Francesco ( Italy)

All the experiences I had with Taita Inti, were a true, deep life-experiences. It has been a school of humanity. They want you live your life in happiness state of mind with your brother and sister. They showed me how connected we are. They show me the importance to evolve and change in a better person. How all the universe is an incredible unceasing source of love and light. I was taught to follow, trust and feel my emotions without the need to find an intellectual reason to justify them. I’m what I’m.

In order to know myself I must look for my inner children, my inner essence every day, stay with my emotion and learn from them. Because every day I can evolve, every day there are different type of energy and different entities/spirits who can teach you. Drop down all the beliefs that this society and other people opinion reflected on you. That is not the reality. My brain was following something which was not real. My brain wanted to be someone that I wasn’t, instead to accept me. They teach you acceptance. We must learn to listen and trust in our unique soul. My soul if connected with the source with the universe and it will give me the strength to love who I am. My soul will make me feel at home, always welcome and always loved.

We have the choice of two identities: the external mask which seems to be real and the inner person who seems useless, when instead is the most important one.

They left me go through my experiences and experience who I’m, with no short cut, because there are not. Their dispassionately advice, guidance – because remember you always have a choice – make me feel unarmed and strong at the same time. Someone who invite you continuously to look inside you because is there you will find all the answer you need, is just a precious source of vitality. The universe will provide if you show yourself collaborative and you abandon to it.

Francesco ( Italy)

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