Lau ( Sweden)

Sweden, ceremony, why not, something mystical about sweden, old world, scandinavia, trolls, vikings, forests, …. And now a shaman… not any shaman though!

I went there with open mind and feeling all right, yeah right! I left Sweden with an opened heart i didn’t know i had and feeling amazing but also reborn.

At no point was l uncomfortable, it was often heavy on some participants (me included) but Naysha never lost control nor the ability to shine her light, it was all about energy, light, universal love and connection. The icaros sung by Naysha felt like thunder rolling through my chest, (i still felt vibrations for months afterwards) what happened there is still hard to describe, but still well felt inside of me.

Naysha and her loving team were just right, so much right people in one room… when i think of the Sweden retreat i feel humbled, grateful, i smile, i wish for more. Thank you Naysha, Maq, Suraya… for making this happen. The Sweden retreat was a definite life changer for me.

Lau ( Sweden)

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