The Three Paths

Don Pedro, a shipibo shaman that began his path when 12 years old during one of our dietas with master plants in Peru, told us :

The curandero, or shaman: I am a curandero or shaman-like you call it, and the path of the curandero is through the diet. The curandero heals with the light and is how all curanderos start their path.

The Brujo or sorcerer: the brujos are the curanderos working with black magic. Yes, they can heal, but they do not care about what they use for doing that, and some people just want results to heal.

The brujo said Don Pedro becomes a brujo when as a curandero of light has forgotten about how to deal with his emotions one day, somebody does something that is not good, and he becomes angry, and that anger becomes hate, and that hate is poison, and a healer must be aware that inside of him/her power is being carried and can be contaminated by this kind of feelings and change our light to the darkness.

We must eradicate all bad feelings and desires for our brothers and sister to not become a brujo because we can do witchcraft just by thinking, we start thinking about that person that had harmed us, and we wish for that person to die, for example, very wrong, that is black magic, for a normal person that will be just a poison for themselves but for a curandero, this will materialize in the reality, so we need to be careful of what we think, and feel and this I want you to be aware because you are dieting a very good plant and I do not wish you become brujos.

The meraya, muraya o banco: the merayas, don Pedro said, are almost like mythical beings, they can be here, and then if they want, they can go to the top of a tree and look at all that is happening there and come back and tell us what he saw. He has mastered many things. He can direct his spirit in such a way that he can be in his hammock, and by focusing, his spirit will go out and start a journey, in this case the muraya is looking, for example, to see how his family is doing, while he is far, his spirit will go to do that without even taking the medicine ayahuasca. The merayas need to do a very long and restricted diets to achieve this abilities.

Nowadays, there are very few merayas, most of them living deep inside the jungle. I heard many times that one must look for them and pray to have good luck in finding one. 

As I understood, the meraya were the people that, for Westerners, are considered enlightenment teachers. 

This sharing answered many of my questions about why I could not find a teacher with these characteristics of purity and awareness because these teachers are merayas and few.


Love and gratitude

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