Laura ( Switzerland)

“I had the opportunity to participate at this shamanic diet for almost 2 weeks. Even if the time was short, I feel that i took the most out of it. Dieting with Ajo sacha and Chiric sanango, also as all the ceremonies with ayahuasca was a very powerful experience- from soft, beautiful, centering to struggling, weakness and deep sadness. I had to face it all and i feel so blessed for all the support and loving people around me there in peru to do so.

A very special thanks goes to Naysha, the beautiful and powerful shaman and human being who made all this possible together with her lovely team Soraya and Maq. You all are awesome!! I am still touched by the devotion and dedication they bring to their work with people and plant medicine, always with a helping hand and the commitment to the source.
For me the integration is still going on and i need to change a lot in my life. I would have had never the power to do so without the love, support and strength of our stunning mother nature and her loving  teachers and human beings. Thank you ❤

Laura ( Switzerland) 

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