Barbara ( Switzerland)

It is difficult to find the right words for my time in the Dieta. I felt that when I ate a bland diet of rice and lentils, then there should be no distraction in the body and I am open for the plants. Aho Sacha gave me strength, it led me to me, such a knowledge: ah, yes, that I am! I could focus on the way to the intention. I was able to find the way my fear works, see how it disappears! I know what is important for me and what i can let go of now. I could be in the here and now.
Chiric sanango opened my heart and brought me to the source of creation where i felt totally, one part of the whole to be – to be part. the plants helped me to understand how they work, how they bring healing and opened new dimensions!

I need more time and more steps, the beginning is now done. the plants come with me, in me, i feel it… at night my dreams are intense… in nature, i feel life in the day, i feel the light 🙂 I am very touched to be accompanied and led by such love, that i learn how to really understand LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT! I am blessed, thank you so much*

Barbara ( Switzerland) 

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