“Some people have been interested in my shamanic training, so I will write a little about it. I have being dieting, what we call plant Dietas in the  Shamanic Amazonian Peruvian, when I started to recive my first Ikaros ( shamanic chanting) from the plants my teacher allow my to start helping in the ceremonies. For three years I had been assisting different Ayahuasca shamans in Peru , during my training I had been drinking Ayahuasca four times a week during all those three years in the deep jungle of Iquitos- Perú. At this present moment 2017 I had been already performing ceremonies for eight years  and the last three years travelling around the world . But the training never ends”.

Before coming to Europe and before cooking my Ayahuasca I did diets alone in the mountains of the high jungle of my town Tarapoto, drinking Ayahuasca every night for 15 days to prepare myself. My teachers were two indigenous shamans; a Witoto man named Luis and his wife, a Yahuar woman. When you train as a shaman much of the knowledge is not talked about. It is up to the student to find the right questions, and then the answers come.

My teachers were mostly silent, and most of what I learned was by observing and in our communication during ceremonies, where I could see and understand and then ask my teacher if my understanding was correct. The knowledge that you know from the inside never leaves you. When you see, and you are able to explain it in your own words, then you have mastered the subject. All the information I share comes from the knowledge I got during my training and has been confirmed by my teachers.

During this time I also understood that the process of understanding is what transforms the student into a teacher. The process of waking the teacher inside of you takes time and the first part of the training to become a shaman is about self-exploration and self-destruction (we experience many small deaths during this process). Then we are reborn. We clean our lives before the training, our families heritage, and our past life karmas.

After that, you are ready to learn how to heal and help others because you had done it with yourself. Because you had understood the pain and mastered love, compassion, and humbleness. Then you can help others.

Everyone has a calling to become a shaman, but few are ready to do the work.

But everything about my path with Ayahuasca started long before I found my teachers, which you can read about in my earlier article Born of plants. If you want to know what are the plants dietas about I invite you to read my article Becoming a Shaman in the Amazon. 

-Love and gratitude-

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