The practice of diets with master plants is an ancestral practice especially directed to those who want to know the energies, how

the spirits of the plants work and heal themselves and learn to heal others. This practice requires a lot of discipline, dedication,

patience & trust.

It is an experience everyone should have the opportunity to experience once in a lifetime. It is a practice that helps one to know

oneself, find oneself, free oneself, and elevate oneself to a higher state of consciousness.

Respect for Nature

Diets have occupied an important place in Amazonian shamanic cultures to acquire knowledge and power for centuries. The most

important knowledge I gained is understanding the healing power of Love. It is impressive how plant spirits can teach humans

something we had considered a capacity only we could experience, mistakenly believing that we are superior to other beings

because of our ability to feel and express emotions. Instead, plants have reached a more profound understanding of

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE sharing with us even when we destroy them. 

Connection to the Spirit World

The diets help to unblock and establish a relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds, enabling practitioners to deepen

their spiritual connection, understanding, and appreciation of both. The spirits of the master plants become the protagonists that

will help us receive information about our processes and other universal knowledge. Day by day, the natural sensitivity and

connection with our spiritual guides and ancestors is restored, intensified, and improved.

Dietas helps to open the conscious and subconscious mind to receive guidance and access the higher self.

You reach a point where plants like “Ayahuasca” are no longer necessary because you have opened yourself enough to talk to the

spiritual world without intermediaries.


The diets allow a person to purify the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies and often allow individuals to release underlying

blockages and traumas that prevent them from living to their fullest potential.
Dietas with master plants can help with self-healing in a number of ways. First, by introducing powerful medicinal plants with

known properties, diets can help to open the body and its energetic centers to facilitate healing.

The benefits of Fasting have already been proven by science, it cleanses our body of toxins and forces cells into processes that are

not usually stimulated when a steady stream of fuel from food is always present. When we fast, the body does not have its usual

access to glucose, forcing the cells to resort to other means and materials to produce energy.

Fasting puts your body through a rejuvenation experience. It dissolves diseased cells, leaving only healthy tissue.

There’s also a noticeable redistribution of nutrients in the body.

Better work with Plant Medicine

Dietas with master plants is a very important practice for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of plant medicine

and its healing properties.

Dietas provide an opportunity to understand these plants’ medicinal components and

form meaningful relationships with the plants, their spirits, and the plant medicine they provide.

Through a structured diet process, a practitioner can understand how to utilize the power of the master plants to their fullest potential.

Listen to the body

Dietas with master plants offers the opportunity to pause and deepen one’s connection with body and intuition. Dieting helps to

create the conditions for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It can help to increase awareness of physical sensations, align

with the body’s natural rhythms, and listen deeply to what the body needs. The benefits of slowing down and entering a deep

meditative relationship with the master plants cannot be overstated.

As one listens to and trusts their body’s wisdom while participating in a diet, healing can occur on many levels.

-Love and gratitude –

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