the shamanic work that can fix all your problems in an abracadabra. The sacred plants are just helping people to wake up, to see the truth, to dissolve the illusions, the real illusions where humans are living. Consciousness change with the Consciousness act of change, with your decision of change, with your decision of become better, with the decisions to go forward in life, with the decision of IT’S ENOUGH, it’s time to be happy. What this plants are doing is touching people’s hearts, opening people’s mind so when they return to this “reality” they come with a different feeling and perspective , one’s return more sensitive , more human, and after this encounter with love is when the work to become Consciousness about yourself start in the “Real life”.


Have you ever wondered why all people living in the Amazon aren’t shamans? Or why all aren’t working with sacred visionary plants such Ayahuasca or San Pedro? The simple answer is that you don’t become a shaman by just taking Ayahuasca or San Pedro. As I wrote in the first part, the way of the shaman isn’t an easy one. Shamans in the Amazon put a lot of effort into such things as diets.

Sacred visionary plants are just tools for the shaman. It is through the plants that shamans CAN SEE and CAN GET INFORMATION. But see what? For example Ayahuasca can show where in the body the root of the problem is. In case of a disease, it also works like an x-ray machine. The shaman is helped to better understand the patient’s situation, their problems, and necessary treatments by canalizing information from the spirits, from the plants, animals, etc.

When you start learning about plants, spirits and shamanism, your teacher will normally tell you which plant you should diet with. Why? Because s/he knows the plant spirits, what they look like in the Ayahuasca world and their functions. There are for example plants that are better than others to clean energies. The most common diet in the Peruvian Amazon is with the Ajo Sacha plant, which smells like garlic. It is normally the first diet that you do in your training. This is reasonable because when you will start a new spiritual path you need to clean your energies from the past. I began my training at the age of 22, so at that point I was cleaning 22 years of energies. This cleaning probably never ends, because we interact with people and this means an exchange of energy, both good and bad. So during your life you will need to repeat this diets as many times as you need. You are cleaning karmic energies from your family, mothers and fathers side as well. You need to be as clean as possible to work with people as a shaman.

Modern societies should stop making fun of the work of the shamans of the Amazon. It’s necessary to educate, it’s necessary to spread the real knowledge about sacred plants in all its perspectives, the master plants are older than government laws , the same with the laws of nature. People cannot rule mankind without first learned how to be a human and to be human means to be love, but people had forgotten. Please people in the first world, the old continent, wake up.


Naysha Silva



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