“A lot of of people several times ask me about how to protect themselves because they will attend a ceremony or just in general for their daily lives . These people is expecting that I will recommend then the best crystal or stone ever or some crazy magical ritual , please do not misunderstand me I am not making fun or denying the properties of certain crystal or stones or even rituals they work but let’s remember that they are tools that are helping us for a moment, while we start to recover our energy to feel safe again, in other terms these tools are supporting us while we RISE OUR ENERGY AGAIN “.

 Remember everything is energy, when we use a crystal what we are doing is using its energy, the same when we perform magic rituals we are activating energies from the elements that we are going to use in us but we cannot live our lives borrowing energy for ever ( otherwise we are going to eradicate all the resources in our planet with the speed where are going ) when we already have the capacity within us for increase our own energy by ourselves , because remember ENERGY CANNOT BE DESTROYED, ENERGY CAN ONLY BE TRANSFORM and TRANSFER and is always changing .

It is very important to identify the reasons that motivate us to look for PROTECTION , this is a way of checking our ENERGY as well.  There is nothing wrong in use some extra help once in awhile but it is important to check our motivations so we do not get trap in a circle that does not allow us to raise.

I had notes that people is trying to protect themselves when they feel vulnerable, afraid, frightened, fragile, to open  few reasons for protection are: just in case , or to be careful or cautious. Let me tell you when you feel OK and in good energy within yourself you never go around here or there thinking about protection or wanted protection isn’t? Why is this ? This is because you are in a good energy, your energy is HIGH ! You are balance in all senses     (body,mind, emotions, spirit)  now the answer is very simple why we need to search for protection sometimes? Simple because we are not feeling well, we are imbalance our ENERGY IS LOW.  

What we can do  to raise our vibration ?

For know what we can do to rise our energy we need to know what things lowers our energy! Also remember that you have different parts : body, mind, emotions, spirit  and these part works separately but also as a collective. In my experience FEARS are one of the most common problem people has that lowers  the energy in a tremendous way, literally FEARS CAN STOP US ! Fears can stop us for going forward making us stay in our comfortable zone (all what we know that makes us feel safe  , our bubble ) .  FEARS affects all our being not just one part and that is why we need to eradicate FEARS from us.  

In the physical level FOOD AND DRINKS can lower our vibration. Everything what we put in our body has a big impact and one the most poisoning things we can put in our bodies for example is sugar and alcohol , Why? Because sugar is addictive and you can check this in several nutritional places. Alcohol is not good as well for obvious reasons, alcohol has medicinal properties in small amounts but now we had lost control over it, alcohol is a spirit and also open us in a different way than other substance , when you drink alcohol you can feel how you become slow in your mind that you connect more with basic instincts than with a high state of mind. Alcohol is like anesthesia for the soul.

Let’s be clear we something , everything in this planet is natural , we are not exporting anything from other planets, what we need to be aware is the combinations we do and the impacts of these combinations in our bodies, meat for example make us slower than when we eat fruit or salad, also caring for your food is understanding that we cannot just have compassion for certain things like animals or plants, none is better than the other in terms of existence, but in terms of energies some are helping us and some are not, remember your compassion is not real compassion if is excluding something. We should honor and respect the way how we treat animals but also our plants, remember everything has a purpose in this planet, and most important remember to listen your body , what needs? and why needs it ?  Once in a while is good to do some kind of cleansing for help your body to maintain good energy.

The SEXUAL ENERGIES are also a important part to take care of because having sexual interaction with random people can also be harmful for our energy, we do not only exchange diseases but energies when we get intimate with some one, are you truly making love ? Or just satisfying a instinct, a necessity ? You not only sleep with the person you are sleeping in that moment but with every person that person has been sleeping with, in the Amazon for example we have plants that are good to clear sexual energies and a lot of shaman apprentices used it if they had been sexual active before their calling and that is also why is so many religions is better to wait until you are 100% of the person you will unite your life ! Its about energy but nobody explain it to us. For women our wombs are make to bring life, in Spanish we calling : DAR A LUZ , which in English mean : GIVE LIGHT or BRING LIGHT , so we women are responsible to take good care of our wombs because we are going to deliver light trough it ! Our wombs is like a garden if we take good care and plant good things we will have beautiful result but if in the other hand we are abusing our wounds then the consequences are the same as when our earth is abuse, infertility, diseases … and these applies for men as well be aware in which garden you are planting your seeds, because they will help to bring light !

In the mental and emotional level it is important to be aware what kind of information we put inside of us, like what kind of TV programs we watch  ( remember says TV PROGRAMS: “programs” ) what kind of information you read? What kind of toughs you are having? What kind of feelings you are having? Negative feelings always lowers our vibration and they come for several reasons , its important to take time and observe what they have to tell us. Words are also affecting not only us but our environments because when we speak is like we are giving birth to something, to sound , a vibration , make sure your mouth is giving birth positive things.

For hundred of years in the amazon we had discover a way of raise our energies and its trough the practice of what call DIETAS , these DIETAS are spiritual retirements that we do for a certain period of time in order to clean and clear every single level in our been, a time for look inside, a time to put things in order, to reconnect with nature and with the help of master plants , these master plants will integrate with us for ever and teach us how to use our own abilities.

There is a point after these DIETAS when you realize that everything you ever needed was already inside of you, that you had been always be under protection, that you are protected, that you are eternal, that nothing can touch you when you are in your power and when you love yourself , when you accept yourself and this is the state where we all needs to be and little by little we are going in that direction, little by little we will stop being of need of external things also plants and that is when we reach the state of enlightenment , when we had wake up GOD inside of us.

-Love and gratitude-

Naysha Silva


Now I want to share something very important about energy , since you are aware that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY you must know that is the reason why we are having the lives we are having in this planet , yes the reason why you are doing all the things that you are doing in this moment in your life is because of energy, that is why you are living for : take a look at your life you are working every day in order to pay bills, what bills ? RENT for  space that protects you but most important that protects your energy, being in the streets will be more difficult for maintain your energy otherwise, you are working every day so you are able to have enough money to buy food, food that will give you energy ! You are working every day so you are able to pay your electricity , yes again that is energy!

Also all the ways of transport even our own bodies requires of energy , in other words WE ARE ENERGY SLAVES and this is why in so many ways different interest had been trying to stop us from RISE OUR ENERGIES so we can keep going in this slavery cycle .  If we would have more time to spend with ourselves we were able to find the immense capacity we have a species for create , in our bodies, minds and spirits , there are a lot of people that gone beyond what we call human capacities ? why because they had understood something that we did not ? and what is that ? that we are able to do the impossible , we had done it for thousands of years and we can continue but we need more individuals doing this. When we had realize what it is important for us as individuals and as a collective we will finally start living the life we deserve , we have SOLAR energy that can help us to cover all our energy necessities but our governments does not use it because we do not ask for it , most people still sleeping but hold me a second not everything it’s bad more and more people has started to realize this and had started building sustainable communities , places where everyone has a different role and where everything can be found and it’s growing and growing if our governments does not want to give us what we need , we need to start taking action and creating what we need. Wake up !

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