Ayahuasca, Marijuana and Energies

“There are not good or bad plants in nature, every plant in nature has a purpose , the problem is when we use plants without having enough knowledge about the properties, energies and compatibility with us and with other plants. Remember everything can be harmful when is out of balance and I will give you a simple example with food : All the food we have is natural but problems happens with our food when we do wrong combinations,  our body is like a laboratory that is processing nutrients but also reacting to the different food combinations that we do and because of this we can get ill   but also we can heal our bodies with the right food combinations, is the same with plants ,  there are plants that are compatible with each other and the opposite, as well they are compatible with you or good for you and there are plants that are not compatible for you or that are good for you” … !!!


 During the years of my work with Ayahuasca I had receive people with different problems, backgrounds and habits but one of the most difficult people (not all of course) that I had to work is people that smoke marijuana very often  – what is very often? once a week is often enough for start building problems inside us and during the ceremonies I can note a grey cloud covering the two upper chakras or energies points. It is over and around the head. Also I had found that energetically marijuana works like an anesthesia, yes there is not only anesthesia for the body but also for the soul the thing is that marijuana cannot really heal these problems but just cover the symptoms. 

Can  marijuana create  blocks?

Yes ! when using it for the wrong reasons and without really the necessity for it , even if you use with respect to the spirit and you smoke it in nature or what ever story tale you want to tell to yourself, remember everything has a purpose in nature and if you do not have a problem that marijuana can help you with then you should not use it because it has a energy that is very seductive , if I compare it with Ayahuasca for example the taste of Ayahuasca is not the best but does not allow you to drink it without having an intention for it , as well with Ayahuasca is a purgative process that for example marijuana does not posses. It is important to remember certain things about marijuana :
  • The marijuana plant we have available nowadays is not longer the same plant as is used to be, it has been genetically manipulated to make it stronger and stronger, also for to bring the effects the person wants, for example you can choose a marijuana plant that can make you feel relaxed or all the opposite., amazing is it not ?

  • When you smoke marijuana you are literally burning all the healing properties from the plant, basically you are just smoking for side effects, to chill ,relax …

  • The energetic points where this plant works when you smoke it are : the top chakra, the heart chakra and sometimes the sexual chakra  , this is for me a indicator why certain group of people needs to smoke is because they are having problems in these energy points , now let’s check what are these chakras about and how marijuana works in them and the reason why some people feel they need it :  


 Marijuana helps some people to focus better because this people has problems overthinking, controlling or simply they feel to nervous to function, these problems can have roots in a completely different part in us , and what we feel is just the side effect of the problem. Basically there are group of people that are smoking marijuana because is the only way they can function, when they smoke they do not feel the problem that is stopping them from functioning properly. The problem is that as the time pass these problems grow and when we smoke layers and layers of anesthesia covers our problem. 



In this chakra marijuana works as well helping some people to feel emotional better because once again , marijuana is like anesthesia, when we have emotional imbalance is because our emotional body is telling us something is not ok and it is time to look but because most people do not have the guidance or information to know what is happening they get kind of lost and in these situations marijuana can help but just to maintain the person to function. This is the same with some medications, the real medicine is supposed to bring healing where is no need to take pills for the rest of your life. Most medications, specially antidepressant are just covering the symptom so are not fixing the root of the problem. Most cases the root of the problems are in a place further than our mind, a disconnection an emptiness that can only be reconnected and full once we get in touch with out soul, with our essence of love and light. 



For some people marijuana can help them to be more open, more relax when exploring their sexuality but also when we have sex we have a tremendous exchange of  energy and even more if we are using plants, in this exchange we give and receive good and bad , if we do not have a monogamist relationship marijuana, sex and polygamy can bring you a lot of problems that can result as infertility, or sexual problems when you get older. 

It is Marijuana compatible with Ayahuasca? 

No is not, in my healing  work with AYAHUASCA then becomes more difficult because first we need to clear the energy of marijuana this can takes from 6 month until one year before we can start working with the problem. It is like marijuana energy brings you to state where you kind of can ignore or avoid to face your problems and we need to pull you back to reality these process can be very intense for some people that is why requires time , because when we start touching these parts of the energy in combination with Ayahuasca can create psychosis this is why is so important to detox the body, also every case is different and needs to be checked and diagnosis given so people can find solutions to their problems and not more complications. Also note that is not Ayahuasca that makes you Psychotic but the contradiction of energies, Ayahuasca is for wake you up, for open your eyes, while marijuana is for the opposite . Have you ever wondered why is legal in some countries specially in the United States?  So people can continue sleeping…

You may wonder what about Santo Daime, well Santo Daime does not perform  shamanic practices, they are not shamans, shamans understand how energies works. San Daime practices are going around for almost 100 years, traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies with a shamanic background has more than 2000 years. I assume Santo Daime uses marijuana to skip having “bad journeys” because Marijuana will not allow their minds, emotions to pop up during the Ayahuasca ceremony therefore there are less possibilities to have a bad journey and since they are not shamans I cannot imagine how they will handle a person in a bad journey when they do not have the training. Ayahuasca is about looking inside without filters and being able to accept, to surrender to let go, doing Marijuana is basically cheating … not mention the energetic mess one can create with these combination.

(*I had never experienced a ceremony with Santo Daime and my assumption is base in experiences shared by some of the participants from Santo Daime that comes to my ceremonies, therefore this last paragraph is my assumption)


Is it possible to develop higher consciousness with this plant?

I have met the spirit a few times and once I managed to reach the center of it. What I saw was that the spirit of this plant helps us to get in touch with the information and knowledge that we have already achieved in our lives, but it won’t give us anything new.
This explains why some people start to take  stronger drugs when marijuana does not look strong enough anymore for what they need  – in fact these people is  looking for knowledge, connection.  Sadly in our societies the way of thinking is that there is not much difference between drugs and plants, so people can easily get confused in their search.

You can also understand why some people like artist and writers like this plant, since it helps them to easily access their own information. But if they for example would start doing diets, their abilities would increase and develop much more, in the same way as it would if they worked with such plants like Ayahuasca and San Pedro.

What about healing properties?

There is no denying that marijuana it is excellent for some cancer types but once again it has a purpose and if you do not have cancer then why are you really using it for ? As well the way it’s used to take into the body has a very big impact and remember in this article our focus is about smoking marijuana ( marijuana rolled in a paper basically) .

Marijuana can heal certain kinds of diseases, but we must be aware that not all diseases can be healed with this plant. In some cases marijuana only covers the symptoms, which is exactly what many normal medicines do.

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Some extra words …

Marijuana helps you to access information that you already have inside. It helps to shut down the mental noise that makes some people lives a nightmare otherwise. That is why you feel relaxed, but it won’t help you to develop a higher consciousness. Also remember that this plant helps with pain, but doesn’t heal the pain. It only covers the symptoms that are causing the pain. If you for example have emotional problems Marijuana might cover the problems, but it won’t heal or help you to find healing . At some point you will have to stop covering things up and start facing them.

-Love and gratitude –




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  1. Thank you its a timely and nice article .. i am a humble server of medicine and recently i had some smokers in a circle … i would normally not allow smoking in a circle … but i reluctantly allow a participant because he was a church follower and announced at the beginning of the ceremony that it was his sacrament and he would smoke … not wishing to have a male chest butting at the beginning of ceremony i allow it ..stipulating that he remove himself from circle and reduce his influence to others… but even a slight divergent from guidelines that work brings consequences ..Santa Maria may be a herb, may be sacred but not in a working circle .. if you want to reduce your circle to the level of a pleasant social psychedelic gathering be honest. Another point, there are others in the circle who may be there because they have personal addictions to Mary …. or they may be trying to give up tobacco … so we need to look at the more base social level drugs that have the habit of combining with social and personal addictions. thank you


  2. Cannabis can be seen as the prime archetype of misunderstanding. People are so eager to condemn it, to invent stories and ideas about it, but rarely to dive deeply into the plant and discover its wonders.
    Cannabis has been with me my whole life, though good times and bad times, always shinning a guiding light towards love in my life.
    I assert that blanket statements that cover everyone’s personal experience, are usually not true, as there are too many variables to come to a generality.
    Ganja has a use, and timing to it’s use; and it can bring great benefits to our lives. I would just say to make your own exploration, and see what works personally for you.
    What is good or bad for one, is not necessarily so for the other.


    1. Hello thanks for writing, I had done my personal exploration as well and I see the same , just want to ask you few question can you have a life without marijuana ? Why you are using it ? As you can read there is not all bad things about this plants as I said is not good or bad is what we do , the purposes, the intention behind > Marijuna, cannabis , ganja Marija what ever name you want to give it has a role , a purpose and use but like everything in life when abuse it or when not need can be harmful.

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  3. Moi gratidão

    I enjoy reading this article,
    Spirit of the plant can talk for itself in the right set & setting.
    to enter we come in discipline

    Essa força bendita
    e da Virgem Maria
    Vi uma estrela brilhando
    no pino do meio-dia

    It has nothing to do with religion,
    it is Femine forcé!

    Viva Santa Maria


  4. These good teachings and experiences were delivered to you naysha to share with all people. For new people dont try to participate in an aya session just to experiment, mother nature provide vissions about your life. if you are humble and respectful.
    many blessings.


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