“As long as I had walk this spiritual I had meet several people “trying to change” or “wanting change to happen in their lives” but what none of these people is absolutely doing is putting effort for this transformation to happen”.

My mother used to told me that as you get older and older it gets more difficult to change and in that I am not agree , I think we do not change because we like to find excuses for not change like getting older , I believe when a person has acknowledged the impacts of their actions, toughs, feeling, words in their lives and environments in other words when one has  become conscious about their existence, when one’s wake up is when change is knocking our door and telling us  its own its  way but also even do when this had happened for some people is more comfortable to just maintain old habits than to really start changing , taking action and responsibility for this new door that can be open . Most people is expecting a big change without so much effort, so people and specially in western cultures believes that spiritual practices or healers are like supermarkets or stores where one’s goes there, choose a product, pay for it and therefore you get what you want without minimum effort , some people believe that healers, shamans, gurus are the answers to their problems to be solved and that they will be saved them without minimum effort.

All the great masters that this planet has received have shown us that it is possible to reach a higher state of consciousness, an enlightened state, that is possible to be awaken, but none of these masters have said that they are the door to salvation, but that we can do it , that is possible.

There is also people that are looking for change but are not willing to listen any recommendation or advice specially when they are  for example attending a retreat , it is different when a random person invades your space and tell you hey you, look I think this can help you but when you go to a retreat with your own will then is different  and ones needs to takes never the recommendation or advice personally , what this means? That you should not feel under attack or criticize is just observations that you can take or leave because remember at the end of the day the person that is helping you is not living your life , is you and is you that will assume the consequences of your decisions. Sometimes is easier to take rainbows and unicorns than the reality and spiritual practices exist to open your eyes so you can create the life that makes you happy , balance and in harmony .

In my work with Ayahuasca and other plants medicines I also had notes that people believes that this medicine will transform their lives as a magic wand , people forgot that ayahuasca is a tool for transformation like many others we have in this planet , you, your own being is already a tool for transformation for example . I had meet a lot of people that drinks ayahuasca often, than they have hundreds of ceremonies but they are not evolving or getting better and why is this? Because they still expecting something magical will happen or they just simple like the intellectual part of transforming their lives and use these medicines for accumulate knowledge but not to do something with it , also some people inside the ayahuasca circles do not have enough information about how this medicines are really  working, that is not only the ayahuasca that is important that is a lot more to know about this work. I will not denied Ayahuasca is helping us to accelerate our personal process but still ones we become aware is completely up to us what will happen next.

Today I invite you to reflect and to look all the excuses you do to yourself for not to change , for not to have a better life, for not to be happy and remember there is no place for transformation if you are not willing to see your truth colors, to see your positive and negative, to acknowledge who you are.

-Love and gratitude-

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