ABOUT THE WORK WITH AYAHUASCA -The Calling and the Training –

“Eight years had passed since my three years training in the jungle of Iquitos – Peru.In the last two years traveling the world, I have met several people with the same calling to do this work, but only a few of them will make it until the end and in the right way. Only a few of them will still stand in the light and understand the commitment and the importance of giving yourself fully to this work.”


Right now I am taking a break from traveling and performing ceremonies so that I can carry out a diet I am doing for one month here in Tarapoto, Peru my home town. This time I have under my care four persons with the calling to become ayahuasqueros. Living with them and seeing the different callings they have had to come here is what is making me write about my experiences with them and their own experiences. The four of them share the same goal, the four them wish the same, the four of them are so different from each other with different backgrounds, family stories, and issues, the four of them with different gifts.  

If you have received the call to become an ayahuasca shaman, I will tell you the most important part to begin your training is to become a BETTER PERSON. It is all about LOVE. The higher calling for a shaman is to be in service of humanity.  Trust me – any true calling is special, but what really matters is the person who responds to the calling – his or hers ability to clean themselves and be humble when the journey starts. Some of us discover our calling earlier in life, some of us find out the calling later and decide to go for it. Ways of receiving the invitation are so different, especially nowadays when the world is changing. It is also important to remember – we always have a choice and we can still choose not to follow the path. There is no need to be descendent of shaman lineage to become one, it is the spirit of our soul that is unique, and that has chosen to have the specific life experience. Remember not all the children of a shaman become shamans like not all the children of a doctor become doctors, but we need to be born under certain circumstances and places to understand what we can continue from our parent’s teachings and what we should never do. The calling does not make you special.

If you have not received any call to do this work, but you have a big desire to start, let me tell you that this will not change your possibilities to succeed, it is all about your discipline and commitment because the path is not different either if you have a calling or not. Even when people have the calling, it is essential to do the training, in the ceremony you will be responsible for not only people’s lives, but also their souls, therefore, the training to become an Ayahuasca shaman is vital.  It demands a lot of detachment, I will not use the word sacrifice because we only feel we sacrifice something when is difficult for us to give up or change and when we are not really in commitment with our calling and decision about our path. Be aware that the calling does not guarantee that you will become a shaman. It is like an invitation that you can take or leave and that will be your training process what will polish your natural skills, transform you and bring you to a different level, the training process for me is like a piece of carbon becoming a beautiful diamond.

What is the training about?

First and one most important is to become a better person, about healing yourself, about reconnecting you to yourself and the Source, about finding the core of your soul. This requires a lot of physical, emotional and mental purification because this will be the same process that people will come to receive from you to change their lives. So our own cleaning must be done to understand our own humanity and divinity. This purification is done through the DIETA – the most essential practice in the Ayahuasca world.

The DIETAS are spiritual retreats where we spend a lot of time alone under strict rules.  Rules are given by the spirits to give us what we are asking for.  The cycle of giving and receiving again is shown in the first part of this path. For the ayahuasca shamans, Ayahuasca is just a tool, a way to have more transparent communication with the spirit world, a way to release our souls on a journey where we become one with the Universe. Ayahuasca helps us to see through people’s true colors, and that is how we can know how to help them. Nothing can be hidden from Ayahuasca – sooner or later the truth will pop up and then it will be up to us – to make a change or not. There are also other plants known as master plants that help the Ayahuasca shamans to perform their ceremonies and healing. The DIETA help the shaman to create spiritual friends with those plants that will support their work, that will protect him/her, space and the people while the shaman is working. The Ayahuasca shaman never uses his/her own energy to work, its just a channel for the spirits of nature, the elements and the source to work with the people to reconnect them, this is why many Ayahuasca shamans have long lives free of illness, because they are not absorbing energies from the people that comes to them, they learn how to clean and clear us so we can continue working.

I do not like to say I am teaching or training the four people that are now with me on a diet but that I am sharing with them my experience of my own training and work.  I have noticed that some of them would like to learn everything at once, but this is not possible, the answers and revelations of how we work with the medicine will come in the right time when we are ready. The training process of an Ayahuasca shaman cannot be pushed.  It needs to flow by its own like a river. Like the wind, also I find that for Western people following this flow it is much more difficult than for people from the area where Ayahuasca is from, not because of their origins but because of the sharp mind that Western people are carrying and the need to intellectualize everything. But the truth is that the real understanding comes from the place more in-depth than our minds, and we have all the information we need to know already inside, the plants we are connecting through our DIETAS are just helping us to remember.

If you ask me in general terms what is the most challenging part of the training, I will say it is to overcome the EGO. Many shamans have lost themselves and have allowed their egos to misuse the abilities they were given, to get corrupted by their own hands. We have to remember that the training is never finished, every single day life is teaching us, and the Universe is testing us. Therefore, we must live a life mindfully and be aware of every step, word, action, feeling we have towards us, between us and to others. To walk in the path of light is not complicated than when we learn to see who we really are and who we are not.  The power we achieve through the help of the source is a big responsibility to carry.

How you know when you are ready to work with Ayahuasca? Simply she will let you know. The Universe will let you know. It is an invitation, your training does not guarantee you will become a shaman, but with mindfulness careful and dedicated work doing the DIET and other ancient procedures, you will truly and deeply understand the energies of your own and this world as the whole.

-Love and gratitude- 

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