Jeroen ( Netherlands)

We joined Naysha and her team for a 10 day jungle retreat in Iquitos, December 2016. Before that we had participated in about 14 ceremonies in various settings so we had some experience with the medicine and different types of shamans and healers, both in and out of Peru. Naysha has by far the most personal approach we have encountered so far. There is a lot of attention for everyone’s personal process and Naysha takes the time with all participants to find out what they are looking for. Naysha also gives a lot of information about the medicine plants and the processes in and around ceremonies. We really appreciate this because we have found that many shamans provide general information but somehow seem reluctant to share their personal, in depth knowledge.

Naysha runs a tight ship and she looks after everyone. There is a lot of freedom but she will not allow people to interfere in process of others.
And while Naysha and her team are very serious about their work, there is a lot of room for fun and laughs. Naysha has a great sense of humor and you will hear her contagious laughter throughout the day, always the first one to make fun of herself and her crew and to keep things in perspective.

The personal approach works wonders in the ceremonies. Naysha walks around frequently to check up on all participants. Naysha is assisted by Suraiya, who has an extraordinary gift for healing. During ceremonies she goes around in different persona’s, each with their own healing abilities. These persona’s sort of work through Suraiya and they actively heal in a unique and absolutely amazing way that we have never experienced before. This can be in a gentle way but sometimes also in very direct and confrontational way, depending on the treatment that is required at that moment. Whatever shows up, if you are willing and open, it will offer you a unique way to heal and learn.

During this retreat Naysha was also assisted by Selia, a powerful Shipibo healer and Roger, a clear voyant who performs excellent readings through his various sets of tarot cards. Last but not least she was assisted by her apprentice Maq. In this retreat Maq was a participant but he still helped out with a lot of stuff. Next to that he is an amazingly nice guy with a lot of humor and great stories.

The retreat offered a lot of value, especially when you consider that the price was a lot lower than those of the regular retreats that are offered around Iquitos. Naysha and her team are not out to get you to do as many ceremonies as possible. They are out to actively heal as many people as possible. For them, this is not a business model but a mission. We were very impressed by Naysha, her team and their work. Highly recommended!

Jeroen ( Netherlands)

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