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I am a sixty-three-year-old retired trial lawyer. I began working with the medicine in early February 2014, primarily to address health issues. Prior to participating in the December 2016 Iquitos retreat with Naysha, I had attended six separate 10 to 12 day retreats as well as doing a fair amount of more individualized work.  I have worked with a number of different Shaman including my teacher who is close with Naysha. I had never been in ceremony with Naysha prior to the December retreat.

Wow!!!  I was absolutely stunned by the energetic difference in ceremony between the ceremonies performed/officiated by Naysha and every other ceremony I have ever participated in. Naysha clearly has exceptional ability for a Shaman – particularly with regard to the manner in which she controls the ceremonial space as well as protecting the energy within that space and molding or altering it to the very positive, almost to the point of it feeling possible to reach out and touch the positive energy in the maloca.

Naysha and her affiliated healers, Shamanas and energy workers combine to create an unusually positive and receptive space for anyone who is truly willing to approach the medicine as serious business.

Bill ( USA)

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