Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies and Integration

A blind person can’t guide another one.

It seems that integrating experiences with plants has become the new trend and there is nothing wrong with helping people understand their experiences.


It is more important the integrator has the experience, and enough wisdom to guide another soul. Wisdom only comes with the real experience , understanding of our own difficulties, gifts, light, darkness, fears, traumas, sorrows.

A person who wishes to work with integration or is already working in this field must undergo down the rabitt whole and self explorer. Integrating plant medicines journeys is very delicate because all the journeys are unique ( so for an integrator to certainly understand certain experiences they must had have the experience themselves in order to explain to others what they experienced) . There are common experiences that everyone seems to share in different moments like the ego death experiences that can be very dramatic or as easy as closing our eyes when we fall sleep. I am working thirteen years with sacred plants and in all these years I had have more than five opportunities when I had to undergo the ego death experience also while holding ceremonies , and all those experiences were all different. You can check my article Spiritual Deaths with Ayahuasca .

As you are understanding you see that is not easy to be an integrator because you really need to have a lot of experience on your shoulders not only with its own battles but also knowing how tings are working in the astral world realms where is where we travel when we use plants.

Healing with plants requires time, healing with plants is a slow process that involves commitment, discipline, respect and perseverance, and trust.

I often encounter people who wish to heal things they had carried for all their lives in one night.

I don’t say it is impossible to heal in one night, I have seen many miracles happening, but everything also comes to the right moment and understanding.

When suffering from depression, I remember I also didn’t know anything about Ayahuasca.

I only knew that was what I needed to do.

My primary healing and the central healing that I see people’s needs is the one that is about loving ourselves and that my friends are all our lives journeys about. My depression went down from suicidal thoughts to more thoughts of hope as I was unveiling myself day by day in the jungle. I was healing in small bits and small steps.

One thing at the time that how my journey was. I never became desespérate for what was next when I was in the jungle for three years. I was always open to receiving what the plant doctors wanted to give me, and since I didn’t want much, they wanted to provide me with everything. The spiritual world works in mysterious ways I had read once somewhere. I have found that the spiritual world is full of tests, and the more we run and the more we are stressed, and we are not present and busy, the farther away we are.

Healing with plants is all about being in the now. I know it is so annoying how people in the Amazon behave. They never follow a schedule. They seem to be careless and leave everything for Tomorrow. Mañana, mañana is a popular phrase in Latin America, and how? It is because when you are living in the now, life is happening. Please understand that there is nothing wrong with having programs and schedules, but everything needs to balance reality and THE NOW.

We had gone to extremes. Westerns have become obsessed with programs to the point that they leave behind healing magic. I noted how a program and expectations could ruin a person’s healing journey in my work.

How come? 

When you submit yourself to the guidance and help of healers, you need to trust that you are in good hands from the beginning because as the healing journey develops, the test will also arise, and it’s essential to trust your healer just like your therapist. There is certainly a plan in the spirit world for all of us, but a plan is not a program. A plan is a general view of what we need, and life is the program. Yes, my friends. Life is the program. We need to get in tune with that program so we can heal. Saying this, we must go back to ourselves.

The healers, the shamans, are space holders, tools, and guides, but only we can genuinely navigate the deep of ourselves. Is only us the ones that can forgive, let go, or understand.

A healer can guide you to understand why it’s important to forgive, but he/she cannot forgive you. And is only those healers and shamans who have gone through the same situations who have the wisdom to guide us to those same places of healing. 

As for how things are now, our spiritual journey requires many things like …

1. Letting go of attachments.

2. Letting go of expectations.

3. Letting go of fears.

4. Letting go of resentments.

5. Let go of old ways of thinking.

6. Letting go of bad habits.

7. Trusting

8. Having time

9. Being in the now

10. Respect

11. Faith

12. Discipline

13. Commitment Real healing and fundamental transformation are all of our journeys.

Many reasons are not helping you to see the bigger pictures yet; therefore, to integrate 

1. If your inner state is chaotic, this is what the plant will show you.

2. If your inner state is unbalanced or blocked, this is what you will experience.

3. If you are carrying entities or demons, this is what you will encounter.

4. If your third eye is blocked, this is what you will experience: nothing, no visions, no nada.

5. If you are afraid, that is what you will experience, but at the same, you will be guided by the spirits and your role in this situation to trust and observe.

This is a very personal journey. It took me around three months in the jungle, for example, to finally let go of my fear of darkness. Nobody knew that I could not even sleep without lights, but my soul was in such a need to let go of all this that being in darkness on those nights in the jungle was just something I must face. If would have left that fear to stop me, I would have never allowed myself to sit at a ceremony in the jungle and the middle of nowhere.

My heart was full of trust, nothing but just my life I had to lose. I left everything behind to find answers, and that was my motivation day by day.

All these states get cleared as they are accompanied by the help of other plants that we call master plants. This is the traditional way of healing in the Peruvian Amazon.

Other plants are helping us regain balance, clarity, and alignment, so when we do plant ceremonies, everything gets clearer and more transparent. The noises become clear voices, sometimes even music, singed inside us, Ikaros! The healing music that shamans receive when dieting helps the plants heal the people. I remember after several months, I reached a state of total clarity and connection. The dizziness, nausea, and confusion were behind. I could walk straight in the middle of the visions and feel humbling with everything, in unconditional love and seeing others and myself. I was free of fear and judgment for myself and others. No more voices were confusing my head. I stopped puking, and instead of it, songs came from my mouth, songs of healing and hope, songs of soothing souls, sounds of love and unity.

Be patient.

This is your journey and nobody else; that’s why nobody really can help you integrate and guide you with their own experiences, not from books and theories but real life.

Remember, a blind person can’t guide another one.

If you don’t have time to commit to your healing at this level and you need to integrate your first experiences, life will help you integrate. Ask your shaman. or find a way for you to have the time to heal, and you will see.

Many shamans working with Ayahuasca or other plants, unfortunately, can’t speak English, and this has been a massive opportunity for those seeking opportunities in people’s vulnerabilities and needs.

 I had experienced myself even when I could understand the shamans. The most important teachings came from within me, helped by the plants in that amazing space that my teachers were protecting so I could do my work.

They were there to help me remove the energies that weren’t mine, and that didn’t have to be there anymore. They were there to receive the messages that I could not receive yet, such as what plants to diet, for example, if I needed a flower bath, or how many days the spirits of the plants were said to work with them.

The most significant teaching of my teacher was very simple. We never fight the demons. We give them love because that’s what we are, which everyone needs. And the demons aren’t just real beings; the demons are also the things we had created within us and that we refuse to look at it.

Without judgment, without fear, Take that look within.

Let go of your thoughts, breathe, connect, become one with the plant, trust, trust …

There is a difference between giving yourself to the hands of someone knowledgeable in the matter and giving your power away. You won’t get a heart operation with an electrician, as you won’t go to therapy with a mechanic.

Plants want to help us all.

Love and gratitude

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