“I am writing this article based on my own spiritual search, experiences and revelations that the sacred medicine Ayahuasca gave to me about what is happening NOW. What is her role nowadays? and how things are changing in all shamanic and spiritual practices around the planet – not only in the Amazon.”

If we are going to talk about how Ayahuasca has evolved to these times and why, we need to start with the very beginning. For a person that has never lived in nature it is difficult to understand how so many years ago indigenous people were able to discover Ayahuasca and other medicinal plants, It happened because the eye learns how to differ one plant from another, one tree from another tree. If you have never been in the forest and you go for the first time your impression will be that everything is green and everything just looks the same, but after a while even if you were not born in the woods your eyes will start to notice the differences between everything. This is exactly what has happened and it’s continuing to happen through the connection and interaction of native and non native people with their environments. This is how we discovered how many different plants we have, we learned the differences between plants and, yes, I know, it is amazing that people could discover that certain plants were good for certain things and that certain plants can be mixed to have spiritual experiences like Ayahuasca.

In my years living in the jungle of Iquitos with my teachers I could see that everyday people go to the jungle to hunt or search for plants, every day people are in contact with the plants and the spirits of the forest. I also saw that when plant spirits like us, they open and share with us their knowledge.Through dreams is how I believe that Ayahuasca has been found. It was the spirit of Ayahuasca answering to our needs, the spirit of the forest opening her doors to let us find healing and answer, like if our mother has decided to show us we are not abandoned here, and that she can communicate with us.

Let’s not forget that as long as the human body had existed, the human body could get ill for different reasons and it was not our modern medical system that was taking care of the illness from the beginning of the times. Before modern medicine appeared, we had medicine people, shamans, healers, herbalists that were helping people to be healed. Traditional shamans are still keeping their knowledge and traditions, but there is much more going on in the world right now.

Now with the globalization, Ayahuasca, curanderos (shamans) and ceremonies have started to also evolve, to adapt to the new needs of our modern societies requirements and as well as our spiritual hunger. For thousands of years different religions, philosophies and practices have been helping humanity to find a meaning for their existence in these times all this knowledge is getting together like a puzzle, finally we are getting closer to understand the bigger picture of our existence. And it is time to ask how Ayahuasca is helping with this process?

Through the vision and traveling in time Ayahuasca has opened to me the knowledge that in the beginning the shamans used to take the medicine alone, after a while Ayahuasca gave them permission to start to share her with their patients because it is much easier and efficient to work with people in ceremonies while they are under the effects of Ayahuasca . When a shaman takes Ayahuasca with their patients it’s able to see not only what is the state of the energy in them, but also the organs and if they functioning correctly, like X-RAY machine or even better like a tomography machine. When the participants also drink the sacred vine the shamans have a better access and acceptance in all the bodies (phisical, mental, emotional, spiritual) of the patient and knows how to work with them.

Then an even larger shift happened. Nowadays Ayahuasca shamans are performing in larger ceremonies – not only individual ones, but in groups. Even more – nowadays Ayahuasca is traveling everywhere and her invitation to work with her does not make distinctions between countries, age, gender, skin colour or races.

In my opinion the spirit of Mother Ayahuasca has chosen to be born in the Amazon rainforest to keep herself protected for what was going to happen when Christianity was in its larger desire to unify people in one religion and urge to kill all kind of spiritual practices that were not dictated by the Bible.

Certainly to erase the shamanic knowledge from the Amazon rainforest was impossible because the forest protected our knowledge against every step that religion was trying to do – the forest brought mortal disease and madness to those who were entering with bad intentions. Certainly nowadays the doctrine of many religions has been adapted by a lot of people in the amazon, indigenous and nonindigenous, but the religions were never able to stop the connection between the people and their medicines and curanderos. Here in Peru people still go to church and ceremonies without distinction of good or bad but with the same purpose – meeting with God, the spirits, and of course for healing purposes.

In this times when more acceptance and resistance is starting to spread over all the planet is when Ayahuasca has started to travel all over the world in order to RECONNECT PEOPLE. After a long time, old civilizations like the ones we can find in Europe have started to feel the consequences of disconnection from Mother Earth. Work and comfort without a spiritual purpose have brought Europe in spiritual death and resurrection at the same time. It is now when people have started to realize, that even when everything is covered – health, education, work – there is still a big emptiness inside that cannot be fulfilled with anything material that our societies are offering. People are starting to realize that as time passes, working eight hours a day we are just separating more.

In an interesting way technologies have helped us to reconnect. They were created by cold science that did not recognize the spiritual world, but at the end of the day, people are using it to access information that was not accessible before and to reconnect. For sure – everything has its positive and negative sides, but in my opinion it is how we use things and for what reasons. Technology has helped me to connect with people, share and travel with the knowledge Ayahuasca and the spirits are sharing with me and is helping me to meet real people and real places.

Through the years humanity has always found a way to overcome difficulties, we have replaced our empathic abilities with machines such as cell phones and internet to know what is going on everywhere. Nowadays it is difficult to keep believing what media and governments are telling us because now we have found a way of connection and connection that is happening is the spiritual one.

A new generation of healers and shamans have started to appear on this planet, a new generation with new abilities. Shamans are also able to access formal education to learn how to read and write, to go to universities and through this find the knowledge that is missing in our own cultures and see the bigger picture.

In my spiritual path Tibetian philosophy has helped me to understand more my purpose and complement the knowledge Ayahuasca is bringing to me. Pieces of knowledge are spread here and there and now every spiritual practice has started to become one. Now we use the word chakras to understand better the energy points we have in our body to explain for example how Ayahuasca can work in you. On the other hand Tibetian or Budhist knowledge for example can be
truly understand by having spiritual experiences, spiritual experiences that Ayahuasca can bring.. People can read thousands of books about spirituality, but real understanding is different, I realized when we understand something, it does not come from our minds, but from a different place and once it happens, it is difficult to go back and forget. This is the moment when the true change starts to happen.

Ayahuasca is helping us to recover the “lost knowledge” that religions were trying to erase or that has been swept away. Knowledge cannot be erased, because the source comes from a place that is further away from this reality or what we are experiencing here on earth, it comes from the source of everything.

-Love and Gratitude-


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  1. (Oops)…and noticed central characteristics between the two experiences. They both released the stored trauma and repressed emotion.

    Years ago I saw how many people the world over used numerous methods for the discovery of the pharmacopeia like Ayahuasca. Terrence McKenna spoke of how startled he was to learn that the Indians had managed to identify a very high percentage of plants with chemistries that favored specific compounds. He asked how they did it and they smiled, explaining that the plants told them. After a while, it got to be like having a key.

    I think all of this is for the same purpose, which is to unite the opposites in our consciousness which fuels cosmic consciousness. It is there that you can sit in meditation and discern allanner of things, what was once called “secret knowledge” which is now no longer so secret. There is a crack in the wall.

    I am with you on how terrible Christianity has been in the tolerance arena. I am doing research and writing though that shows that the early Christians were mystics and they were teaching about this same union of opposites, which is the same as kundalini. This secret doctrine got hushed up quick because a group were not ready to acknowledge the “she” in us all….and that is in everything. Nor ready to feel the bliss she brings when properly joined in our awareness.

    I hope this generation can do it and overcome the seperation, to realize human experience is human experience…our highest ecstasies are all supported through the same source…all religions are pointing to the same ultimate result even if they don’t look like it. But I wonder, why do we even need it? To call this thing God limits it and in no way hints at its great wonder, and incredible expansiveness.

    Sorry for the yammer; I liked the post and it gives me hope.


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