What’s coming into our world

Since June of last year, I have been receiving messages about possible events in our world. Unfortunately, if we look at what is

coming from an unconscious level of consciousness we will see that things do not look very good.

My guides have asked me to return to my country to sow the seeds of what they said would be the new world that is coming and

that I would not be able to enjoy. To prepare the way for those to come.

Like building a house, the construction of the new world requires the transformation of the old and in many cases its destruction.

From a higher state of consciousness, we know that nothing is permanent and that everything is constantly changing, even our

cells die and are constantly renewed and so is the world in which we live and are part.

Social chaos, social revolutions, wars, natural disasters, and even the more public intervention of beings from other planets are

what is coming. All this sounds very chaotic and fictional but the illusion is over. The awakening of consciousness is inevitable

and we have chosen the difficult path, through suffering that will push us to detach ourselves from the illusion that we have

swallowed as real.

This is why for several decades now we have been prepared and have received a lot of information through different means to

overcome these difficult times that we have only begun to go through.

This preparation has led us to choose to elevate ourselves spiritually, energetically, mentally, and physically (our vibration) or to

remain lethargic and afraid of change.

We must learn and practice detachment, forgiveness, letting go, and loving unconditionally. We will learn that spiritual awakening

and the evolution of the collective consciousness is not a matter of nationality, race or sex, or spiritual practice, but a personal and

collective decision of wanting to meet, know, accept, love, and elevate ourselves.

Europe and the most developed countries are already suffering the economic and political crisis that will be the beginning of the

social crisis to finally lead us to face our crisis and fix it from within. We can only bring change if we change from within, this is

the great lesson of these years that are already here.

Change is necessary to reach again the unity first with one and then with the whole. The unification of the BEING is reached

through reflection, introspection (those who did not take advantage of the time of the COvid are now tighter to carry out this

task because some need the clock ticking to move), and the mental, emotional and physical order to reach a harmonized state that

will help us to connect consciously with our exterior.

Latin America will be the new spiritual reference point. The darkness has fulfilled its mission and we are ready to be reborn again

in a new light. We had already reached an elevated state and were forced to step back to correct certain mistakes we made and to

understand certain things that were necessary to continue evolving in harmony with the universe.

My guides show me how everything has served a purpose from the smallest things, like a virus the darkness has helped us to

strengthen our light, it sounds incongruous but so are the diseases that help us to develop our immune system to make us stronger

if we survive the process. This process has taken us many incarnations and still has a long way to go. This is only the beginning,

we will not enjoy the new world, we are only here to help create it and that is why these are very interesting and important times.

The change invites us to look and understand what matters, to integrate with our learning from our life experience.

Why do we choose to be who we are?

How much do we accept who we are?

What are we learning through who we are?

No matter what role we have been given in this world, doctor, carpenter, healer, politician, or businessman, behind everything we

live there is a reason and teaching to assimilate.

-Love and gratitude-

3 thoughts on “What’s coming into our world

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  1. I appreciate you. Thank you for sharing. How can one not be sad or afraid for ourselves and especially for our children? Am i a mistake being punished for capitalism, how to not internalize? To let go and trust that It is ok?
    Love and prayers ✨🙏🏻💌🐢🕉️🌲


  2. Thank you Naysha. Very interesting that you state we are not here to enjoy the New World but rather to make it. I accept your message and the task with gravity and humility. As I did read this what occurred to me is that this crumbling of illusion is a form of inverted mercy where we are being saved from creating even more karmic devastation to our own soul-volution. Much Love and may we still find joy through and in our sacrifices.


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