-“During my shamanic training it was never easy to take the next step and in the beginning it was never easy to overcome a fear. A shaman with fears is not good, especially in the moments when bravery , focus , faith, confidence, trust is needed. At the same time that higher light energies exist, there are also dark energies.”-

When we came to this experience as humans we forgot our divinity and got lost in pleasures, traumas and so on . Our souls went down different paths because of our free will. We learnt to hate, to steal, to lie, and more. These feelings, actions and thoughts also are energies; low frequencies of energies. But also inside this dark energy there exist levels of consciousness. Some souls decide not to return to the light after death. They continue living the emotions that they could not let go of, such as hate and resentment. This is not about hell or heaven, is just about which energy, which frequency and vibration we choose to be in tune with . It’s easy to learn how to work with dark magic and how to work with the light, what is different it is what is required from you .

Every bad feeling, every bad thought, every bad emotion that has not been properly processed or work properly like for example “I want to kill myself” creates a low energy vibration around you and as long as you keep doing, acting, speaking , thinking in the same you are basically creating a demon , a low vibration consciousness. Every bad feeling, thought or reinforcement to this kind of thought, “I want to kill myself” for example, will feed the energy, fortunately all this is possible to be clear, clean , empty and re-started. Like passing an anti-virus in a computer and do this we have different tools, like Ayahuasca for example. During Ayahuasca is common that most of the participants are carrying some kind of demons, entities or parasites in their energy fields or energy centers ( chakras) that can create blocks in them between other problems, just like a Physical illness such Cancer for example, these energies can create Spiritual diseases.

My first experience with exorcism during Ayahuasca ceremonies started in my third year, when I was basically doing my shamanic practices in a retreat place in Iquitos and I was basically assisting the shamans working there and since then is kind of part of my daily life, basically a big part of the spiritual work is to help people to get rid of these lower vibration entities from them because is not human nature to be low vibration, our real nature is LIGHT .

Different kinds of entities 

In my experience there are different kinds of “demons” or entities that people can have attach to their energy fields .

  • The ones that have a mission, like wanting to stop you from finding your mission. Normally the people experience these kinds of demons. They are born with these energies, they feel depressed almost all their lives and they describe something like “I really want to feel, but I cannot. It’s like I have a block in my heart that does not allow me to feel. I want to feel love. I know my family love me, but I want to feel it. I know I love them, but I cannot feel them. What’s wrong with me?These energies usually have a very clear mission. When they manage to disconnect people from their hearts they disconnect them from their life path as well. Life becomes a sad reality for these people.


  • The ones that came by accident, for example through playing with a Ouija board. Some of these games are not so innocent and really work. Sometimes people get in touch with energies that were passing by and they call them to our human dimension through portals like the Ouija board, and because these energies don’t have a particular mission, they manifest more intensely. Then it can be like in movies with exorcism, because these energies are not supposed to be here. They don’t have a purpose.


  • The ones that come by a trauma ,sometimes during our spiritual experience as humans we experience very traumatic situations that OPEN US, such as the death of someone very close. When you are open and vulnerable energies that are around you can attach. Normally these are not very strong energies, but they can create discomfort like the sensation of being disconnected.

People with the first and second group of demons are difficult to work with using plants. They normally do not feel anything; they cannot see. They are disconnected, so then it is good to work with diets. A shaman will recognize the demon energy inside of the person, normally through a plant ceremony and sometimes before that. We can smell these entities. I have personal experience from a very difficult exorcism where I could literally feel the evil in my skin. It was awful, but I am still here. That’s why, dear readers, working with plants is not a funny hobby. It’s serious work.

What shamans do when people with these kinds of entities come to ceremonies?

  • First is to check in a ceremony to be 100 % sure that there is an entity.
  • Second is to evaluate the power or level of consciousness of the entities. Some are easier to take out than others. Normally the shaman measures the level of energy according to its own energy level , so for some shamans the same entities can be easier or harder to extract.
  • Third normally all people with entities should go to diets to clean energies. This makes the demons energy weaker and weaker, so they will show up during the ceremony. Normally they will try to hide from the shamans, if they can.
  • Fourth. After the diet there is a ceremony, normally with special Ayahuasca or San Pedro cooked with an extra plant, like Toe, Ajosacha or Pinon Colorado. There are different sorts and it always depends on the level of energy that we are dealing with. In cases of San Pedro shamans cactus with four lines are the favorites for exorcism. During the ceremony the demon is expelled with help of the shaman’s icaros. These ceremonies are not violent like in movies, but there is always a risk, so the shaman will have support from another shaman to do the exorcism.

After the exorcism people normally do not remember much, they are in a way aware of what has happened but cannot remember every detail, they suddenly feel much much better, lighter !!! Finally they can get in touch with their hearts and some, if not all, can finally get in touch with the visions of Ayahuasca. It is important after an exorcism to remember that the entities can come back into our energies fields if we call them back.

How make sure these entities never comes back ? 

For sure it is very important to observe and evaluate how we had been living our lives and start doing changes about it , everything is energy and we open ourselves in different circumstances to different energies, like when you go to party and get drunk, or when you have sex, or drugs, you are opening yourself ! Also taking care of your toughs , your words, your feelings. It is about being mindful everyday.

My personal experience with demons and dark energies is not to fight them. When you deal with these energies , what you do is to increase your light. When your light is strong there is no space for darkness. Nature does not support these dark energies. They are tired of them, so nature is a big ally. When the shaman has taken out this kind of energy, then the nature spirits take care of the rest. Once I saw a Roman army coming from the forest to take an entity with them. I looked at them and asked “What are you going to do with him (the demon)?” They just said “Do not feel sorry for him. He does not feel for you. Do not worry. We have been looking for him for a long time.” And then they disappeared with the screaming entity.

-Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva



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  1. interesting read on the entities—I have only seen the ones u call entities with a mission or from traumas. So far I have seen them like this: When a person denies who they are for too long; denies their feelings, their love, their dreams this creates a “hole in the soul” where an entity can move in and they take over. Thats when people become so cruel no body understands it. And totally shut off from the voice of nature.


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