There is a famous phrase that says :

Many will be called, but few will be chosen.

This phrase applies perfectly to the call to the spiritual path, in this case, that of working with sacred plants.

Ayahuasca is part of the consciousness of the earth, the spirit of the great cosmic serpent that lives on our planet.

It is said that this serpent brought shamanic wisdom to our world and that women were the first to be initiated and then shared this knowledge with men.

This serpent is the wisdom of transformation, change, rebirth, and eternal being.

What I write is information I receive from the cosmos, my spiritual guides, and Ayahuasca.

The cosmic serpent, its consciousness, connects with us with the Ayahuasca medicine. It is known in the Amazonian tribes that the mother of Ayahuasca is the ANACONDA.

The ANACONDA, or RONIN for the Shipibo is a giant snake that lives in the deep waters and communicates during ceremonies.

She has told me that one of her missions in these times is to plant the seeds of consciousness for our transformation. She is helping us to move from our darkness into the light. Many of us think that this struggle between light and dark are ancient or religious tale.

The cosmic serpent shows the things that live within us and around us. Ayahuasca is helping us to open our spiritual understanding and helping us elevate our consciousness. Allowing us to let go, purge, and discard the things we no longer need to be reborn.
That is part of the cosmic plan of the great awakening of consciousness that many are being called. Many people, through the ceremonies, are invited to share the medicine. Now it is essential to know that in the higher plans of consciousness, many possibilities will unfold according to our choices.

We must know that it is not enough that Ayahuasca calls us. To respond to this call, we must think very well to help others awaken and sow seeds of consciousness. One must first wake up, transform oneself, die, let go, forgive and be reborn. And this takes a long time.

Becoming an Ayahuasca master takes many years of learning. A lot of courage. A lot of letting go—a lot of renewal.

It is not enough to receive the call. It is essential to understand what we are called to and for.
To build or to destroy?
What are we to serve? Our interests or a higher one? Who are we going to serve? The light or the darkness? Our ego or our heart?
What is the purpose of our calling? To truly help others or for personal vanity? What is it that feels called within us? Our heart? Our spirit or our ego and our insecurities?


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