Dietas en Tarapoto

I had the privilege to start my year in Tarapoto, Peru doing dietas for approximately one month. It wasn’t easy, lost lots of weight due to the lack of food and training, had both good and tough experiences with the medicine and the dietas. . However I would definitely do it again. Now after homecoming I feel how the medicine and the plants are still doing their magic. I feel great with lots of energy and light. I feel like doing good and positive things for my friends and humanity at all.

My experiences with the medicine was hard at times but very apprehensive. I lost total control in some ceremonies but at the end I managed to navigate and control my journeys and learnt lots from all of them.

It was very insightful to learn how to cook the medicine and how he shamans works with the different plants in order to cure illnesses and to reach other realms of realities. Had to pleasure to meet beautiful people from different backgrounds, ages, nationalities and paths all coming to evolve, learn, grow and become better human beings. It was also a privilege to watch the amazing work of the three fantastic lady shamans, all the energy and work they put to serve humanity with light and love. How they helped every single on of us, with our problems and issues very selflessly and  always with love.

It was a fantastic journey, I wish more people could start their year that way. I´m very grateful that I had the opportunity to, and hope and pray that more opportunities like that will come in the future.

With love and gratitude

Marwan ( Sweden)

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