Message to the Spiritual Community from the Sacred Plants Spirits

Yesterday during a ceremony with SAN PEDRO ( HUACHUMA ), I received a strong transmission that called for the UNIFICATION of our practices and hearts for the highest good and the divine plan.

Many of us who are actively dedicated to helping and guiding other souls have come here to carry the plan: SAVING THE WORLD.

We are here to help our brothers and sisters find their way home.

We can only accomplish this mission by UNIFYING, putting aside our personal and spiritual egos. No medicine, tool, or spiritual practice is better than another; they all serve the same purpose and are not born to compete but to help.

That is why they are called tools, to which we have often given our power, forgetting the source that has created these tools: DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.

The divine consciousness is the one that has guided humanity to receive these tools for self-help. Not for them to do the work, but to be a help. These tools have been evolving and adjusting according to human and spiritual needs. One more time, we are facing a BIG TRANSFORMATION and SHIFT in our collective and individual consciousness, and it is VITAL we all come together to work for the same side and cause; otherwise, our unconsciousness will destroy everything.

Healers, Gurus Reiki masters, Shamans, Psychics, and so on often forget what is important here on earth and WHAT WE ARE DOING HERE with our roles and tools.

In spiritual circles, there is discrimination and envy. Many spiritual practitioners are creating division and not unifying. The purpose of the DIVINE PLAN is that WE become ONE. 

We will only reach this goal if we leave our egos behind and focus on what the souls here need.

I received this message with the help of the SACRED PLANTS from my land in Peru. Those who want to listen DO IT.

The SACRED PLANTS are also here to help and have been here longer than we have been here, long enough to know a little about us and what we are doing here. Our world has become polluted not only on its physical but also on its spiritual plane.

Many souls are getting stuck between realities and planes, and cannot ASCEND, creating a density that often feels heavy and parasitizing.

We need to let go of judgment. Many of you had not walked the path of the sacred plants long enough to make a statement about them. This is why many people like me have been sent here to share how SACRED PLANTS are working and as we reconnect with each other thanks to the INTERNET, people are being left behind in ignorance.

Souls seeking guidance get lost in the REAL DRUG WORLD.
The number is alarming as well as the IGNORANCE about these issues. People are suffering, and we cannot blame them for wanting to help themselves. We cannot avoid it but can CHANNEL or shape it through education. Knowing what spiritual tools are and how to use them for our good.

The message was not long. It was short: IT IS TIME TO UNIFY AND BECOME ONE VOICE.

It is time to CHANGE. It is time to CARE. It is time to EDUCATE. It is time to REMIND ourselves that we are here to LOVE ONE ANOTHER and TOGETHER build HEAVEN ON EARTH.

That is the divine plan.

And for the souls searching, be careful and know that those who are confused will only bring separation and speak ill of others, and that will be your sign to see if it is right for you or not.

You know it already!


2 thoughts on “Message to the Spiritual Community from the Sacred Plants Spirits

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  1. Thank you. This has always been a part of the message of the spirit. Question is, what have we done re this message, and what actual action will we do now? 🙏


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